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For the month of October 2006

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Started by Rep Last post
What shall i do?Skyelah13
Im expecting twins!Skyelah11
Help with a nameFrenchnat8
First movementsSarah50606
Sharp vaginal painsJlee227
Im 17, and i think im pregnant?? Babygyalie6
I need some support and advice...!Kaykay4life5
Overdue, head not engaged, doctors dont want to knowYanryu4
Help me please....Twinkletoes1233
Morning sickness2907623
Blood testKirstyx3
Flutters at early stageThirdtimelucky3
Please help on pushchairsBelen10003
Am fed upRach8313
Getting sick all day...don't know what to do. 37 weeks along.Aspinozzi2
Help??? is she pregnant?Babydaddy3
I need advice! please help!Smm20063
Hello everyoneJamierobinson2
19 and scared!Maddie1912
Fao kirsty xHappyme12
Any natural induction suggestions?...desperate2kylecody2
Sick of feeling nuaseaus!Maddie1911
15 and pregnant!Dadagirl061
Group b strep??Maddie1911
Help- confused about feelingsKatiesmith11
Any advice is welcome x Jenjen1111

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