Laser hair removal- which machine is the best?



I just wondered if anybody knew which hair removal machine is the best, ive heard IPL is the best?



Alexandrite is best laser


Alexandrite has the best absorption rate into melanin which is our target when we carry out laser hair removal.

If you are darker skin type, Soprano is the best.

Feel free to visit our web site www.laserhairremovallondon.net



I do not think you should see for some machine for laser hair removal but to consult with some expert.The Marmm Klinik gives the survices of permanent hair removal solution.

visit http://www.marmm.com/


Only you can make that choice

I would advise that you avoid buy equipment directly for the far east, renting equipment, pay as you go system & buying a machine which is shipped and training is a booklet / disk.

Meet the suppliers, typically the sales consultants you meet will give you an idea of what you are looking for. Sales consultant who try the hard sell with you just avoid. Have demonstrations on the machines your looking at, if it's available go to the supplier for this you will get to see the set up of the business. Bigger doesn't always mean better, if you find 2 ipl machines that are right for you but one of the suppliers are large the other medium size, don't assume the larger is better, typically they will have less time to deal with you and resolve issue.
Everything resolves around the machine, YES, but the support has to be there. See if you can talk to a member of the service staff, as they will be the ones that you will deal with after the purchase.

I hope this helps.



Please find the best IPL laser devices below.


808nm diode laser with fda approval

Dear Sir/Madam,
How are you? Very glad to hear from you.

Until now, for the hair removal treatment, Diode laser is the best to choice, since this is single wavelength laser equipment which could burn the hair permanent and freely.

Now we are in the process of applying FDA for it now.
We can get it about half year.

Welcome to contact me at any time if you have interest.
My email address is: beijingxinkeyiren@gmail.com.
Have a nice day.
Thanks & Best regards,


Laser hair removal in delhi

ND: Yag Laser is technological machine used for laser hair removal in delhi, Noida and Gurgaon by Clinic Dermatech


Cynosure elite +

cynosure lasers are by far the best! they used Alexandrite and ND:Yag lasers
try proskinclinics.com
hope this helps


Without a doubt

Cynosure Elite+ Alexandrite with ND Yag. Quick, painless, effective and all skin types. But make sure your Therapist is good, that's the most important thing!! Mine is fantastic at DRJONEYDESOUZA.com clinic in Marylebone London



According to my experience No No by radiancy is the best machine for hair removal. It gives long lasting results and do read user manual and instruction at http://www.howtonono.com before use. Hope it will help you.


I used depitime handy hair removal

I ordered the depitime hair removal from www.depitime.us last Wednesday. And I used the coupon code Depitime50off. Their service are very good. They shipped my item immediately after processing my order,the shipping time only takes 4 days. I have received it yesterday and try it. The machine works very well. It only takes me $135 because the coupon code. It is a nice shopping experience.


Best laser hair removal machine

Hi dear friend ,

Good day

For hair removal ,808nm diode laser would be a very good choice ,it is specialized for hair removal permanent ,painless and much faster than ipl machine

I'd like to introduce you more details about this laser if with further interests

Nicole Zhang


Laser hair removal


Goodday, can you provide me with more info on the laser hair removal machines? I want to buy one for my salon but dont know which one will be best?


What did you decide?



I'm just curious what machine you ended up choosing, what kind of results you've been getting and are you happy with your purchase? I look forward to your reply. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


More info on the laser hair removal machines


Hello ,

How are you ? this is Nicole Zhang
Sorry for i just saw your messages for i don't use this website often

The 808nm diode laser is best for melanin to absorb, so that it can be applied to different areas and depth of the hair follicle to remove any type of the hair effectively,in motion technology,virtually for hair removal painless&fast,usually about 3 times for totally hair removal,super cooling could ensure this laser long time continuos normal working,12 inch color touch screen easy for operation

For more questions or ideas about diode laser hair removal,please contact me by skype ( ht_nicole) or write me email to nicole.hotlaser@hotmail.com

Looking forward to your mail,thanks
Best Regards,

Nicole Zhang
Skpe : ht_nicole


Laser machine


I would like to know if you bought the laser hair removal machine please. If so, how did you like it?


Have you purchase a machine yet?


Hi, are you in the market for a laser hair removal machine? The Lumenis Lightsheer Duet has had great results and reviews. It gets each session done in half the time and it a great quality machine!! Let me know if you're interested in purchasing one.


Silk'n glide

HI girls,
I have the Silk'n Glide and I am using it for 4months now and I can say for sure that it is the best investment I've made for years! I bought it really cheep too form here : http://www.arivabeauty.com/silkn-glide.html
If u have any questions - ask


Which machine is the best?

I am using Silk epil 7.Try that it is good and it reduces hair growth as well.The best part is it does not bring pain.


Laser hair removal

Hi there
we are a laser hair removal clinic based in Birmingham, West Midlands. We use the Cynosure Elite system which operates on 2 wavelengths - allowing us to treat pale skin on the alex wavelength as well as darker skin on the yag wavelength. The Cynosure Elite system is one of the best of the market and has only positive reviews. I agree with below comments regarding laser technicians, majority of unsucessful treatments are down to the technician and not the equipment used. Saying that, IPL is definatly not effective for hair removal and if anything can actually promote hair growth.
If you are from the Birmingham area, feel free to book in for a consultation (its free) and we can explain a lot more in depth.
Miss Couture Beauty & Laser Clinic


No machine is best for all individuals

No machine is best for all individuals. IPL is cheaper and can treat a wider range of skin tones. Lasers are costly but more effective. Here is a article about the pros and cons of IPL hair removal and laser hair removal.

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