Feeling of lump in my throat/chest tightness -anxiety??


Has anyone ever experienced this?...

A couple of weeks ago i experienced bad palpitations and went to casualty. In the last few days ive developed a feeling of a lump in my throat - it feels like there is food stuck in it that wont go down, as though someone is pressing on my adams apple. i also have chest tightness (behind my breastbone and across the top of my chest) and tenderness and a tickly feeling as though i need to cough. My dr thinks its nothing serious.

Ive been under a lot of stress for the last 5 months as ive had a virus that has given me all over muscle weakness nd ive hardly left the house! I am so worried and i dont know if its anxiety or not! Has nyone else suffered similar symptoms through anxiety?

Thanks so much.


Feeling lump in my throat also throat tightening

My GP's say that I've been suffering with Anxiety Physical Symtoms for a yr now, but I'm not really sure it is, to start with it was really bad I got very lightheaded, Palpitations,Sweating,Inner shaking, feeling very sick,was never sick though, Just as I think I'm getting through this I develope a wierd throat feeling, its from under my chin to the bottom of my throat in the middle of my chest.
It feels like a lump in my chest but it goes away then it will be on my neck near my adams apple, then it will travell to a different part of the neck/throat, The worse is under my chin area next to the throat, just like that for no raeson it tightens up, and I can actually feel it do this, I'm not streesed at the time, can this really be Anxiety, or have the Dr's missed something thats wrong with me, they do keep telling me I have Anxiety/Depression, but the throat feeling is driving me mad, and I have only suffered with this symtom for 2 wks, any1 out ther the same as well.


I hope you are feeling better!!

I have had something similar! Acid reflux could be what your experiencing!
If you have been under stress it can act up.
You can buy medicaine over the counter for that at Walmart or google it and see if the syptoms are the same. Have you been tested for mono?
That would cause you to feel tired. Get rest when possible!!
Good luck to you!
I hope you get to feeling better!!


Thanks for ur reply



Thanks for ur post The lump feeling has mostly gone away now - i went to my dr and she thought it could be reflux too - either that or excess adrenaline making my muscles spasm. Took some anti acid tablets and beta blockers for a few days.

Unfortunately though now my heart is racing all the time - it goes up to 120 just standing and sometimes higher - 140s! I know some of it is anxiety but am not sure if it all is. I was so scared by the palpitations that now am conscious of my heart all the time.

have been tested for mono - but was negative.

its a mystery. Thanks for ur advice, best wishes,


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