Im so hairy especially on my stomach, nipples and back!


Hi can anyone help?? When I was younger i was embaressed of being hairy so shaved my arms, stomach, nipples and back!! I cant believe how stupid I was!!! Im paying for it now, im so embaressed about it that i still shave my arms, i wax my nipples and stomach, i have to leave my back as i cant do anything with it! If im going swimming or anythin i dye the hairs blonde!

Im too embaressed to get help from anyone! Do u think if i keep waxing it will b less noticeable??


On a mission to be hairless

I have had quite a few ipl in my bikini a year ago. I am very happy because i don't have to do anything about it. At the moment I am doing my underarms and nipples in a place called Depicool in Liverpool Street. I am seeing good results already on my underarms and i hope soon my nipple hairs also leave me for good.



i cant help about losing your haire fineli i have a great solustion for u its a desert herbal we have it in the desert of tunisia in my tawn if are interested i can help


Find someone who appreciates you.......

Hello, . Needless to say I appreciate some of your attributes.
In Las Vegas many of the ladies here wax. to leave themselves as pre adolesant as possible.
Somethng I wont ever understand. I enjoy hair!I f you ever come to Vegas dinner in on me


Go for natural products


There are many people like you who are not aware of the repercussions of shaving, and do the same mistake. but dont worry its never too late. As you mentioned that you want to remove hair from stomach, nipple and back since all are sensitive areas, my suggestion would be to go natural products like Ultra Hair Away


I just wanna remove my hair in my stomach and never come back again


please i need your help how can a find this natural products like ultra hair away or can a create with things natural of nature or just help me please in this problem ,i need your help immediatly


Do not shave or pluck!

I was looking up some things about Nipple hair (as I have it) and I wanted to tell you not to pluck your nipple hairs.
I have had the area around my areolas lazered and still some of the hair has come back. Lazering was incredibly painful but it did rid me of some of the darker and thicker hairs. Some thin Ones were not thick enough or dark enough for the lazer to stunt their growth or kill them so they have come back.
I told my lazer technician that I had been plucking the hairs to get rid of them and she told me to stop immediately. When you pluck a hair your body tells it to grow thicker and larger and stronger because it feels this way it will not be removed again. So immediately stop plucking the hair unless you want it to continue to grow faster and thicker. In addition approximately 30% of the body's possible hair cells are active at one time. By plucking you stimulate the inactive hair cells and "tell" them to grow . This is why the hair seems to be spreading. Unknowingly you are telling it to spread.
Waxing, unlike plucking, relaxes and opens the pores with it's warmth and therefore does not increase hair growth as the hairs do not feel like they are being ripped out of the pore. Similarly waxing over time (we are talking years) can lessen hair because they hair cells get "tired" and have no "energy" left to grow.
The best solutions to lessen or rid you of your nipple hair are to have it lazered (but that it expensive and painful), wax it (professionally) or to just trim it with scissors. There is also the option of leaving it.
It may comfort you to know that I am now comfortable with the remaining nipple hair that I have. I sometimes trim it, but now it usually doesn't bother me.
If you decide to consider lazering the hair a lazer technician can tell you if you are a good candidate!
Lastly, approximately 40% of the world's women have some type of nipple hair, so do not fret, it isn't weird or abnormal, it's just different and something to think about.
I hope I have helped you


I did the same, it's so embarrassing...I've been looking into laser removal but have heard mixed things. I have blonde hair and was told by one place that you just use this black tarry stuff to paste on and then it takes it out...but then I've also heard it can't be done. Anyone know?
Can't bring myself to go into a salon either so was looking into home treatments/laser.



i get hair on my stomach and back, i tried shaving its and waxing but didnt like either. my mum bought an epilater for our legs and i tried it out and i love it!! its just like plucking them but alot faster and covers a bigger area. its quick easy and doesnt hurt, they dont cost much and you can buy them in boots or on the internet i would pass on this advise to anyone as its the answer to any excess hair on the face or body!!


Hairy stomach, nipples and back

I've had laser hair removal and found that it dramatically reduced the volume and appearance of hair on my arms. It's not uncommon to have hair in thee areas you have especially if you are Asian as I am. I have been told that if the hair is quite downy then you can hope for reduction/shorter, finer hair. If the hair is coarse and dark then this is ideal for Laser or IPL hair removal. I go to London Laser Hair Removal in Harrowby Street. The lady there is registered and v helpful (www.londonlaserhairremoval.co m) I think!


You are not alone

Hi,I have been in your situation,i have also shaved everywhere, and i have also paid the price, i have just finished having laser treatment done on my abdomen and my feet, yes i did say my feet.The treatment is expensive and painful but it works,i truly reccommend it, i feel like a lady again,I now get my arms/back waxed and the hairs are growing back finer,please dont be embarrassed,go to a beauty therapist,they will help you.maybe go for a facial or something first to see if you feel comfortable with them. i wish you the best of luck.




Just a few question, I'm in the same situation...
How much did you pay for the abdomen? Does it include only above the belly or the whole belly? Were your hair coarse or fine? How many treatments did it take for you to have results??
Thank you


Hair removal


hi there, i can help about your hair removal, i had laser hair removal on my belly area and the results are fantastic, you need about 5 treatments but it is well worth it , check out selston cosmetic clinic , thats were i had my treatment , hope this is usful




Hi juve

I paid 150.00 euro for each treatment. It included the whole abdomen, the hairs treated were course,it took about 1 year to complete, but I noticed a difference after a few treatments, hope this helps.


Re;im so hairy especially on my stomach, nipples and back!

waxing will make it less visable for longer than shaving but the only problem is you have to wait for it to be a certain length before you can wax. i have had laser hair removal on my bikini line and found it has really reduced the amount of hair i have, the little hair that is left is not coarse like normal pubic hair but really fine and soft so much easier to remove. this is quite expensive though..i think alot of women have hair problems like this so dont worry too much but also i bet you think it is worse than it really is. hope this helps.

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