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How early should you get your first midwife appointment?Milmolmai16
Swollen fingers and pins and needlesAmz223
Period like pain??Intimates9
Free pampers or huggies nappys or baby wipesDianefinley4
Angel sounds fetal doppler - bargain priceJules301010
Need help.....thesis dedication!!!! Unci2
Tilted wombLolaj204
bloody hcg levels Purplespark10
Worried with hcg levelsMali20094
Worried about 6 week scan Alibab243
Burst blood vessels/capillaries (can't spell that word)Cleoollie3
Discharge during pregnancy... Viajon26
20 week scan and worried, advice please!Emmajayne46
Scottish mumsLisamerchant861
My great big baby!!!!!Globalgirluk10
How do you work out how many months you are? Pinkglitterystuff5
freaking out!!Getkerrie6
Perineal massage Globalgirluk5
Enbarassing question Globalgirluk2
14 weeks preganant and not feeling anything????Candy020310
Pregnant and single but how can i abort my baby?Constance10017
constipated Adele12775
Hi im new!Getkerrie4
Things you can and can't eat/have done when pregnantAimeevictoria3
Can someone help me please- regarding my due date!! Kerrybuxton0
Im back!! excuses and birth story (dont read if ur worried about giving birth!!)Due1302097
Violent baby kicks???? Buddy2758
Emily rice birth storyAlie19736
Raspberry leaf teaAdele12774
Heartbeat but spotting Angela26x4
Anyone under consultant care?Kirst872
Tmi but need advice please!?!Yumzy4
feeling really down..Sammie883
November mums??! Alibab2419
Help with morning sickness.... Anachapman8
News on kazGlobalgirluk4
October due datesKatgillett10
Dear kazAdele12775
Am back from the hosptial Globalgirluk8
Question for may/june mums....Yumzy8
20 week scan rant19kitten796
June babiesAdele12777
wine craving...any ideas?Sammie886 scared?? anyone help x Katywilly34
How are all the september mums + bumpsGldt2568
Thank to people who have donated to riley's starGlobalgirluk6
When should i pack my bag?Globalgirluk7
Way tmi, advice please! Ellie2235
Maternity clothesAdele12775
I am back!!Ladyfp3
Hi everyone Ximogenx6
Measuring big????Yumzy6
Breast pump?Pinkglitterystuff4
My little boy is here!!! finally xxbirth storyKatywilly36
28 weeks Adele12775
Bleeding when pregnant Aimeevictoria6
Spd , iv had enough Missshikari6

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