How long does miscarriage last?


I am in the process of losing my baby. I was 8 weeks pregnant, though an ultrasound showed that the baby stopped growing at about 6 and a half. I've begun losing it, and am bleeding heavily and am having incredibly painful cramps. Can some of you who have been through this tell me what to expect? How long does it take to finish, and how long does the pain last? I imagine the pain is magnified by the emotional pain, but either way this is very difficult...


How long will this last?

I think i am loosing my baby. I started bleeding at 9 weeks. I was told it was normal. I bled slightly with my second child. I wasn't particularly worried. 5 days later the bleeding was a little heavier and although i wasnt having cramps, i had a dull ache. The midwife sent me to EPU and i had a scan. The sac was at 10 weeks as expected but baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks. They told me maybe i had got my dates wrong but i am certain of them. I have to now wait for another scan next week to see if baby has grown but my fiancee and i expect the worst. I am still bleeding, but i have had no clots and no real pain, just discomfort.
I am finding it so hard. Every time i go to the bathroom i am reminded of what is happening. I dont want sex with my partner, this just feels wrong at the moment, i hate this waiting game.
I read all the info on the internet and i am expecting incredible pain and clots but i am just not experiencing these, so part of me is saying




"maybe i am not loosing it" but deep down i know i am.
I have two beautiful children from a previous relationship but this was my first with my new partner. We were so excited, started calling it "bean", it is so hard to go from talking about the baby daily to almost never mentioning it. I kind of want to get this over and done with quickly so we can move on from this, instead of being stuck in limbo...is this wrong? I am still experiencing nausea in the mornings and still am very tired.
I feel for anyone that is experiencing a loss. At least for me it has some how brought my fiancee and i that bit closer to each other.



hi there, im very sorry for your loss.i have 2 healthy children but i had a miscarriage in feb this year at 14 weeks. i had bleeding at 5 7 and 9 weeks then massive bleeds with clots at 11, 12 13 and 14 weeks. each time i was sent for a scan and the baby was fine, alive with very strong heartbeat then all of a sudden in the middle of the doctors surgery i had the most awful pain ever! it was there and then that i passed my baby. i bled heavily non stop and finally opted for the operation to remove everything but even after this i bled for another 12 weeks! although i felt back to normal i still had the constant reminder as my body would not stop bleeding. you cant tell how long it will take but i hope that for you it will not be as long. i am now pregnant again, 8 weeks and last week i had a bleed after sex but the scan showed all was well with the baby so once again we are just playing the waiting game! i will relax a little when i get past 14 weeks. i pray that all works out for you x x


I am going few one now

hi i am going few thw same thing i whent for a inturnel scan on thursday last week and they said the baby was ok but the time i came home i strated hemging and loosing big clots i was just over 6 weeks gone but so fare i have lost clots and blood to help with your cramps you should take some mild painkilles and just res as much as posbel i have read on line and it can take up to 2 weeks it depeneds on the woman my thoughts are with you please keep intouch if you wont


Support for miscarriage

Hi, Firstly I would like to say I feel for every person reading this female or male as what your going through is just terrible. And second when I refere to the word 'baby' thats because no matter how early you lost it, for some reason it is already in your life, in your home and part of your family.
I know it's been a while since this last post. But I just wanted to put something on here. I am currently going through my third miscarriage. It's three in a row and the emotional rollercoaster we have been on is unbelievable.
There isn't much support out there for people and it is so refreshig to find a website like this for people to come together and deal/comfort each other. I am very lucky and have a very supportive partner. If you are as lucky as me I would say, be honest and open with each other. It's both your losses and if you can talk together you will work through it. In a wierd way I would even say each one we have gone through has brought us closer together.
I had a gut feeling about the last two that I had. PLEASE trust your instincts if you feel something isn't right get it looked into right away. My midwife told me that this is something she has heard a lot of times from Mum's and it's like natures 6th sence or something.
As for miscarriage each one has being different for me. The first happened naturally at 7 weeks. Bleeding with sever cramp pain lasting about 10 days and it took 5 weeks for my 1st period to come. This was also painful and heavy.
My 2nd misscarriage was only found out when I went for my 12 week scan. The sonographer could not find much so did an internal scan. When I heard the words I am sorry but there is no heart beat I just felt numb (the baby had only grown to 8 weeks). My partners face was heartbreaking and I will never forget his reaction. As I mentioned we are so close and got through that terrible day. The following day a midwife called me to give me options. She said I could wait and see if it would come away naturally. Or have an ERPC. simular to a D & C. I opted to have this done as I could not bear the waiting game and it was done 2 days later. This is now my third miscarriage. I first had a gut instinct something wasn't right the other day. then on Friday I started with really bad cramps that then suddenly stopped after 10 minutes. 2 days later I started having brown discharge. I looked it up on the net and it said this could be normal and your womb growing and your body just getting rid of old blood. Never the less I got in contact with the Midwife who refered me to the EPU. I had a scan (9 weeks) the sac had grown to 9 but the baby only 7.So again it had not carried on growing. I now have to wait a week and be re scanned. If not I can have another operation or see if I begin to miscarry


Support for miscarriage cont...


...... If not I can have another operation or see if I begin to miscarry "naturally". I have cried so much today and yesterday when we found out our news. If you don't or can't for some people that is normal too.
I am sorry If this post seems long to you I just hope it brings at least some of you comfort in knowing your not alone and every single time is different. I wish you all the best of luck for the future. Take care x x x


I am also in the process of miscarrying

I lost mine at 10 weeks, and it has been 5 days of heavy bleeding so far. The pain has been stronger at night, does that seem normal This being my third miscarriage, you would think I would have my own answers, but everyone has been different. Is it normal to have contractions for 5 days after it passes do you really need a D&C even after you pass it yourself



sorry for your loss honey, i m/c 5 weeks ago thought i was 10 weeks baby meassured 8 no heart beat. by the sounds of it every m/c is different i dont think i bled that much, and the pain was nothin to really uncomfortable to excruitiating for like 5 mins then i passed baby and it got easier i prob bled for about a week. from start to finish. the emotional side of it tho is another ball game it def gets easier although im sure you will never forget, i still have real bad days, and as time goes on scan dates pass i think i coped with that i can carry on copin. just if you need to cry then cry no matter how far down the line you are and there is no set time to when you should be back to normal let your body recover slowly. pm any time ive found this forum a life saver xx



Sorry to hear about your loss.
You will prob bleed for about 2 weeks maybe a bit more. Everyone is different so I can only tell you what happened to me. My first m/c I was 8weeks and I bled alot very quickly - if that makes sense. Then it was on and of for 2 weeks. I have since had 2 more m/cs and they were very early on about 6 weeks so bleed heavy for the first week or so then just like a lightperiod for the next week. I had a d and c with the 2nd one so that was a bit differnet.
The emotional pain is the hardest to deal with. We are all hear for you this site is very good for talking about how you feel. And if you wnat to private message me feel free any time. At the moment I am sure it is very hard for you but time is a healer and you won't forget this but the pain will ease in time. Each day will get better. But cry when you need to try not to bottle things up and speak to people when you are low.
There is not much couselling out there for m/c unfortunatly but everyone on here has been a great support to me.
Take care. pm if you need to anytime.
Victoria xx




Hi i'm 9+3weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and have had browm discharge sometimes bloody but not always. this has been going on for just over 48hrs. I have mild cramp symptoms and my breasts are no longer tender. I have een booked in for a scan on monday mornig but i am gong out of my mind not knowing if i'm miscarringing or not. Kerry x


Everyone's different.


For all that have or are experiencing a miscarriage my heart goes out to you. It's been a real help reading all your posts so I thought I'd tell you my story as it is today.
Last week i found out by using an early pregnancy test that I was pregnant ( 3w and 6days.) My periods are very regular and last 2 days. On the Friday my period was due and in the afternoon I started spotting which then led to extreme cramps and dark red blood which covered 3 pads over the day. The following day the blood eased to light spotting and the cramps stopped coming in waves and were constant. Now 4 days later I still have the cramps, still no blood and feel so sick i can not do anything. My boobs are not as sore as they were with my 2 boys but I was never sick with them either. I'm just going to sit tight and see what happens but if the pain increases I will call the doctor. If this has happened to anyone here I really appreciate your views.

Thake care all


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