Models needed, cost price extension, surrey area


Hi I am a mobile hair extension consultant but Im just getting my business going and getting upto speed. I am looking for people wanting extensions at cost price. I will just charge for the hair, any other expenses with a small fee. It will be more than half the price than a normal mobile hairdresser and alot less than salons. check out my website please www.abby-hairextensions.co.uk


Clip in

Hi Abby
I am looking for clip in hair extensions and I live in Godstone - can u help ?


Clip in


I bought some clip in hair extensions on-line from a place called Charmed Hair Extensions, they are cheap and good quality. Their website is charmedhairextensions.com if you are interested.



Im in guildford and would be quite interested to know more thanks




Hi, thanks for your interest.
I am just getting my business up and running, as you can appreciate things and time are hard, therefore I am applying hair extensions for less than half price. Basically I am charging for the cost price of hair plus a small fee. Please email at abby@stuart-hair-extensions.co.uk for more info. I will actually be in your area tomorrow if you want me to pop in for a free consultation, it will take 5 mins, Abby

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