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Have you had a bad experience with the nhs?Marty6794
Medical termination Kellya3430
Struggling to cope with my discision to abort my babyKooshball19855
Pain and regretPain2regret11
Flying after an abortion?Missc099
The most difficult decision ever!!!Jen25916
The only thing i think about...every minute of every day...Beccah096
I had an abortion on monday 15thAlonelygirl4
After care and peace of mind Almostmoon4
Partner doesn't want to be a dad at 58! abortion or not, absolutely confused!Wing382
2 abortions Emmab2102
Blood tests?Missc093
Guilt after abortionAshley100219821
Is this normal???............Kellya3431
Possible failed medical abortionDanilou241
10 years onCara20091
23, i had an abortion 2 weeks ago at 11 weeks pregnant - my whole experience from begining to end.Andraste198525
My positive medical abortion story. please read this is if you are scared or unsure.Butterflygirl2296
Help! 14 weeks pregnant and they want me to have an abortion!Natalie120456
Still no period 8 weeks after abortionLoopyloulou114
No period 8 1/2 weeks after abortionHb574
42, pregnant and dont know what to do - any advice, please?Lozzas9
I dont want to regret having an "abortion"!!Babyphat1430542
My medical termination story..Anon2910
18 and pregnantAna021442
My surgical abortion experience ... hope this helps!Amzyc123410
Should i have a surgical abortion without anaestheticGloucestergirl15
Hormones after abortionFairydustx1
I cant get over abortion i had 2 years ago!Alz2251
Please read - can't cope after abortion Aimeelou8733
Pregnant again 11 weeks after giving birthLoubee33
Ive discovered i'm pregnant but my husband wants me to have an abortion-pls read!!!!Kuriouskat2
My positive surgical abortion experienceMissy03041
Abortion on the nhs?Cwtch14
What should i expect after abortion?Notready232
Information- what to expect after abortion?Harddecision3
Could i still be pregnant after terminationRasbm0011
A fairly positive experience of medical abortionLili86351
Questionnaire on abortions -- please have a lookK4teb3
My recent medical abortion experienceLittlekitten214
3rd unplanned pregnancy.. ? abortionLouise122414
Question about antibiotics and infection after medical terminationKirst871
My boyfriend thinks i should have an abortion but i don't think i want to...Butterflygirl222
Anyone regret having third child? anyone regret aborting third?Tracebluefrog9
Medical termination.. tomorrow!!Anon293
Stomach pains after abortionMiss89261
What to do after abortionMandy221412
Abortion again after 4 months.Aira298
I said i'd have an abortion but i don't want toScaredandconfused18
Blood tests after abortionAndraste19853
My medical abortion story so farLeena2414
Please read this if you are considering abortionMaria86206
I dont regret my termination!!!Didds8611
Surgical abortion?Acc875
Lump on ovaryCapochino0
Help! dont know what to do im 12 week pregnant Cicpea7
3 days after abortion (medical)Choice4me6
Help? conception dateLouise123422

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