Getting married in secret


Me and my hubby to be have been together for a year and 4 months. We got engaged after five months and started to plan or wedding for August 2011.

I fell pregnant and am due on the 1rst of August and we have decided to bring the wedding closer.

My mum lives in Ireland (I live in Scotland) and she is coming over after baby is born so I couldn't ask her to come over in July also. I don't speak to my dad so the only family I would have is my sister and an aunt and uncle.

Instead me and my hubby to be have decided to get married in our local registry office with only a couple of friends who introduced us.

I just need somebody to talk to about it. Sorry for ranting on.



Its your day!

Rant away, theres always someone who will listen. I admire you, I'd love to just go off and get married, guilt prevents me. My parents would be upset!


Not a fan of big weddings


The thought of having to go out and buy a wedding dress has always scared me. I just look at the dresses and I get scared. I am not comfortable being the centre of attention either.

I know there will be a lot of people upset about what we are doing but I would like to be married before I have the baby, plus this would mean I have the same name as my hubby to be and the baby.

Thanks for the reply.


Me neither!!


God, I completely understand about not wanting to be the centre of attention for the day! That fills me with dread also! Most women dream about a big wedding and all the stuff that goes with it. I just want the least amount of people there possible! Simple dress, back to the house after, for a small buffet, sorted!

Go ahead and do it, I didn't , I have a different name as my son and partner, which does bother me.

people will only be upset for a little while, if they really care about you, they will understand.

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