Greasy hair - too much falling out!


Hi Everyone,
Just a quick question. Does your hair fall out more than usual when it's greasy?
After 3 days of washing mine, my hair tends to get greasy and if I dont wash it on that 3rd day, it starts falling out really badly! I've already got thin hair so this is really worrying me especially as Im only in my early 20's!!!

Any advice would be great.
Thanks xx



Well i only wash my hair like 3-4 times a week... but my hair was starting to fall out and i stopped using conditioner and that really helped. ... also don't wash her hair with super hot water...



try massaging your scalp with your head down, this helped me, this rush of blood to the scalp i guess, i do this twice a day, and my shedding slowed down, also I was using this hair thickening spray ran out a couple of weeks ago, will have to double check the name but it really helped, but you really should try massaging your scalp, and its free too


This is the only solution

it's time to try something new. you may try nisimindia with olive oil. this is the only one solution for your hair. you may buy this here:- nisimindia.com



Loss or absence of hair, also known as alopecia is a hereditary and unavoidable condition. In some men it can be a side effect of medication, a dietary deficiency or hormonal imbalance.

You can help reduce the effects of hair loss from stress, trauma, shock or illness by increasing your intake of vitamin C found in fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly citrus fruit and juices, parsley, broccoli, green peppers and black currants.

Take a vitamin B complex everyday or brewers yeast. Increase your intake of protein found in meat, fish, liver, wheat germ, dried cooked beans and peas, tofu, cheese, milk and eggs.
Here you may find some more tips about reducing hair fall and treating oily hair:



i think it happens to most people..but apprently its normal to lose up to 100 hairs each day(quite a lot if u think abt it!)...which always looks more if you have longer hair i guess..i dont think its anything to worry about though

oh and i dont think it being greasy makes a difference...most ppl have hairs falling out when they wash it, so if u dont wash it a while the those hairs just out some other time instead..which is more noticeable


Same problem!


I have the same problem with hair falling out but I get it happening even when it's not greasy. I wash mine every other day and get loads of hair coming out when I wash it, when I comb it, and then even when I'm not touching it, I find bits on my clothing. My boyfriend gets really annoyed too cos my hair ends up all over the floor at home!

I'm 24 and it's been like this for about 3 years now, I still have a full head f hair, but like you, mine's thin. It worries me too... I always wonder if one day it will stop growing back as quickly and then it will become noticeable that I'm losing it.

I've tried using different shampoos and conditioners but they don't seem to make any difference. I'm a vegetarian so I sometimes wonder if it's cos of my diet.

Shaz x


Really worrying!!!


Hi Shaz,
Kind of glad Im not the only one having these problems, but its really quite worrying. Im not a Vegetarian and it still falls out. I try and eat Iron tablets regularly and have been to the doctor about my hair worries a few times and all he suggests is maintaining a good diet, eating iron tablets, and not to stress!!! But its so hard not to stress when I see my hair everywhere!! I tried to stop using straightening irons for a few months as heat can be damaging but to be honest, I didnt really notice a change.

I dont want to start taking hair growth pills or anything because I think Im way too young and also they're quite costly!!

Hope we're both just going through some phase and it sorts itself out!!!



Remedies are there...


Hi diamond and shaz... I can understand that it's really natural to be worried when someone starts losing hair like anything.. Ask me-- I was also suffering from heavy hair loss. There are various reasons which contribute to hair loss..! I became so panic.. My hair became so thin that I couldn't think of making a plat..Some advised to go for various medications, some suggested to cut the hair short...But all these advices couldn't satisfy me.. But, at the same time I was determined that I won't use any chemical products.. Then I came across a <a ="http://www.amg-us.com" target="_blank">hair loss herbal treatment</a>. And, finally my patience paid off..Hair fall almost stopped within 3 weeks..Gradually, new hair also started growing within a month..I couldn't believe..Because, as we have heard that it's not possible to stop hair loss...Take a chill pill and just go for it..




hi there when are you able to but this herbal treatement when i put it into internet explorer it comes up cannot display webpage

any help appreciated


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