Ipl hair removal at a salon- please help!!


Hi girls, I've just been reading a number of posts on this website and they've all been really helpful so far. Im thinking about having IPL hair removal at my local beauty salon (with the same lady who normally waxes my bikini line). She says shes been lasering for nearly 10 years so is obviously really experienced. The only problem I'm having is that its hard to get feedback from anyone whos had IPL in a salon and can comment on the results maybe a year or 2 down the line. I know it cant promise permanent hair removal but I have heard a few comments from people who say after a few years the hairs begin to grow back in the normal way. Is there anyone who can maybe just advice me, i basically would just like to hear about a few different in salon experiences?! The other alternative was buying a home laser removal kit- however I'm guessing the salon equipment is more powerful and therefore would probably give me better long term results?!
Hopefully someone can shed some light!
Thanks xxxxx


Laser hair removal

I am also considering the procedure...and also kind of lost concerning...here people tell about their salon experiences of different kinds. Have a look! http://www.pissedconsumer.com/browse-reviews/beauty-salons.html


Hair growth inhibitor


Hair growth inhibitor - http://www.stopgrow.com/ct/99781
This product has really helped in my fight against hair!


Maintain a little caution after laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a tested process which I think works very well.You just have to maintain a little caution after the therapy such as avoidance of direct sunlight to the exposed skin etc.However I have come through a website laseraway(dot)net which is a very good reference in this area.



One of the main problems with Ipl is that,the salon owner uses the Applicator past 15000 flashes,the lamp is not giving out the right amount omount of energy the filter should be replaced,and the prisim is damaged, the machine should be serviced and the applicators calibrated.
But you see the salon owner does not want to send it back to be done, so she hangs on to it, the ipl in the end does not get rid of the hair.
Not because the IPL is a bad machine, its because its not serviced.
Another point is that there are a lot of bad and dangerous machines out there, ask what the machine is.
We had a Chinese machine in and there was 150/180 volts coming through the applicator.The lady was sued,so me careful were you go.
Has for home kits, do not bother,they are hair management.
What i cant under stand is why dont women like you get together, get some friends, get trained, do all your friends and family, and then sell the machine,


Hi louise

First of all I would like to discourage you of buying any home kit as it is a waste of money and doesn't work. I did my (full back) laser hair removal at skinlikesilk.co.uk and had great result (since 8 months didn't have to redo and I had 5 sessions but think might need 1 more). Before I found the clinic I went to several places for test patch and looked for:
1. quality of equipment (the machine needs to be robust, good cooling, no pain...)
2. if it is a registered clinic not a beauty salon (chances are if it is a clinic they specialise in more professional treatments not waxing or nails)
3. Experianced staff (they have some more experiance and qualifications than just a beauty therapiest)
It is best to go for a test patch and make sure it is free of charge and hair falls after... I am not sure what equipment your lady uses but would do a few test patches around different places to compare... Cheers


Ipl and home use

IPL works but you need almost twice the number of sessions than a clinic using a real laser device.
Home use is even worse than this when it comes to effectiveness,


Ipl hair removal

The home laser kits are rubbish as far as I am concerned. I had a course of IPL 18 months ago at The Cottage Surgery in the West Midlands and it was great, now I only have to go back about once or twice a year for a bit of maintenance because some hair folicles can repair themselves they told me about this though so it wasn't a surprise, I understand the older you are the fewer hairs return. I don't know where you are but I would definitely Recommend The Cottage Surgery, they have been removing hair and tattoos with lasers for nearly 20 years and have loads of experience. Hope this is helpful. Happy hair loss :

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