Is it safe to try for a baby straight after a miscarriage?


I had a natural miscarriage 2 weeks ago. I was 12.2wks.
It was awful, however feeling ok now. And ready to start trying again. Is it safe to get pregnant right away - or should i wait? any comments would be good thanks xx



Hey i know how you feel i had my second miscarriage last week, i was 10 weeks and half this time. I had my first miscarrige august the 28th 2011 and i was 9 and half weeks. I got pregnant 2 weeks after my first miscarriage, and i have to say it was the worst mistake i did, becuase i feel its my fault that i lost the second one becuase i only gave my body 2weeks to clear its self out, it was not a lot of time. In my opinion i think you should wait at least 3-6 mothns beofre trying again. I feel if i didnt get pregnant 2 weeks after my first miscarriage, that i wouldnt of lost this one and i feel awful. I should have left my body to get back to normal. They say that you shouldnt get preganant for at least another year after your miscarriage, but me and my partner are going to try again in about 6-7 months time. I hope this has helpd you in a way.Its a very hard thing to go through and im sorry that you had to go through it. x


My colleague did...

She had a miscarriage followed by a d&c... she fell pregnant right away, and carried to term. She was initially in total shock (didn't realise it was possible to become pregnant immediately) and was still grieving following the miscarriage so she wasn't feeling happy & confident, but eventually the shock wore off and all was well.


Trying again?

Im so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, I know how you must be feeling, I had one at 13wks in May last year. As long as you are feeling up to it I cant see that there would be a problem physically. The only thing is you must be prepared mentally. When I had my miscarriage I said I never wanted to get pregnant again, as I didnt want to go through losing a baby again. In September last year I found out I was expecting again, it took me a long time to come to terms with it as I was so scared I would have to go through a mc again. Luckily, this pregnancy is going well, Im nearly 24wks now, but there isnt a day goes by without the worry that Im still going to lose my baby. Sorry if this is a long msg but I just wanted you to know about the effect it has on you mentally.
I wish you all the best for the future, enjoy the trying!!
clair x



hi babe i am so sorry to hear of you loss, i hav been in the exact situatoin as you, i think we hav spoken before.
when it happened to me we were advised to wait until after my next period. but if i am honest that did not happen.
We stared after about a week, i had two periods which were horrible as each time i was preying i was pregnant. but i am now 17 weeks pregnant.
my aadvice would be to go with the flow and try not to stress and get caught up in trying.
just eat the right foods continue with your folic acid and with a bit of luck it wont take long
take care babe hope it happens real soon.
i am here if you wanna chat xxxxx


Im sorry !


I m so sorry to hear about your loss ... Take care ... Dont worry u will get one ...
Good luck. Take care !


Late miscarriage


Can I be rude and ask you ladies who have suffered a miscarriage, if there were any problems earlier in your pregnancy.

My wife and I are approx. 11 weeks pregnant with our first baby, and she seems to be having quite severe cramps on a regualr basis, she spent a night in hospital last week due to very severe cramps where the doctor thought it might be eptopic, but it turns out to be cysts on her ovaries(not sure how this effects the baby or my wife).

And now she seems to be not quite right down below, it is painful when we have sex in anything other than missionary (try expalining to the doctor that it hurts when you have your legs over your husband shoulders ) and she seems to be constipated all the time and goes maybe twice a week.

Sorry if I bring up any bad memories as I am just paranoid about miscarriage, as there is quite a history in my family of 2 - 3 miscarriages before a sucesfull pregenancy.

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