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For the month of January 2009

Here you’ll find a list of the most popular discussions of the month (January 2009) :


Started by Rep Last post
Young and fat help !!!!!Joymay3
Weightloss/exercise buddy wantedBarbados30
New year, new startGonnadoit3
13 day diet - can i substitute the ham and meat for fish or chicken?Moon77780
Sureslim v's lighetrlife!Biggirl107
Im 23 mother of 1 i weigh 19 stone please help me!!!!!!!Djgg2318
Help - hair loss cambridge dietBirdbath3
Cant loose it with pcosDefine861
Need help losing weight Shellyj8230
I really need to loose weightAnjy296
I want to lose weight very over wieght need help 13.Mursaleen3
Lose 20 pounds by february 28 2007Exoticone14
Looking for a online weight loss buddy!Lizzyrose899
1st day on cabridge diet Vanilla2244
Ligher life help...Essjay2
Lighter life help needed for my wifeAdramforall10
Lighter life and loving it!Girlieme2
Diet buddy plus italian-english conversationAle07047011
Looking for weight loss buddiesBrini512
Under active thyroidWeeone10
Help i need motivationMand19663
(*(*(* saggy skin *)*)*)Misspurple281
Thinking of starting maple syrup diet, need a diet buddy!Chocomania23
Cambridge many questions....Jellybelly244
Diet buddies wanted!!Tracey2017
In need of support/weight loss buddyBrini514
Hey, newbie herePenguinsrock13

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