Do girls masterbate?


hi there i'm new here and i just wanted to know wether all girls (around my age:15/16) masterbate even if they saay they dont. i masterbate but i feel guilty after wards so i am trying to stop now. (i am a guy)



have you tried, masturbating. Everyone has or will do it at one point.



I do al lthe time but i do love to hump a pillow cos it feels soo good


Yes, everyone does

Hi there

I know you've already received loads of replies about this, but I'm also writing to let you know that I think just about everyone masturbates.
I remember being around your age and the first time I masturbated, I felt incredibly guilty about it the next day, I even thought that people could tell just by looking at me at what I'd been up to the night before. Looking back, I realise that it's all just part of growing up and understanding your own body. It's very healthy to masturbate and most people will do this throughout their lives at some point or another.


"do girls masterbate?

everyone masturbates or has done it at one time in their life. It is a very normal thing to do and you shouldn't feel guilty about it. Masturbation lets us know what good touches our bodies likes. Don't feel ashamed as girls do it to. Most people won't tell you that they masturbate but if a person is comfortable with their body then they won't be afraid to tell you that they do. I'm 30 years old and i still masturbate more now then I did when i was younger, I do it because it teaches me new things about my body that i didn't know i could do or fell and I bring these new feelings to my relationship with my OH and it has made our sex life fantastic he likes to watch me masturbate myself.



Hi there, yes girls and women masturbate, i think it's healthy and good way of getting to know your body. Most of us would deny we do it if asked directly. I think society has a lot to do with that but we should never feel guilty about it. In fact it's something that should be encouraged and explored. Keep it private if you want but never stop doing it because of guilt.



ok course everyone does!


Yes, indeedee !

Even babies do it !!!
No need for guilt or self-disgust. If it feels good, just do it !!


Yeh they sure do

Im 15 and i do it everyday. more often in the past few months...ive done it since i was 10.
alot of girls at our age are too afraid to admit it...b/c they think its not 'normal'. But it is normal.
dont feel guilty if you like it do it!
hope this helps


I do it all the time

I do! I started when I was 11. Play with your girlfriend clitoris (Google image it) and they'll love you.


Of course

Most girls around this age do. I'm 15 and i have been masterbating for 6 months and i did feel guilty for the fist while but don't anymore.


Of course!

yes of course they do!!! and there is absoulutely NOTHING wrong with it, you can get to know yourself before having sex-what u like/dont like...
when i was about your age i hung around with two best friends and we would talk endlessly about boys but it was compleately embarressing to talk about mastubation.
i still hang around with one of the girls now and we are always laughing about all the things we couldnt say or talkabout when we were younger...once you go to an ann summers party you will realise all your mates are thinking the same stuff as you!!! i did! ha ha!!
charlotte xxx



I personally don't. But i know girls and boys that do and don ... perfectly normal.
And don't listen to the person saying that it's bad to your core or whatever. Obviously a BIBLE BASHER who thinks everything is wrong. Do what you want in life and don't listen to that kinda S**t. There is nothing wrong with jackin off.
Rachelll x




look im a so called "Bible basher" and i do it all the time! it feels nice and im tring to prove that the person who told you that does it too. the bible says NOTHING about masterbation!


Hell ye!

There is nothing wrong with masterbation and you should not feel bad. Not all girls masterbate but there is a large majority that fail to admit that they do!Us girls are lucky as we can recieve multiple orgasms when masterbating. No need to feel ashamed!



u know its very rare girls dont do that! its naturally not in us to do that but dont feel your doing wrong its perfectly normal for boys x



Hiya: Sexist ...


Of course not!

Neither all girls or all boys masturbate, everyone's different. However the subject of us masturbating is still a bit of a taboo, whereas in society, we accept the guys do, there's no reason to be guilty. Masturbation is a way of getting to know your body better and find out what you like, ultimately leading leading to a better sex life.




hi i am 36 happily married i first started masturbating at your age , dont feel guilty theres nothing wrong with it what so ever! ive read many articals about it, if you enjoy it carry on it doesnt mean you are gay it is just a fun and pleasurable experiance, if you enjoy it its not hurting any one and if any one tells you diff there just jelous! dont worry enjoy it some people i know masturbate but have no orgasm if you do carry on, theres no harm in it!


I started earlier


I have started when I was 12 or 13, never stopped since, never felt guilty, still enjoying it!!!!!! (22 now)


I masterbate


I masterbate day in day out hehe! love it.

im female by the way. i have very high sex drive any way but im always at it. with multipule orgasms i find that they get weaker as i get really tired

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