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For the month of May 2011

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (May 2011) :


Started by Rep Last post
Diet buddy (now slim)Mummy2beslim4
Who wants to be my online diet buddy? Karkaz62
Hello im 21 and 17 stone 2 and cant afford to diet helpVickyg101737
Starting neris and india's diet - need a buddyNorthernwit21
The lemonade starting tomorrow!Pinkmcpink9
Starting cambridge diet tomorrow... Fimac16
5'7, 10st 6lbs another stone to go buddies needed!!!!!Rubytues1011
Starting maple syrup diet/lemon detox today!...anyone wana be my diet buddy?Chocomania21
Help .. i start a diet every week :|Lindsey1613
A new diet with a very different approachStevebirchall4
24, getting married next may and need to loose weight - fancy being my buddy??Unfitsessal4
Acai berryGraciemay2
Citrimax slimming pillsStickynicki0
I am 24 years old, 18st 8.5lbs ... Ch33kychops6
Anyone got a lot of weight to loose? Essai11277
Diet pillsSarahswansea11
I am 19 just wandered if there was a diet buddy out there, i have about 3stone to loseFlabbyabs8722
Embarking on lighterlife in devonChuckles17
Della david diet book buddy?Janegee10
Scottish slimmersLynn2561

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