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20 week abortionBranksomeb13
I feel distraught after an abortion. can anyone offer some advise to help me get over this feeling?Maddie3693
Just had surgical abortion of twins... his choice not mine.. now in turmoilAngelkissed8
Struggling to come to a decision... third baby?10booboo15
Surgical abortion with iv sedation - what does it feel like?Parrot1112
Physical pain after abortion from 11 weeks agoTjt553
Need help knowing how far gone i amRonnieboo4
Devastated over abortion..... Bellebea897
18, pregnant! and not sure what to do? Ahall939
Pregancy confusion Aimsooo1238
I dont know how to copeXsophiegx4
Surgeon wouldn't perform abortionBizzimom4
Has anyone here had a termination after already having kids?Emy867612
4 weeks pregnant in a difficult situation . thinking about abortion.Classybit743
Really, really need some advice, totally at my wits endLittleg911
Had a medical abortionBells099
I'm so confused Rebecca24012
Pregnant with second baby, ut just found out my boyfriend kissed another girlCommunity244
Confused. mixed feelingsCharliec2172
Moving on from abortion Wall601
So confused Roseym144
18 and pregnantKendall183
Abortion and pre-cancerVix50112
Pregnant and unsureSugardust7
Terminated pregnancy 4 months ago..regrets...Misscmarie2
23, i had an abortion 2 weeks ago at 11 weeks pregnant - my whole experience from begining to end.Andraste198525
My positive medical abortion story. please read this is if you are scared or unsure.Butterflygirl2296
How long does it take for periods to return after medical abortion?Julietta111112
Still no period 8 weeks after abortionLoopyloulou114
Should i have a surgical abortion without anaestheticGloucestergirl15
Abortion on the nhs?Cwtch14
42, pregnant and dont know what to do - any advice, please?Lozzas9
My surgical abortion experience ... hope this helps!Amzyc123410
Anyone regret having third child? anyone regret aborting third?Tracebluefrog9
Help! 14 weeks pregnant and they want me to have an abortion!Natalie120456
I cant get over abortion i had 2 years ago!Alz2251
18 and pregnantAna021442
Please read - can't cope after abortion Aimeelou8733
My medical termination story..Anon2910
Questionnaire on abortions -- please have a lookK4teb3
No period 8 1/2 weeks after abortionHb574
I said i'd have an abortion but i don't want toScaredandconfused18
Unsuccessful abortion?Jeangrey1120
Faked a miscarriage but had a medical abortion...Confused359
Flying after an abortion?Missc099
I dont want to regret having an "abortion"!!Babyphat1430542
Cant see baby on scan so cant have medical abortion yet! but i am pregnantMegan1x25
My positive surgical abortion experienceMissy03041
What should i expect after abortion?Notready232
Surgical abortion?Acc875
My girlfriends 4-6 weeks pregnant and i dont know what to doJames22133
18 weeks pregnant, but want to have a termination! heeeeelp!Coolchick7912
My early medical abortion - 6 weeks Amski12
What to expect, start to finish witha medical abortionLoulabeliny6
Surgical abortion, 10+ weeks - full experienceAnon452311
3rd unplanned pregnancy.. ? abortionLouise122414
4th baby and husband wants me to abort. confused.Taransay11
First period after abortionLb27093
Pregnant again 11 weeks after giving birthLoubee33
Abortion again after 4 months.Aira298

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