Male chest reduction with vaser at selston 10 weeks on


Well I did promise Dr Bassi Id do a review on here when I went for my check up and Ive finally got around to it. I purposely left it a little longer as everyone post a few days after they've had the surgery but hopefully this will give you a better idea of what to expect further down the line.

I'm a 27year old man who had the dreaded MOOBS. It's played on my mind since I started carrying a few extra pounds, so from about 20 onwards. Even though I would diet and loose weight every where else my moobs stubbornly refused to budge. It was affecting what I could wear and the odd comment from friends although not intentionally malicious still dug deep. It was around this time 2 years ago that I first went to The Harley Medical Group for a consultation about getting something done about them. This was for the old school lipo suction that came with an overnight stay in London, a week off work and a price tag of £4200. At the time this was out of the question and I just had to forget about it.

18 months later I decided to do some more research and came across vaser, it almost sounded too good to be true so after reading up and watching videos on youtube I booked myself in to see Dr Bassi. Living in Birmingham it was one of the closest and there was so much feed back on Dr Bassi it seemed like the best choice. After a relatively brief consultation I headed home. He'd recommended that I had the front of my chest done and also the sides under my armpits. I decided to just have the front done because I wasn't after the perfect body but just to be able to wear anything I wanted without thinking "do my boobs look big in this? I then had to wait for around 10 weeks before he could fit me in.

On the day I drove myself as my GF was on holiday and back later that day. I went through the formalities with Mags and then straight through to get some photos done and get changed into some nice paper pants and a gown. Being a bit of a wimp with needles and things I lay down and closed my eyes for most of the operation although there was no real pain I was aware that something was going on. Dr Bassi and mags were very good and constantly made sure I was ok. Towards the end Id started to man up enough to watch the fat get sucked down the tube, it wasn't pretty but it was satisfying. The whole thing took around an hour and mags helped get me cleaned up and into my compression top, I was up and about with no real pain straight away so I popped out to pick up a drink and a magazine and hung around until we were all happy I was ok to make my way back.

Back at home I got myself into bed and settled. Later that evening I did start to feel very sorry for myself, I suppose it's the fact that your body has been through a lot. Any pain was taken care of with a couple of paracetamol. The next day however, although I was sore and a little restricted in my movements I went to work. I wear a bit lab coat so nobody suspected a thing even though I was padded up with a full pack of heavy flow sanitary towels. 48 hours after the operation the leaking had pretty much stopped but I just kept some light pads over the cuts just in case. On the second morning I pulled everything off to have a good clean up and was over the moon with the results. The skin was loose and puckered but the moobs had gone. There was almost no fat and I could clearly see the outline of my pecs. This feeling was short lived as over the next few weeks the dreaded swelling began. 3weeks post op and they seemed bigger than before and it was only the compression vest keeping them down and the knowing in the back of my head that it would take time. I was just being impatient. 4weeks post op and the worst of the swelling was over. Some days were worse than others but on the whole I knew they were heading in the right direction.

And here we are 10 weeks on and Im over the moon with the results. I'm back training again so hopefully with a little but of weight loss I can get myself looking even better. There is still some swelling that seems to have a mind of its own and they look great first thing in the morning but by the end of the day the area around the nipples is a bit puffy. But Ive got a nice new wardrobe with long-sleeved t-shirts and tops I would never have worn before.

So a big thank you to Dr Bassi and Mags. Now what to do about this podgy belly ....


Moob reduction on friday

hi spongebob

thanks for your reassuring post. its difficult to find first hand info on this proceedure!

im due to have my moobs and under- chin area done by dr hassan at bodysmooth on friday. excited and nervous in equal measures. i intend to resume light work on monday... we'll see!

was booked in with pieter jooste but hes disappeared back to south africa on family business.

will do a full post/report sometime in next few weeks.



Dr hassan at bodysmooth ...... great vaser


well i had my moobs and chin reduction on friday morning. it took 3 hrs and dr hassan was a star!. kind ,professional and thorough. he removed 1.8 litres in total. the procedure was mostly very bearable, when it did hurt dr hassan was quick to put in more local . please understand though that this is NOT a "lunch time procedure", but quite a traumatic op.

its 48 hrs on and ive not taken any painkillers for 12 hrs. i feel sore but am mobile and able to get out and about.

most importantly i am thrilled with the results. i am expecting swelling over the next few weeks but am so glad i had this done.


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