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For the month of September 2009

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (September 2009) :


Started by Rep Last post
Scan at 6 weeksIsmene209
Scan at 5 weeks couldn't find sac!!Sammy641511
Pregnant over 40Fringegirl41
Pcos & pregnancyLozzarooni17
Threatened miscarriage at 7 weeksJancarduswhite2
8 weeks scan now really worried! please help!Vickyp01062
25 weeks pregnant - when does the blooming begin?Georgie731
Scan date confusion!!Momtobe6
I no im pregnant but scared what will happen at my doctors??Ashley4786
Drinking whilst pregnant?Karmann566
When should i expect first scan?Dramaqueen251
Trapped windNiccam11
Has anyone had a cvs test? Planetjules3
Drinking before knew i was pregnant now very worriedJulief154
Hard boobs! am i normal?Sweety0831
20 week scan advice neededEmmajayne40
Brown dischargeKaz804
Confused about whether to have anti-d injection?Leej10
Do i go for amniocentesis?Germima0
Weird lump in my throatZaphy10
What does my result from pregnancy test mean ???Jadej1391
How far along am i?Ceciliah22
Dental work during pregnancy?????Somethingnew12
Irregular shaped sacKellytom0
Doc says 9 weeks, scan says 6?Njl130
I'm 6 weeks pregnant and i have a virul infectionSarz14114
Help with pcos and pregnancyEmmacollins0
Cystic hygroma....Juderoths2
Pregnant as a foriegn student in ukManjulak1
Drinking while pregnantAj384
Anyone know about neutropenia?Bec1231
Due date discrepancyOldned2
Bleeding after sexPinkfluffyheels2
endometriosis, should i try for a baby young????Racergirl8330
Hertford county hospitalEllasmummy3
Cvs test. a bit worriedEmily198531
41 and pregnantDebby4111
Due to go for a scan 3 weeks ago and still havn't heard from the hospital!Chloexx14
Pegnant with twinsTwon2
Having your menstual cycle and pregnant?!?!Lovelyladybe1
Im having twinsL1934
1st scanMadaboutbuffy1
First scanVicky200662
7 week scanRachx2
Cat & toxoplasmosis Camykate4
Umbilical cord bloodBringmesunshine3
Test confusedAude13741
Expectant mom, need help on something..........advice plz!!!Jleon41

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