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Implanon removalBethsmum16
Please can someone help me??? implant??Kimmy061
Pregnancy on implanonCodd27121
The best lubricant for anal sexJesuisamoureuse434
Cerazette - anyone coming off it?Shotofjd126
Any one take micronor mini pill?Mrsyehezkel31
Borderline smear test results, really worried, help!!!!Lyddybop8
The implanon implant - please readLilh230
Constant bleeding from having implant,given progesterone only pill cerezette aswel?!Mellovestequila50
Need advice about cerazette mini pill!!Niecey6537
Anyone been on microgynon (combined pill) for a long time?Slimmerme3
Anyone on qlaira?Bekidoll2
Implanon and weight gainDylsmummy4
Cerazette - periods and other optionsSazzle121
Taking the copper coil outHaych21044
Sex after copper coil Jojo24303
Is anyone taking norgeston (mni pill) Emma2204751
Abdominal pain days after coming off the pill?Germanmum1
Copper coil - need advice and others experiences pleeease!!Gemmo23
Implanon - irregular bleedingJustnat15
Implanon weight gain nightmareCitygirl95
Irregular bleeding on cerazette and implanon. Lauren1703871
Vaginismus? no sex drive? help!Wanted16914
How reliable is the withdrawal method?Basketcase26
Yasmin gave me chloasma is cerazette the answer?Lovelylisa14
Becoming pregnant a few weeks after the removal of implanon birth control. Bronxsuewoo2
Sudden bleeding whilst on cerazette after years of no periodsCole1131
Really need help - about my pill, ive lost my packet and dont know when im due on .. Propperconfused2
Coil questionJenkr6
The pill and diarrhea!?Kelz0020
Changing from cerazette to implanon? Bekidoll1
Can i use a vibrator with an iud?Helbel1
The coilShazam34
Implant and pregnancy. help me out!Anxiousanne1
Important info about recurring thrushNifty220
Coil and pill together?Harmony77261
Is it better to use 2 condoms at the same timeMjay12005
Really painful peeing!!Mellyjane1
Had the copper iud fittedMisselainec20091
Implanon ......... feedback please!!! Cindas4
Contraception advice!Joannapiana3
Mirenna coilPrincessyaz1
Extremely heavy bleed with the coil Emma200348
Wot is the best contraception????????????????? ???????Princessyaz3
Late period - first time sex?Ippadi1
Sex without condomMahen1948
Possible pegnacy.D3ath3
First time on pill - 1 day period?Enteramber1
Conceiving after depo & cerrazette?Alyssa0022
Loestrin 20Emmyb40
Intolerable to pills and now getting mirena in 2 weeks and very nervousLisboaaa2
The pill & contraception - specific questions - please help!Whimas3
Does the implant or pill lower your sex drive?Bmuffgurl0
Pregnancy on the pill????Carzycat1
On micranor doctor gave wrong advise, now no perid! terrifiedMarmite25050

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