How much do hair extensions cost


I have never had hair extensions and therefore not sure how much is reasonable to have them done?

Is there a better brand than others, I've heard of Racoon but not many others.

I also get my hair coloured every 4 weeks, can you still do this with hair extensions in and how long do they last - realistically?

Lastly does anyone know of a good salon in the North East to have these done?

Thank you for your help!



As far as i know when selecting a Hair extensions i would recomond you to choose real hair extensionS rather then a synthatic hari extensionS. Unfortunatly i live in australia therefore i won't be able to answer your second question.



Hari extensions

hair extension, you must choose the style which are fit for you. i think, you can buy it from http://www.wigshotsale.com/, i also bought one there, and the hair style is very fashionable, which offers straight, curl, hairpieces.


Hair extensions

Hey hun,
Racoon hair extensions are lush, my friend has worn them for years!! and look natural, shes tipped blond and fine to dye your hair. Iv got the cheeper version "Spanish hair" but the woman does a cheaper version of that aswell, mines kept fine, had them in since oct and getting them took out and put back in tomorow.. she can reuse the hair for you. But she is realy good, its my friends mam, she trains people etc.. racoon tho you lookn at £350 but its like your own and you dont have to maintain it much, but mines been great, mines black tho. If you want (if youve got facebook) add me"Jaimie Caswell" just write a message who you are, and look at my piccys cos two of my friends are on there with them in. She works in a little salon at gilesgate durham and called strictly extensions. And the bonds are small aswell, some people put massive ones in.. which causes pulling of your hair etc. Hope this helps

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