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For the month of August 2009

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Started by Rep Last post
Desprate. please help..Ineedhelp102
Desperate to make myself sickGem22star16
I'm becoming obsessed with being i have an eating disorder? Kellyjane092
Need help recovering and learning about anorexiaLindsaylouwho6922
Paranoid people might think i'm anorexicGlittergirl43
Doctor thinks im crazy basically cos i want to be skinny!!Sarahlou253
Do i have an eating disorder?Chido259
Bulimia/big tummy,helpWinnysta4
Bulimic? me?!Yellowrose333
Student nurseNursingmaster2
How do i shake off anorexia label Nikky1460
Important bulimia informationElectrikitten0
Should i be worried...Missyl8181
My names hollie and i'm tired of making myself sick Holliedollie2
Help neededGrebs20
Some insightDoll2101
Just gota say this!!!! discrimination about thin people!!!!!!!! Zedoee6
Tips for putting on weight?Glittergirl43
Wanting to purge againDaisy8420
I cant loose weight.Honey76718
Any tips pleaseRagg15

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