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For the month of May 2012

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New diet pillTwoshorttlegs6
5ft 7 & 12 stone. any recommendations to pills? 'slendex' any good or not? + if so how quick Ej442
Cambridge dietGreentrees12
Yay lost 2 pounds and my weigh in is tomora! Lophielocks2
What exercise is best for loosing weight around the belly, thighs and hips?Helen198429
Diet pills and contraceptive pillChez208415
Has anyone tried hoodia tablets?Cavagnetto2816
1000 calorie a day dietRoss8324
Vita leanGaynie16
I need to lose 2 stone or more!! Truehoppy1
My weightloss has come to a stand stillTracey1797
Newbie lost 2 1/2 stone on cambridge and got approx 14lbs to go!!Jessicapink193
Lighterlife food packsSlimchris2
Vibration platesTorivw5
Has anyone tried celebrity slimMichelle35113
1.5 stone to lose in 5 weeks!!!Jess79120
Cambridge and oxo cubes???Beaubird3
Im stuck at a certain weight please helpMrsdminor2121
Help my wieght is getting me down i cant lose anythingJojobird5
Lighterlife - does it workNicapple5
Online dieting - slimming worldSarahswansea2
Body slimmerNso19851
Anyone wanting to lose about 2 stone of baby weight??Babymia53
Anyone tried the beyonce diet??Lipstickchick2
Weight wont come off Maz6669
Whats the best diet to try?Laurafagg5
Starting cambridge diet tomorrow!!!! Cazzab071
Losing about a stone but small size anyway recommended diets?Louise88x3
I need help!!Mysteriouschic131
Quick weight lossBuchik276
Euro diet!Rosie3742
Diet suggestions please !!Donna30337
Any tips for cambridge dieters?? Lillyshoefairy6
tips on what diet to choose 1 stone to loseTinklee1
Hi newbie to this and not sure what diet to do Kimmie1234

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