Do home laser hair removal kits really work?


Has anyone used or heard of Rio's Laser home hair removal Kit and does it work? I don't really want to go to the salon...so this would seem like an ideal solution??? Any feedback would be appreciated Jamelia


Yes, they work

Online you will find many testimonials that these laser home removal kits work very efficient.
You will find out that not all persons are the right candidates for these procedures. Because the laser attacks the melanin, which is responsible for the hair color, people with dark skin aren't suitable for this method.
Some example of machine and their characteristics can be found at http://www.goodepilator.com/best-at-home-laser-hair-removal-machines.


Yes, they really work

Yes, the home laser kits really work, but this depends on the person, more exactly what type of skin she has and what hair color she has on the body.
If you want more details, you can check my website, http://www.goodepilator.com/how-home-laser-hair-removal-machine-works. Here you will find everything you need to know about these laser machines.


Oh how technology has changed.

I noticed that this question was posted in 2007 and the last comment was in 2012. Much has changed in the DIY IPL laser technology world. The market leader in terms of comfort, dealing with all skin types and price, is the Me Smooth. The technology now is far more refined than even a year ago. It is worth visiting their site, http://mepower.com, to learn more about IPL, which is Intense Pulsed light and how they have combined it with radio frequencies for the highest degree of efficacy. It is a great product that I highly recommend.


Tria hair removal worked!

I was a bit sceptic about buying this product but i've heard good things about it and they've got loads of good reviews and stuff on their youtube channel.

i was reading the thread below and someone mentioned it used to be about £700! it's much cheaper at about £300 now and i got a free bag and free postage and packaging too. that was on triabeauty.co.uk

I love it and actually share it with my housemate so it only cost me half that.

Would def recommended to everyone!



I had IPL once but it was not that good, I went on to have proper laser yag and it was ace.




The energy of laser is bigger than IPL.


Hair growth inhibitor


Hair growth inhibitor - http://www.stopgrow.com/ct/99781
This product has really helped in my fight against hair!


So what


So It has more energy,please explain and i will retort.People think just because it has high energy it works better,i can knock a nail into wood using a hammer and it does the job perfectly, i can use a sledge hammer which will exert more energy but will most probably break the wood or damage the nail.
Energy just the amount to do the job too much can result in damage to the patient,how expensive is a course of treatment with a laser these days.
Can you please explain that part about energy,volts,amps,joules, or are you talking about the energy from the laser beam.




Laser is one monochromatic light with high energy, and IPL is Full spectrum light.
In general, laser hair removal, we use the single wavelength of 808nm or 1064nm. But for the IPL hair removal, we use the wave band of 640nm-1200nm.
Besides, choosing laser or IPL, it's based on the color of hair. For the thick and black hair, laser is better. And for the light-colored hair, we could choose IPL.


Dont agree with all your points.


Hair is odd,i am just a engineer but on Asian type skins 550nm is better than 610nm, there is a lot to do with the color of the hair color,thickness of hair and the skin color.
One thing that does make me laugh is that people buy these hair management from boots and say its the same strength has the one in the salon.
I might not agree 100% with you but al least you do know what you are on about.
I really do believe that these toys people are buying will make the hair go thinner, until it reaches a point where the hair will be resilient to the flash and grow back quicker and thicker.




You are right that sometimes the hair will grow back quicker and thicker. The reason is hair has three period: growth stage, resting stage, degeneration stage. So if we removal the hair in the right time, also destroy the hair follicle more times, it will stop growing.



Hi have not heard of this one but i have struggled with quite heavy growth, and i was too shy to go to a salon and have it removed, i was unable to wear a swimming costume or short sleeve dresses or anything but trousers. i was really at my wits end and a friend told me to take a look at brecongreenoffers.com i know it is a bit corny but i can honestly say it has changed my life.
hope this helps

good luck


Thumbs up for Skeletor8! You helped a lot I m definitely gonna go to a salon. And by the way when I was holding one of this home hair removal machines in my hands in Boots it didn't seem a good construction, the body was made out of cheap plastic and really made me think: how can a machine have a high performance when clearly can be seen that the manufacturer is trying to save money (actually make more profit) on cheap plastic body. I liked your metaphor with the cars!




Thanks, thats why i do not say who i work for,in fact i am going to start another job next month.
These home IPL kits are hair management, some are good some are fit for purpose, and to con the people like that really ... me of.
Not everyone will listen, but some do.


Has the same thing as the laser in clincs.


The only thing they are similar is that they are portable,
they do very in hair management, and i do think some are better than others.
Give me the spec on these machine from pulse duration, to energy readings,from spot energy test and readings to what light guide they use,the lamps they use,what type of lamp, the pulse is it a v, or n, how long does the pulse stay in a straight line.what is the colour on the fillter.Get me the whole spec on the toy.
I have never said these one the public can have are bad, thats all i am saying, they are hair management.
And for all of you out there, they make the real money when the applicator has to be changed or the lamp has to be replaced.When you do buy them ask how much to replace the applicator,work out how many flashes it will take to do you body,now these machines are has good has the professional machines! so to do legs lets say that would be 3/4 sessions depending on skin type.
Machine cost, then add the amount up to replace the bulb or the applicator, which you cant do only the manufacturer, how many times will you have to send it back!
Most of these professional machines in part and labour will cost 5000/8000 pound to build , and you can get the same one fron Boots for 300/400/500 pounds.


No its hair management


Look it is very simple, these machines are hair management.
we have had machines for repair and every time we do various HOME KITS they fail, in all the tests.
I do work for one of the Ipl manufactures, i have never said who i work for, but please these are hair managment and not true IPL/Laser machine.
In fact there is evidence that use of these machines will cause the hair to grow back stronger.


Rio lasers

I wouldn't waste money buying these devices. They are similar to how an epilator works, meaning you will never get a permanent result. You will be using these for as long as you want to continue removing hair. There is also evidence that they can actually stimulate smaller hairs to grow thicker over time. This is called Paradoxical hair growth and is thought to be caused by low power laser devices.
My advice would be to find a reputable salon and let a professional deal with your problem, it will actually cost you less in the long run.


Well done


Yes,like a germ that builds up strength against drugs.
Well done,


Homedics me my elos

Has anyone tried the Homedics me my elos? I've seen it advertised on TV. I've used IPL in salons a few times with good results, but it is very expensive; I would something I can use at home and for cheaper. What is considered the best on the market? Thanks.


How about the e-swin.,,

Can anybody comment on the eswin IPL system.
They claim to be the most effective and ...they do have to wear glasses so maybe the flash is strong enough. The price is a lot higher but still will be cheaper than going to a salon in the long term.....

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