Female masturbation technique


Hi I'm Ellie and I'm new here.

I have an unusual masturbation technique that I doubt anyone else has.

Here goes...

When I was about 13 y.o. I came across my old baby bouncer (the type that hangs from door frames and lets babies boing up and down). Out of curiosity I hung the thing up and cut a long story short ended up sitting naked in it and having the most amazing orgasm.

It was so good that I ended up making some modifications to the bouncer (i.e. a bigger harness) and used it more and more to enjoy myself. As I got older I stopped using the bouncer in favour of a more sturdy set up of a home made harness hanging from the rafters in my parents attic on bunjee straps. I'm 19 now and still love to use the harness from time to time.

Its difficult to describe exactly how it works for me, but essentially I swing and bounce in the harness while rubbing myself against the material of the harness. Hopefully you get the idea. Anyway, I know this is not a normal way to orgasm and I do sometimes feel like I shouldn't be doing this and I have tried to stop but I get such intense orgasms from it that I always come back to it. Also as I get older I worry more and more about the strength of the beams, they have begun to creak recently and I wonder will I get too big to do it?

It wouldn't be such a problem if I had my own place, but living at home means I have to be careful not to get caught.

I guess I would like some advice/opinions on what people (preferably females!) think. Or has anyone had simiar experiences?? I do orgasm in more conventional ways, but sitting in the harness is a particular favourite of mine.

I don't feel able to discuss this with friends for obvious reasons, so any advice people can give is very much appreciated.

Thanks, Ellie.


Hello ellie

I am new myself and i am 13 so i am very interested in anything regarding sex. I masturbate a lot but never heard your tecnique before. If you enjoy it what's the problem.


Sounds familiar

Hi Ellie

I know how you feel... when i was about 8, I realised that the 'exercise ball' was amazing to use for masturbation! I also liked the normal swings on our yard.. it felt amazing to swing and rub against the hard rubber, even if I never got to do it naked! I was always really afraid that my parents or sisters would notice, but thank god I moved out when I was 16, now I'm 21 and no one has ever mentioned anything... though i suspect at least my older sister knows about it.
But hey, its absolutely normal to masturbate, and how you do it is completely up to you!

If your parents found out, ask them wether they prefer you doin it yourself or doin guys instead whenever you got horny?
I bet they see your masturbation, even if more odd, a far safer option than goin out with strings of guys.

Oh, and do you 'camouflage' your swing? you could for example make it look like just a comfy swing seat by throwing blankets on it, and leave some books lying around the place and if your parents asked, you could just tell them that you like to hide away here with a book now and then, and you made yourself a comfy seat!
Just an idea.

Take care!


Masturbation harness


Thats so cool that you can relate to the feelings I get. How did your older sister know about it? Did you talk to her about it? Sounds like you need to get yourself a swing and try it naked!! ha.

I don't camouflage the swing. Because it uses parts from my old baby bouncer, it's not the sort of thing I can leave hanging around! So I only use it when I'm on my own and it gets packed away in its box after. I live in fear of my mum deciding to look at the old baby bouncer or worse still sell it on ebay or something because if she looks at it she'll notice the damage I'm doing to it. I'm also worried someones going to notice the cracks above my bedroom door way and start asking questions, or worse still the cracks get bigger. I know I should stop, but I suppose I really dont want to.

My mum knew I did this kind of thing when I was younger, but I'm sure she has no idea I still do it. In fact when I was younger I used to use the same excuse you suggested. I used to say it was a confortable place to sit and read!!




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