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For the month of April 2010

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Luv m3taNicolaangel9323
No feeling during sex?!Dropdota10
Is a fetish weird?Happybwoi5
Im one day late getting cramps for over a week. could i be pregnant? Katie83842
Flatmates having sex loudlyLifeisloud10002
Orgasm at the same timeHappybwoi8
Every boy in my class fancies me epsept the boy i fancyZzzz585
Im 16, my boyfriends 19, and i think im!!!Mimi1753p5
Sincere love comes backHaatni1
I don't if he loves me, need helpBabyh892
How do you do that?Shybabexx4
why is she being so horrible?? (guys help too)Shybabexx1
Sexy cyber guy!!Allie1614
Sex help neededSmiler135

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