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11 days past ovulation test was negative!!Simply866
My baby would have been due in february....:+(Louisey26
Well...... af was due yesterday and nothin yet Nikkib264
thanks aunt flow!! thats me officially out Simply864
Considering going private for ivf.....Ruthy1233
Pregnancy after the pillLilly198314
Could i be pregnant? brpwn discharge for 5 days, then 3 days blood - no crampingLauralj0
On day 17 and getting tummy pains... is that normal?? Simply860
Been trying a yr.Trace2820
Af arrived.........about to start last cycle on clomid Ruthy1239
Hi everyone, please wish me tons of luck.Nikki18717
Yessss!!!! at last i am ovulatiing!!!! - for the first time in yearsssss Simply865
period.... or pregnancy!!! Simply864
new to this!! Vicks2314
Is any other ladies finding it extremely difficult to get pregnant?Jessica100112
We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!Mantha101
Symptoms of agnus cactus??Mrsjp0
Wishing you a merry christmas and bfp`s Simply861
Well i tested again and......Nikki187111
omg Nikkib268
Hi everyone x x x x Nikkib265
Eeeek not sure wot's going on. (tmi) Nikki18717
In the 2ww...due xmas eve ish......Susie8776
The saga continues!!!!! Mollymc4
At last!!!!!!!!!!!Mollymc5
i think i will test on saturday going crazy here!!! Simply864
First responce??Simply863
Unexplained infertility - do your oh's take any supplements?Mrsharris15
im not very well... Simply863
Well i don't want to get my hopes up but....Nikki18714
The roller-coaster has taken....Mollymc4
Hi all x x Nikkib263
Going to the docsTrace284
Just a quick msg. Nikki18713
Af came to visit for christmas Mrsjp4
Im out of another month af turned up today Trace284
I'm still here.... happy xmas!Louisey23
Im getting somewhere.i hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mollymc2
can anybody advise... google has let me down on this one.... Simply863
Ladys- look on ebay for early testing -please read..Simply861
not sure....Vicks2312
I am giving this a go!!!!!!!!!!!Mollymc3
Just wondered if anyone else has this?Gizmooh2
just got to wait now.... Simply862
Hello all!!!Mollymc2
Loads of good news i see!Mrsjp1
I broke and tested early lol... supprise it was bfn lol Nikkib261
Cant get pregnant??Xxnataliexx881
I would like to wish....Mollymc1
Coming off the pill after a long timeSammybaby8424
Mucus but no lh surge,anybody help?Sophz2917
Faint positive with first response,clear blue negative?Melanie259316
Clear blue, false negative.?Donzj5
Keep getting period pain but no period 3 wks late but bfnAmy198534

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