Im 23 mother of 1 i weigh 19 stone please help me!!!!!!!


i really need help and support from anyone who can offer it im 23 yrs old and i have 2 yr old son im 5ft 5 and i weigh over 19 stone im desperate to lose weight but with not a lot of money and no support im finding it impossible im looking for weight loss buddys that i can chat to when my willpower is low (which is almost always lol) if you can help me please get in touch im gonna put my email here if thats easier for ppl any tips or diets that work would be great i live near feltham in middlesex and it would be good to make friends and maybe even eventually meet up with ppl in same boat as me anyway im going on now if you can help please get in touch thankyou djgg23@fsmail.net


Hello there

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Weight loss

Have you tried slimming world? It's amazing because you never feel hungry, it's not a diet, it's a way of eating for the rest of your life. You are never deprived, you can have treats and there are groups on facebook which offer lots of friendly support.




I saw your post on so feminine yesturday. I am 22 years old and I have a
three year old too!! I am a promoter for ' The Project 10 Challenge' that i
think would be great way for you to lose weight! It a fun diet that allows
you to still have a normal meal a day as well having the oppotunity to get
your kits for free. If interetsed please email or phone on 07800893109 and
I will be able to give you more information. This is such a fun weight of
losing weight and we have loads of sucess stories that I cant wait to share
with you!!

This is one of the stories which has made it to the news


Have a good day


How to lose weight fast

If you are you're a woman and you realy want to lose weight quickly this will help for sure, guaranteed! http://bit.ly/R1nh4X


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Hey girls,
I bought Phentermine online and lost 10 kg in just 2 months
It suppressed my appetite a lot, I had no hunger nor cravings... that was awesome!!!


you dont need to worry .
Losing weight is not that tough and probably not that easy also...
You just need proper guidance .
you can find it here if you want-


Be prepared to change

Hi, its true, that no one can stop you eating but you! dieting and a quick fix scheme isnt the answer. losing weight takes time if you do it properly and im as scared as you are about dieting and then putting it back on again so im eating well and living well....exercise daily - if you cant afford classes, then walk everywhere, if you can ditch the car and walk the journey then do it! itll be good exercise for you and your little one and youll be setting up good habits for the future. Meals should change too, think about where you are going wrong, is it portion size or is it the content of the meal? is it high in fat? sometimes by swapping maybe one thing on your plate, you can get the balance right so you dont need to just eat salad and soup for the rest of your life but definately include it if you have been neglecting fruits and veggies, then try to introduce them. I hope you find the support on here that youre looking for, and you can lose the weight, believe in yourself and look forward to being able to run around having fun with your son.


Help is at hand

Hi Flower,

Wow thats a lot on your plate, a 2yr old, demanding huh?, and i spose looking after yourslef comes 2nd?, well it shouldnt!, get online and find your nearest slimming world group (www.slimmingworld.com) postcode search.

It was the best thing I ever did! I was very overweight after my 2nd child, walked into the group and after losing 6lbs first week was hooked the better I did each week the faster I lost it, combined with some exercise I lost 5and half stone in 9 months and have kept off 5 stone for 2 years, weekly meetings so making friends and getting help and 1 hr out you time all for a bargain £4.95 a week or cheaper if you take out a countdown course. You'll easily spend a fiver on some naughties in a week so its ot breaking the banks and the great thing is there is oads of food available on this plan, no starvation!

I've been so lucky I've gone on to the most obvious thing after losing weight to become a SW Consultant and run 2 groups in essex, and help about 120 people each week realise they are great and confident and Can lose weight ad have a life too!

Good luck I wish you all the best and if you need any more info contact me, but definately check out the website!!!!



Hi there!

Hi Honey - Can I offer you a little advise! I am 47 5ft 10 and 19.7 stone. I was 12.5 stone when I had my first child. I now have three. The weight crept on and I have yoyo'd for years. I am now doing Slimfast as I cannot afford Lighterlife or Slimfast. It is going well, I have lost 2 stone in 2 months. I am sticking to just 4 shakes a day! Easier than I thought. But the main thing is YOU MUST DO SOMETHING NOW AND STICK TO IT - I so regret not doing it earlier as my health is now suffering and I had extremely high blood pressure and cholesterol - very dangerous - don't get to that point - happy to support - sorry to be a nag girls!!!! xx


Bout weightloss

hi im 24 years old and i ave 2 children im a single mother and i was really overweight at one point im settling down a bit now but i recommend seeing a doctor or nurse bout your weight i was put on tablets and they helped me lose 4 stone


Can u please help me


I was just wondering what tablets u got from ur doctor? i am desperate to lose weight. im 5ft 4 an weigh 19st! im so depressed and need help.?

please dont tell me these tablets are the ones that take away any fat uv eaten?

kind regards


23 and was 18st 10lb


I am also 5ft5 and i was 18s 10lb, i decided on the 2nd Jan 2007 i would stop eating junk food. and now im 16st 11lb so in less then three months ive nearly shed 2st just of not eating junk food. I cook all my meals my self, i dont buy any processed meals so i know what im putting into my mouth. I still drink my wine and i love spag bol and pasta and tuna, i love eating soup and stuff like that and its came off me, why dont you try cutting out one thing a week, like bread... ive cut out bread this week and lost 7lb, just from cutting out bread. The healthy diet is the best diet, dont bother with fad diets, you need to change your life style. Just give it ago and tell me how you go, if you want any precipies e-mail me at Lucy_Jucie@hotmail.com

lucy x


Mother of 23 asking for help

Hello Dear, I m french and live in s.w france near the town of bayonne. I certainly understand your ordeal for I underwent the same. However please don't feel so low, for there's a lot you can do. For a start, please stop depreciating yourself, it's a hard job looking after a young 2 yrs old and you're certainly making wonders. Gaining an awful lot of weight during and after pregnancy is extremely common and assuredly not unreversible. I'd advise you, for the next ten days or so, to stop worrying about your weight, to just try to relax a bit and just take things a bit more easily and have just a little rest for yourself if you can manage. Then, when a little rested, and having regained a little energy and optimism, try, if you can afford it, to have a good medical survey where you will be told if you can engage in some sort of a diet or what others ways you can indulge in, like, at first relaxing, soft aquatic gym. I would be inclined to think that you must get some get-well programs for young-mums , we have them in france and they are organised by hospitals on a small-fee basis. Once you'll feel somewhat better, it will be time to look for worthwhile diets always under medical care, this, I insist on , is the wise option. here is my e-mail address : gentet2@wanadoo.fr, feel free to email me and i'll be glad to answer and bring you whatever help I'll be able to. Best regards.


Worlds worst dieter

hi I am a mother of four but am a lot older than you are ,my weight has gone up and down over the years and Ive sometimes lost weight by chance (rarely) and occasionally Ive managed to diet!

I am at my heavieast since having my fourth gorgeous baby and really have between 3/4 stone to lose.Ive been trying different things over the last year but have had little success.A friend of mine similarily overweight started the cambridge diet and lost over a stone in 2 weeks.So Im giving it ago am on day 7 and although its hard Ive lost 7lb already last weighed day 6.I think the reason I am sticking to it is that I cannot eat any food at all.

I do not find it easy but I would really like to lose at least 2 stone on this and then maybe cut back on food as hopefully my stomachwill have shrunk.It does cost £33 per week but I guess I was easily eating that with all the choc and biscuits .

Honestly I am the worlds worst dieter if I can do it anyone can.Its particularly hard the first 3/4 days but I would recommend anyone to give it a go even if its just a kick start - I hope I can carry on.Good luck if you do it.
bye for now



Im 25 and looking to loose a stone,i have 2 children,and i understand that you wont get alot of free time for the gym etc,but i have got a reebook thigh trainer,i got it from argos for 49.99,this is very good on burning fat,and at the same time toning you up,i am doing 15 minutes a day,which i will gradually do more each week,or maybe you could do a exercise dvd.
I think you just need to get motivated,which i know is hrd,but just think ofther benefits if you do some exercise.
What are you doing at the moment to loose the weight?and how much do u want to loose?tanya



I put on over 5 stone after my first child, I tried the Cambridge diet which is really hard and is quite expensive but is good for getting rid of the first stone it also helps you to curb your eating as you realise how much you actually been eating. The best diet I found for me is Slimming World, I went to the first few classes to get me into it but found it expensive after a month and also difficult to take two kids along as my hubby works shifts, so I now buy their magazines and do this myself.

It's such an easy diet and you never get hungry so you're less likely to cheat. I would suggest to find out their local class in your area and go to a few classes and see how you go, you may find that a group would be encouraging or may decide to go it alone after a few classes, you can then buy slimming world magazines in Tesco/Asdas and try this yourself and weigh at home.

Limiting yourself from foods only makes you crave more and you end up failing and then feeling more miserable. I really would suggest Slimming World (their website is good and will show you a class in your area) I didn't like weight watchers, I was constantly hungry and didn't lose as much weight on their diet, but everyone's different.

Basically, if you like big portions and have not much willpower, I suggest slimming world.

Good luck xx


You could try the zone?

Hi , I took a year to get rid of my baby weight, that was ages ago , but I still use the zone to get me back on track if I have a blip.I know the Atkins has had bad press so to stat-with i did the Carbohydrate addicts diet..it cuts out carbs and that helps with the hunger..And every day you get a happy hour..fantastic!there are no faffy "cumquats in tiamisu jelly" things to do. you can buy stuff off the shelf easy.
I then maintained with the zone, and I slept well had lots of enery and wasn't hungry . Don't forget to exercise as you go, or you wil look like a thin person in a bin bag.I'm 5'5 and a healthy 9 stone now.
Do it!

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