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How long does it take for periods to return after medical abortion?Julietta111112
Cant see baby on scan so cant have medical abortion yet! but i am pregnantMegan1x25
My pregnancy test tested positive after four weeks after my abortion - helpConnokc2
No period after abortion plz hlpAnnie34715
Medical abortion: about to take the misoprostol and terrifiedEmzy1012
Medical abortion - my experienceHalobooboo1
My extremely stupid best friendEvelyn90315
Abortion regret Jessme25
4 weeks after abortion major regretConfused8914
Medical abortion: my storyEmzy1011
Unable to make a decisionPoppyknowles7
No choice Vwgirl56
Abortion affecting pregnancy and relationship with future childrenToadmum0
Are you from hackney and had a bad abortion experience?Kated70
Unsure of who the father is - what do i do??Inapickle12
How many of you need help post abortion? Passupport6
Right decision but thank you for all your supportVwgirl52
My surgical abortionHannahlucy912
19 and nearly 5 months pregnantVillababe13
Is this normalConfused8911
Broken Shelleyxx3
Not sure Notsuremummy22
What do i do? Confusedxx3
My storyBigmistakes1
My positive medical abortion story. please read this is if you are scared or unsure.Butterflygirl2296
23, i had an abortion 2 weeks ago at 11 weeks pregnant - my whole experience from begining to end.Andraste198525
Still no period 8 weeks after abortionLoopyloulou114
Anyone regret having third child? anyone regret aborting third?Tracebluefrog9
Should i have a surgical abortion without anaestheticGloucestergirl15
Please read - can't cope after abortion Aimeelou8733
Abortion on the nhs?Cwtch14
18 and pregnantAna021442
I cant get over abortion i had 2 years ago!Alz2251
42, pregnant and dont know what to do - any advice, please?Lozzas9
My surgical abortion experience ... hope this helps!Amzyc123410
Unsuccessful abortion?Jeangrey1120
I said i'd have an abortion but i don't want toScaredandconfused18
Faked a miscarriage but had a medical abortion...Confused359
Questionnaire on abortions -- please have a lookK4teb3
No period 8 1/2 weeks after abortionHb574
I dont want to regret having an "abortion"!!Babyphat1430542
My early medical abortion - 6 weeks Amski12
My medical termination story..Anon2910
Help! 14 weeks pregnant and they want me to have an abortion!Natalie120456
Medical abortion - concerns about failure?Julietta111113
Flying after an abortion?Missc099
My girlfriends 4-6 weeks pregnant and i dont know what to doJames22133
What should i expect after abortion?Notready232
First period after abortionLb27093
My positive surgical abortion experienceMissy03041
Surgical abortion?Acc875
3rd unplanned pregnancy.. ? abortionLouise122414
Periods after medical long?Alegrevista1
I regret not having an abortionDowhatyouwant10
Really bad experience with marie stopes clinic (nhs patient)Dollydimples14
Medical abortion fearBananapop12
Pregnant again two months after abortion! please helpAlonelygirl5
4 weeks after medical abortion and just passed something. scared!! some intense details!Minkyx2
What to expect, start to finish witha medical abortionLoulabeliny6

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