Sk:n clinics - any experiences?



I saw this clinic featured on teenage embarrassing problems when a poor girl was covered in body hair - I thought I was bad. But within one treatment she was so much happier - it wasnt all gone, but I believe you need a course of around 6 anyways?

Anyone used this clinic and can you confirm that the treatments do work? Id love to go wild and purchase a 6 course "whole body" package for £1,995. It would totally be worth it!? But then I want to see if one area works first before spending nearly 2 grand for it to not work!! Youd probably spend that in a couple of years on salon waxes anyway so youl be saving money in the long long run!!

Anyone had a 6 course treatment? Do you ever need to shave/wax anymore??

Look forward to any responses!!

Thanks ladies, Gem xx



I had many treatments, I have been a customer at sk:n East Fincley for a number of years, but I have to admit, I found most of the staff so rude and unhelpful. Especially ' Amy Fuller'
laser treatment works on some areas, better then others, but I was unable to proceed with the course of treatment which I paid in full. because I was pregnant and told I could not have treatment, if pregnant or breastfeeding . And so I waited until I wAs able to have treatment. But I fell pregnant a further two times and was breastfeeding as well. I kept them informed of my situation from the beginning , phoning and email and I was told by them, ' it would be put on Hold', until I was free from pregnancy and breastfeeding. And left feeling reassured. But when I contacted them again they said I had never made contact and there was no record. And hence all that money I paid for a full package was taken / stolen from me. I am very upset because it was a lot of money. And I was told I could of asked for a refund from the start, which I was never told of. And would of done that. But now I can't afford more treatments I need. I have spoken to Amy fuller many times, and it is completely unfair. She keeps saying it expired 5 years ago, when it never expired, and I proved to her that I had in fact informed, but she completely ignores this. As I tried to get a hold of Rob the regional manger, but he seems to be deliberately ignoring and dosent reply to my calls or complaint. I am very upset, I need treatment and can not afford it.what ever you do, do not go to sk:n , especially in east fincley so rude and unprofessionally . They just want your money and more of it . I will contact the ombudsman about this.


Laser treatment clinic in harley street london

I'm not sure which Skn clinic you mention. But there is a clinic opposite the one in Harley Street London they are the Laser Treatment Clinic. I first visited them about 5 years ago for Laser hair removal. The service and staff here are amazing, they not only give you a professional service but are always friendly. I had fantastic results with their IPL treatment. I had my Face, Under arms, Bikini and Legs treated with them and the hairs have never grown back. And I really liked the laser therapist dealing with my treatments. She made sure on every session she gave me the best service she could possibly provide. She made me feel comfortable during my time there and due to that I believe I received very good results from my treatment. They say they have not had anyone back in 15 years that they have been running. That will do me! Great atmosphere, hygienic and up to date treatments!


My experience

I don't know about that clinic what you are talking about.
but i have consult with Premier Laser Clinic and i found them very reliable. After getting laser hair removal, you don't need to do shave/wax more.

90% of Premier Laser Clinic clients are satisfied and i am one of them.

You can also search them on google.


Anti wrinkle treatment and bigger lips

Hi i would like to recommend a fab clinic which specialises with Botox and Dermal Fillers in Leicester (leicestershire) Botique Facial Aesthetics
£120 1 area botox
£150 2 area botox
£170 3 area botox

£120 dermal fillers
£190 lip enhancement

cheapest prices in the east midlands with a lovely clinic

call 07955543186


Don't use sk:n

I wanted to get laser treatment done as my friends had good results from their clinics. I was very wary getting this treatment done and so I went for a big clinic Sk:n thinking this would be the safest option. BIG MISTAKE. I have spent over £6000 I am completely fair skinned with dark hair and now I have more dark coarse hair on my face in placed I never even had hair before and other areas were treated and I was advised later they should have not even been treated in the first place. They just wanted me to do full body to get the maximum money out of me and never assessed what my actual needs were.
The bottom of my legs have responded OK after 12 treatments but I will still need treatments as its just patchy and they were treating me on a dark skin setting even though I am really pale so this could be why it has not worked very well. The care was sloppy and each persons that treats you says a completely different thing, they definitely do not go to the same training school. I wouldn't say don't get laser done as my friends have had great success but I would use a small company where perhaps the owner is treating you so you get one person that is treating you and actually reviewing how your treatments are going unlike sk;n who want you in and out as quickly as possible and only when you are £6000 down they tell you they wouldn't have treated half of my areas in the first place


Sk:n laser


Hi Nicoleanw,

Which sk:n clinic did you use?
would be interested to know as i am considering them




Please get in touch


Hi. We are really sorry that you are not happy with your treatment you had at one of our clinics. Please can you contact us on 0121 5678 366 or drop us an e-mail at onlineteam@sknclinics.co.uk so we can assist you further, we really want to help.


Agreed - sk:n laser hair removal treatment did not work.


after 8 sk:n laser hair removal sessions, there was no significant reduction in body hair for me either. a complete waste of money and extremely depressing. during my initial consultation i was categorised as an ideal candidate - fair skin and dark hair. when approaching sk:n after all 8 treatments, to show the lack of results, they were very dismissive and simply stated - it does not work for everyone! .. surly a professional would have noticed my reaction after 2 or 3 sessions and advised if it was a good idea to continue. but they didn't. after my experience i would not recommend sk:n clinic for laser hair removal.


Please get in touch


Hi. We are really sorry that you are not happy with your treatment you had at one of our clinics, or the response you had when you outlined your concerns to the clinic. Please can you contact us on 0121 5678 366 or drop us an e-mail at onlineteam@sknclinics.co.uk so we can assist you further. Thanks.





I prefer proskin

Proskin Clinis- Affordable skincare


They took £3000 of my money and results are awful!

Guys please lets get together and complain. I go to bed crying everynight because of this company which wants to make everyone feel comfortable in their skin??? i had my full body done, and the results on my buttocks is 10x worse than what it was. .I duno what to do? Im thinking to shell out more to get more work done but i dont want to pay these scum bags but i dont want to feel like this anymore. And this isnt the only part of my body that has been effected. Please if you are serious in making an official complaint contact me on huda.ahmed1@hotmail.com


Please get in touch


Hi. We are really sorry that you are not happy with your treatment you had at one of our clinics. Please can you contact us on 0121 5678 366 or drop us an e-mail at onlineteam@sknclinics.co.uk so we can assist you further, we really want to help. Sophie @ sk:n


Skin clinics

I have had 17 treatments all together. 6 the first time and 8 a few years later on my back and shoulders and recently 3 treatments on the front of my neck.
After my first 6 treatments on my back i was happy with The results for the first couple of months then it started to regrow, i convinced myself i just didn't get enough treatments, so after a few years of saving up i returned for 8 more treatments to finally get rid, unfortunately a few months later my back hair had started to grow back. it has reduced and i think it has grown back finer but i feel in a few year time i could be back to square 1 and £3500 down.
although having the knowledge of this i still went ahead and paid for 3 treatments on my neck as shaving,waxing, plucking etc. is just not an option for me as my hair is to thick and cores, and surprisingly my neck has reacted a lot better to the treatment, it's only a month after my last treatment but my neck is still very smooth and i can just tell its going to have better results than my back, but i still feel in say about 6 months to a year it will grow back, i suppose only time will tell.. all i will say is don't have to much expectations with laser treatment and if you don't have the money it really isn't worth it because this method is defiantly not permanent.


Please get in touch


Hi! Laser hair removal treatments will provide better results on thick, coarse hair. Unfortunately in some cases when the hair is very fine it can cause regrowth. This will have been discussed in your consultation and outlined in the consent form you signed. If you would like to discuss this further please do e-mail us onlineteam@sknclinics.co.uk


Continuation - never go for laser hair removal

Further to my previous post, I am of Indian origin ... have got all the tests done about my hormones. My hormones/thyroid are normal.



Lets complain


Please if you are serious in making an official complaint contact me on huda.ahmed1@hotmail.com


Don't ever go for laser hair removal

I have had 16 laser hair removal treatments (full face) from SKIN clinic in NOTTINGHAM. I regret it so much!! Not just that I have wasted so much money, but also because before laser treatments my facial hair was very fine but now it has grown back a lot corser and a lot longer. I feel terrible, and have lost my confidence. I don't know where to go, who to complain. I was told that I will see significant reduction after 4-6 treatments but I haven't see any reduction. I wish I had never gone for laser!! I can't afford to continue the treatments. I feel stuck!!

Now the nurse at SKIN is saying that its not going to work on me, so there is no point of continuing. Why she didn't tell me during consultation that hair could grow back a lot more corser.

I have arranged to see a consultant at SKIN, waiting to see what he has to say.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Ipl and laser treatment are reliable

IF you got a good therapist, it should work flawlessly


No reduction after 9 treamnets

I had 9 treatments at SK:N and initially the results looked good but 2-3 months after the treatment the hair all grow back, and I can see no difference to what it was before I started the treatment. They advertise 60-80% so I think you should at least experience 60% reductions. Has anyone else experienced this as I am seriously thinking of putting a case together

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