Nipple hair.. so embarassing


hello everyone,
im new to this and am amazed at how much you all help eachother. I have got a question which is quite embarassing so i wanted to ask it on here rather than asking a friend etc.
I have quite an olive tone and have dark hair. I dont know whether this is normal or not but I have a few hairs around my nipples.. im so embarassed right now.
is this normal and how can i get rid of them???

thanks for all your help in advance.
J (21 years) xx


You can go for laser hair removal services

Full body laser hair removal works by pulsing laser wavelength technology which targets color pigments in the color follicles, efficiently preventing the re-growth of hair all over the body. Best part of laser hair treatments is that because of the melanin absorption, no damage happens to the pores nor they damage the surrounding hair follicles, thus the treatment is minimally invasive.

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Nipple hair....why??

I'm 17 years old...and I have nipple hair. It's really embarassing and it's also quite depressing. I'm a natural blond, but for some reason my nipple hairs are black. I'm afraid to pluck them or do anything with them really. Do you guys have any advice? I have not yet had a boyfriend and I am also afraid that when I do get into an intimate situation, my nipple hairs will be a problem.
Thank you for your help!


Annoying hair


Hello there ^-^
I'm 18 years old,and I have the exact same problem!
I was never really worried about it or anything.
It wasn't a big deal to me because I just knew it's one of those
"just don't talk about it" kind of things.
All I do is tweeze them,it honestly doesn't hurt at all.
I actually kind of like the feeling,it sort of tickles?
It's not TOTALLY painless,but it's painless enough to the point where it just takes a second of my time to handle.

I'd suggest tweezing it,just don't go all slowly and yet don't yank it out. Have fun?


Nipple hair...


Do you ladies think that nipple hair could be a sign of hormonal imbalance? Is it worth seeing a doctor about it?


Oh thank goodness!

Well I thought I was the only one too! I was worried there for a little while. I was worried mainly because when I get older and I get into intimate situations then I was afraid that it wouldn't work because of the hairs on my nipples. I think they're gross, but I don't want to do anything about them. I pluck them, but they still annoy me. Thanks for all of the tips!
NF, 13 xx


Here to help

hey dont be embarrassed most of us are the same. what ever you do. DO NOT use hair removal cream as your nipples are a sensitive area and this will burn like ... i know this from personal experience and a few of my friends have tried this to and got the same burning result.i recommend just plucking the hair


Help needed!


So yes I have nipple hair....*sigh*. And I am actually considering telling my mom (I'm 17), but I don't know if I should. It's so embarrassing....and I'm afraid I might even burst out crying because of my embarrassment...
Do you guys have any tips?


Nipple hair and stomach hair

Hey everyone,
I'm 15 and I have light yet noticeable nipple and tummy hair and I wanted to know if it is better to get the new No!No! or bleach the hair I hear they both work but bleaching doesn't last


Nipple and stomach hair


If the hairs are light then i suggest you bleach, especially for sensitive areas such as the nipples. Bleaching does not last forever, but can last for a good few weeks.
If you want more permanent results or not happy with bleaching, then you can try No!No! I havent tried it before but i would suggest maybe not using it for those areas, as it will make the hairs at first thicker and wont be showing any good results until a few months (from what I've read).
Also, i would advice professional laser hair removal if you want it completely gone but can be pricey.
So, i would advise you (especially for your age) to bleach first because the results are still good as the blonde hairs are less noticeable, and maybe later on try lasering.

hope this helps


Nipple hair

Hi there everyone,

I just joined after reading all the comments on the all embarrassing 'nipple hair' -- I thought I was the only one! I actually feel normalish now! Thank you!!

I have had nipple hair for a few years now (I'm 20). I started off with tweezing, which was simple and I didn't get any ingrown hairs. Then thought I should start waxing, to make the process quicker - which was not painful at all, the hairs never got any thicker, but I did realise that I had a slight increase of hair growth.

As a result of this, I am gong to start tweezing the hairs again. To stop the pinching and ingrown hairs, I would suggest to stretch the skin around the nipple and pull in the direction the hairs are growing.

I do recommend to NEVER use any form of shaving on the nipple area, as the hairs are very thin and sensitive and shaving will result in hairs getting thicker and darker.

I really hope this helps! x


Unwanted hair

hey everyone,
so im 18 years old and even though i've been experiencing all these hair problems you have spoken about for some while, it is only now that it is really making me depressed. But as i have had such experience with unwanted hair EVERYWHERE, I feel i should share my advice with you all.
Bleaching - i have found that yes it does work but i believe after a while it makes the hair thicker and therefore becomes harder to bleach, so do not start it.
Waxing - the pain is horrible and it does last for a week or two but i believe it is not worth the horrendous ingrow hairs i have on my thighs from it.
IPL Laser treatment - i have been using this for a couple of years now and i could not recommend it more. I know it is expensive but if the end result makes me happy then i do not care how much it is. I have been doing my legs the longest out my whole body, and it is amazing how long it takes for a few THIN hairs to grow back, shaving them is no longer a pain. It is a long process but even after 2 treatments there is a huge difference.
Regarding nipples, i made a mistake waxing it because it only made the finer hairs come back thick.! And with tweezing, do not do it! just makes the whole thing worse. I think when i have the guts to let a professional laser my nipple area then it should be fine.

hope this helps


Hair removal cream???


I have the same problem, and I thought I was the only one.

Its horrible, especially when you forget to pluck it and you catch your boyfriend seeing it!!! (He hasnt mentioned it...yet!)

So I pluck mine with tweezers but, --- is anyone else getting this problem: now they are INGROWING! and now I can see the hair but not pluck it!!!! NIGHTMARE! its also getting red and sore.

So maybe hair removal cream is our best bet, ladies. As laser is dangerous, and tweezers pinch!!

Cream is supposed to 1, get rid of the hair and 2, make it thinner and lighter. I also thought about using JOLEN hair bleach to make it weeker????

Im in a stress about it - i HATE it. My poor boobies.

best of luck to you all in combating the hair curse!!


Hair removal cream???


I honestly thought I might be the only one. I am quite literally in the process of trying to find a solution to this exact issue. Years ago I plucked breast hairs when I first noticed them. I wish someone had told me that when you pluck hair, it comes back thicker, courser and meaner than ever. And, for some reason I swear I started to get more dark hairs around my areola! And yes, the ingrown bumps are so ewww. It makes me feel so gross and I'm trying a few things so here's my experiences:

Tried Jolen - it doesn't do ... to the hair and I ended up with weird patches of bleached skin on my breasts. I even tried different proportions of the cream/powder to no avail. Does anyone know if there are other stronger bleaches on the market?

Tried VEET hair removal gel - the 6 min max didn't do ... My skin just got all tingly and sensitive and I smelled like burned hair for the day. Tried it on my bikini line with the same result. Apparently that stuff is made for people with fine, angelic hair that will dissolve if it comes into contact with rubbing alcohol.

I'm too much of a wimp to try waxing plus I don't want even more hairs to grow back so dark and course. Though I do wax my bikini area with great results using Sally Hansen pre-waxed stips.

I discovered Prince Reigns Ingrown-Hair Serum are few months ago. I've been using it on my bikini line pretty religiously to get ready for bikini season. I have to say it does work to help the hairs grow back softer.

But doing that religiously every night made me realize that I don't moisturize enough in general, especially areas like my bikini line or armpits.

I've been using Palmer's Skin Success Even Tone Fade Cream as my facial moisturizer of choice because it worked so brilliantly to "cure" my terrible acne dark-spots. Last month I started using it on my bikini line at night. Am amazed with the results. My skin is softer in that area and the ingrown-hair dark spots are started to lighten out. I am still waxing, though but the hairs are noticeably less course.

Hope that helps!


Im really depressed.

I have been diagnosed hirsutism, I have pale skin and have dark hairs literally all over my body. face,stomach,bum,all over legs,arms, toes, boobs, chest etc. It's been noticeable since i was about 13, i am now 19. I dread getting close to anybody. I am so ashamed. Due to my family making jokes about me which really got me down. I shaved everything and of course it got worse. I had to shave facial hair everyday because there is too much to pluck and too short. I wanted to go travelling but this problem has stopped me. I dread getting close to anyone. I have tried creams and bleaching. I suffer from ingrown hairs and get bad irritation due to all the hair removal. I just don't know what to do anymore. I am so depressed. Any advice or guidance would be very much appreciated. Thankyou.
Hannah xx


Keep your head up. there's an answer.


I'm sorry for your situation. I think what may help is laser hair removal. I've done it on my underarms & bikini area. IT WORKS!!! I plan on doing it on my lower legs. Yes, it is somewhat painful to do at times, depending on your pain threshold, but it only takes minutes. The pain goes away as soon as it's completed. Some offices provide numbing cream. The laser is attracted to the Melanin in your hair. Since we also have Melanin on our skin it's best to avoid sun tanning during the time you are taking these sessions. Hair has 5 growth cycles so you'll have to set up multiple treatments. Some clinics say 5 treatments, but others say 10. I found that after 5 treatments I had areas that hadn't been covered in the other sessions. Luckily the place I went to had set up 10 treatments for me.
True there are multiple sessions, and they're sometimes a little bit painful, but it's well worth it. I noticed a change after the 1st session. It can be expensive but most places have payment plans. If you have a job you can afford it. In your case you can ask your parents to "GIFT" it to you. Birthday, Christmas, Hannukah, Late High School Graduation, Being the PERFECT Daughter ... They probably don't even need a reason. I'm sure your parents would do anything to help boost your confidence. Set an appt. for a consult. If I had your problem I would start w/ the face, but I'm not a dermatologist so I can't tell you where to start. They might tell you to start in an inconspicuous area to see how your skin reacts to the laser treatment. (BTW - NO PLUCKING OR TANNING in BETWEEN TREATMENTS. You can only shave in between treatments)
Good Luck to You


Nipple hair...not so uncommon

Hi J.
Nipple hair is not at all uncommon in women. We just don't discuss it, but sectretly pluck it instead, until it gets too much or too coarse and then we look for professional help.
If you are looking for permanent removal, you have 2 options:
- Nd Yag laser
If the hairs are actually on the areola ( the dark circle around your nipple), then laser is not an option, and you will have to look around for a good electrologist.
Good luck!


It's unusual in a way but really is a common thing


this is the link I've read just now.. I've been bothered about this nipple hair thingy when I was in my early High school years and yes I was really worried thinking that this might be some problem..

However, I only got one or twos on one or both side of my nipples. After my high school graduation I never bothered thinking about it coz I've learned to live with it. Come on girls, why bother so much on parts that seemed to be very private? hehe no one would notice it unless you show it off

There were instances also that I never bothered plucking it off and yes it grew for about an inch or so but it simply detached itself from skin. Don't touch it, I say, let it grow. Shaving will be of no help, it will only trigger to the spread of much hair.

It will detach itself like our hairs on our head. Mine never grow so long after those instances of letting grow itself. XOXO remember you're all special. AND IT'S NORMAL


stop plucking!

I had the same problem until i started using my home ipl treatment from viss beauty. Its amazing and for the price of 2 treatments at a clinic you can use it anywhere not just your nipples! mine went away in like 3 treatments. So great! i bought it from www.vissbeauty.com the machine is super professional and easy to use!


Nipple hairs :s

I get a few nipple hairs as well. I get one or two on each nipple. I have been plucking them for years, and though they grow a bit thicker, it takes weeks for them to grow back. It isn't much of a hassle, and I haven't noticed more growing.



Hi everyone,

I am 17 and ive had nipple hair for a few years. I am very fair skinned, but i have a lot of down-there hair and upper lip and eyebrows.... well, it takes a lot of upkeep.

Then I first got the hair I was SO worried, I thought I was the only one. I have a few really think long ones on each breast, which makes me feel very unattractive... I plucked them a few times, but they just grew darker and longer.

I feel so relieved after reading this forum I feel like im normal. I saw that there was someone about 42 whose had a few all her life andhas just plucked them.... im worried it will just make more grow...

is it worth having expensive, painful laser surgary for just a few?

k x

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