First time masterbation


Hello, i'm a 15 year old girl and looking for some advice on masterbation. Will i still be a virgin? What do i do to you know do it? Whats involved cause i have not a clue? Will it harm me? Basically i'm clueless help!


My first.

This is a very old discussion but this topic is very interesting because it reveals how young we started involving on sexual activities, being masturbation usually the very first one.
It happened to me at 10. My older sister and I shared a small bedroom and slept in two small beds only separated by a night table. She was 13 and discretely masturbated herself under the bedshit almost every night. Even in the dark I could see a little her hand movement on the pubic zone and heard her fast breahing and low moans. Since i had found very pleasurable to rub my genitals in the shower long time before (without reaching an orgasm) one night I began to finger my clit and it was really great, but close to my first orgasm I couldn't help noticeable movements and high moans, making my sister to notice what I was doing.
At the end it was terrible to me but my sister just laughed at it and from that night on we shared the masturbation secret. When ever one of us was masturbating in her bed, the other one didn't disturb and pretended to be sleeping.


"first time masterbation

Yes you will still be a virgin if you masturbate. In order for you to not be a virgin you need to be penetrated by a penis.


Masterbation is the way forward. lol

hiya babes! firstly, of course you will still be a virgin after masterbation, its something you can do on your own involving no penetration form the male . . . lol. so to do it, well honey its slightly different for everyone and you'll have to work out whats right/ feels best for you, the area most women focus on when masterbating is the clitoris, in other words the front bit. lol there are various ways of stimulating this area, using your fingers to gently rub the area is i think the most common way. i find that a circular movement continuing in one direction is best,just around that hard lump you'll feel, don't press too hard at first, a gentle touch can work just as well but you may want to increase that as feels right,speed is another thing, don't start off really really fast as this can get tiring and you could end up rubbing your delecate skin there too ferociously, start at a good steady speed, increasing as you feel is right. it may take you a while to feel anything but if its working you should feel wet and get a tingling sensation thats just incredible.lol. you may find as you go that your area becomes somewhat sore, in which case you will need a lubricant, vaseline works like a dream lol, even better if its cold! basically have a go and see, but you may have to do it for a while before you feel any of the effects, oh and careful of long nails, as this can rub or scratch and that can be very painful!

for me though the main thing that makes masterbation really really enjoyable and way more effective is to aine. I know that sounds wierd but as your doing it imagine some kind of sexy encounter maybe with the boy/girl that you fancy even if its just thinking about kissing or touching them and it works best if you imagine that its them doing it to you rather than yourself, either way its a turn on, but yeah, the imagination part makes it loads better, as i said it can take a while for you to really get yourself going and apart from distracting boredom day dreaming can really help to turn you on.

so yeah have a play, and see where that takes you. you don't immediately have to start at your clit, go somewhere private, i find my room just before i'm going to sleep with the lights off is best! and just touch yourself in different places on your body see what feels good and turns you on. some women find that touching their own breasts and nipples can really help (for me this dont work?!) or the inside of your legs and tummy whatever you like, experiment, its good fun and helps you get to know your own body and what you love, (which is very useful when you find a sexual partner coz you can tell them what to do.lol) and some people prefer a vibration to rubbing, although i find a combo works best, for this you could obviously get a vibrator or (and soz if this sounds really gross) but if your mobiles got a vibrate button or the smooth side of an electric toothbrush (although bear in mind this can be noisy so not ideal if you don't want others to hear.) touching that to your clit or just the outside edge of your vagina can be very stimulating.

basically babe its about experimentation and a good imagination helps.lol. just find a private moment when your relaxed and get into a good full blown daydream and go 4 it. masturbation is alot of fun and very very satisfying if you can perfect your technique. hope this has been helpful, have fun babe
good luck
x x x

oh and if you wana talk more you could always private message me, if you got ne problems or woteva. lol

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