Do you always bleed heavily after an early miscarriage?


Hi, just wanted to ask for some advice. I found out on tuesday at 10 weeks that I had miscarried. I had been spotting since the previous wednesday and was told on tues to expect heavy bleeding and pain. So far all I have had is spotting and no pain. Has anyone else experienced this? Can you miscarry without alot of pain and blood? Any of your experiences welcome!


Not sure if this helps

within 2 years ive had 3 miscarriages none ever the same. last year i m/c at 5weeks bled or 7 days stopped then bled again for 7days with clots and this tiny grey thing5 days later. now im supposed to be 11weeks 1day but yesterday i had severe cramping then bloating then bleeding but the pain stopped last night and the bleeding stopped this morning im so confused and where im from its like $170ec to do an ultra sound no doctors at the clinic until monday



Hi I think I had a miscarriage yesterday i lost a clot bout the size of a golf ball I was 8 weeks my question is I had really heavy bleeding yesterday and now I'm not bleeding

I've had a miscarriage before but when I had that one I was bleeding for weeks
Is it normal to stop bleeding a day after




Hi I was wondering if you ever found out if you miscarried I had very bad side cramps this morning along with massive bleeding and hour later in about 45 minutes later blood clot the size of a golf ball came out I went to the hospital they checked my hCG levels they were still pretty high I'm only six weeks along and now I just now I just stopped bleeding I haven't bled for the rest of the day If you could please get back to me I would prescient it thank you so much




Hello I've been trying to find someone who has had a massive blood clot like I did this morning golf ball size. I had an awful side cramp massive and I mean tons of blood then a blood clot all of a sudden it stopped bleeding I went to the er my hug was very high still I'm about 6 weeks along. Did u miscarry? I just pray I didn't.



hi to who ever might be paying attention this is the first time ive spoken on line about my experiance as its been going on that long i dont know who else to talk to, dont get me wrong my husband and friends are all very supportive but i dont know what to think.
i had a miscarriage middle of september the pregnancy was not planned but my partner and i have been together for so long that after about a wk of thinking about it we were really happy, i lost what i was told was gonna be twins at about 9 wks, i had an early scan cos of bleeding and was told there was two sacs. on a further scan i was told it was not a viable pregnancy and would def miscarry so rather than waiting my partner and i decided to induce the miscarriage and take tablets.....all that done i thought it was over but since then about 6 wks ago i was taken to hospital because my husband found me crying and panicking in a pool of bllod in my bathroom and since that ive been taken in to a+e twice with the worst pain i ever felt....worse than when i miscarried. the hospital (nhs) tell me im ok and its just my body getting back to normal but im on all sorts of tablets my heads all over and wopukkd love somebody to tell me im normal
please help

cathrino x



Hi, i miscarried last year, i had heavy bleeding and clots. I am now miscarrying again but i have had no pain and very light bleeding that has now gone brown. Its all very strange as i was further on this time and havent had any big clots either. Midwife said they can be different everytime. X



hi new to all this i miscarried four weeks ago at ten weeks gone and prob the worst experience of my life pain was worse than labour pains was contracting every 2 mins for five hrs with heavy clots and blood loss with no help from my local hosp just said take paracetamol which did nothing after seven hrs went in to have removed by forceps. have good days and bad days just very lucky i have two children to keep me going. as friends dont seem to understand really and me and partner not been good since but he works away and i went through it alone. does it get better just when i start feeling positive its like a huge wave hits me



hey i am so sorry for your loss i miscarried at 9 weeks in may and had alot of pain and blead alot and for about about a month afterwards like a period been ttc since june but no luck so far xxx take care


Everyone different

I've been told that every miscarriage is different so there is not definative answer im afraid. my personal experience was like a period with minimal pain and little blood for the first day then it increased to a regular bleed for a couple of days then petered off over a day or two. just rememeber to take it easy and let your body do what it needs to in its own time, and keep in touch with your gp so they can offer you any medical assurance or assistance when needed.


Help me!

hi, i actually didnt think that i was pregnant because i was on the pill (i have missed one or two days though), but three days ago a thin brown liquid came out of my vagina and i thought this was just my period starting because of my week break from the pill. However, the next day i began bleeding very very lightly (which isnt usual for me, im usually heavy) Then later that night i got excruciating stomach pains that made me curl up, fall to the floor and i began to moan it was so painful. When i went to the toilet, there was a layer of tissue in my underwear. About 4-5 cm's. Does this sound like I was pregnant and miscarried?


Miscarriage at 6 weeks

I had a mc at 6 weeks. I started spotting with brown discharge for 2 days and on third it was becoming more red. I went for an ultrasound and had a transvaginal one which showed NOTHING. One day later I have experienced contractions that were really painfull and then passed two big clots. One of them looked like a kidney bean with extra tissue attached to it. I believe it was the fetus. I had minimal bleeding throughout this. Hoping to get pregnant soon.


First pregnancy.

On June 21, 2011 i took a home pregnancy test and it came out positive, I just went to the doctors last week and they were doing the u/s and they couldnt see anything. they said it was either an early pregnancy or i was misscarrying but i wasnt having any cramping or bleeding. so they told me to go to another doctor to have them take a look, and they told me the same thing. i gave urine samples and they were coming out positive, but i had my blood drawn and they said my levels went down meaning that i basically misscarried. today i started getting cramps here and there and then spotting. so now the question is, do i let the bleeding happen or get a d&c? this is very tough for mee


Early miscarriage

hi i started spotting on sunday just gone and i went to a+e on sunday ,the doctor checked me over and couldnt see any sign of a miscarrage.I came home and the next morning i was losing lots of blood clots so went to hospital and when they gave me scan they said there isnt anything there ive miscaried i was so upset but didnt have pain its awful and still bleeding bad now hope this helps.


Going through the same

I am going through the same thing, i should have been 10 weeks but the scan showed baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. I have now been bleeding for over a week, not heavy and no severe cramps, i am due for another scan in 5 days. I dont know wether to lift my hopes or expect the worst. I thought when you miscarried you have loads of pain?


I just had a misscarage at 4 weeks pregnant, is servire cramping fatige and bleeding normal?

i was 4 weeks pregnant when i misscaried, its been 4 days now and all i have done is sleep and cry, sometimes i dont even want to cry and dont feel like a cry but it just comes out, the bleeding keeps stoping and starting and down there is constantly throbing! i have servire cramping as well as constand tightening, what else but ibrubrafen can i take for all this?


Hey hunny


firstly so sorry girls you have been through this, i have had 3 mc's and they all hurt like mad. with my first mc i was 3 n half months and bleed for a long time cant really remeber too much was all very blury experiance, the 2nd mc i was 6 n 1/2 weeks and bled constantley for a month very very heavy i was in hospital 3 times as i was bleeding so bad i had a d n c and was on 5 lots of pain killers, so i would go to the epu and ask about pain killers. the third time i was 4/5 weeks and i spotted and bled abit and the baby was gone so it depends xxx




I recentley found out that i am pregnant but i had bleeding and pains just like a normal period i went to docs and there sent me to hostipal where there said i was having a miscarriage there just sent me home but i havent had any severe pain like there said i would or clots i still feel pragnant could you please tell me if you think i have miscarried or am still carrying on with the pregnancy xx


I didnt

Last year, I had found out that I was pregnant, and all the sudden i started bleeding lightly and then i spotted for weeks... I didnt have any pain at all. I went to the doctor and I had Miscarried.


Help me


i have been told that i am pregnant, i have done 2 test both positive, however been spotting for the last 3 weeks light bleeding, occasional brown colour. (sorry for the detail) . I was told yesterday that i am probably having a miscarriage, however i have no pain at all. Is this possible to bleed , well spot for 3 weeks and it be a miscarriage????


My experience

Hi amylyn,

I know this was posted in 2007 but i thought i would tell my experience i found out i was PG on March 31st 2008 and after a car accident with an un insured driver i lost my baby on April 13th 2008.

I started bleeding straight away which was really heavy and painfull i had to wear 2 night pads at the same time and still leaked i only blead for 1 week but it was the strangest bleed i have ever had and it was soo fast and so much i went to the hospital to have a scan but did not need a d&c which is really lucky and the doctor explained that when you have a miscarridge usually your womb contracts untill there is nothing left but some times there is some left and thats when you need a d&c.

So i think every woman differs as a friend of mine passed out from the pain but yes mine was painfull but nothing worse that bad period pains.

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