Tummy tucks with yannis alexandrides at harley st.


Hi there
Im am looking into having Tummy Tuck surgery and have been researching surgeons on the internet.
One that i have come across is Dr Yannis.
He has excellent degree's and experiance etc yet i have struggled to find any patiets who have had surgery from him, especially a tummy tuck.
I have a consultation with him next week and am wondering if anyone has gone to him before for this procedure?
Thanks, Michelle


Dr. alexandrides is brilliant


I just came across this post and although it is old, I had to respond. You must have met someone different. You can't be talking about the same Dr. Alexandrides as the one who did my tummy tuck. I had the best experience from the first consultation to all follow-ups. Not only is he personable and reassuring, but his staff is also great. I am nearly three months post op and my scar is flat and healing well, but best of all, my tummy is flat again. I have been so happy with my experience that I have referred a few friends and even my GP sent a patient to see him. I have even seen him again for botox and fillers. He has such a light touch that I had no bruising and the results look totally natural - I couldn't be happier. If anyone is considering cosmetic surgery, I would highly recommend him. At least meet him to decide.


Tummy tuck

Hi there Michelle,

Just been flicking through all the posts for Tummy Tucks and came across yours.

I have been wanting a tummy tuck for the last 6 years and have finally plucked up the courage to have it done. I have had 3 c sections and have stretch maks and a pot belly and really want to be able to wear the clothes I want to wear!! I have researched a little bit and have also looked at Dr Yannis. Did you meet with him ? what was he like? did you have it done?

If anyone else knows of a good tummy tuck surgeon in London please let me know ASAP.

Thanks Joanna


Yanis alexanradides

I have had 3 procedures with Yanis and have another one coming up shortley. He is the nicest man I have ever met and is so good at his job. I have had no pain at all after my surgery and the results are fab, I can well recommend him


Very good advice


I know this stream is old, but I receive updates. I am happy for anyone to contact me and ask questions about the doctors I met and my experience. I wish I had discovered this site before my surgery because it would have made the decision process much easier. All surgery is risky and expensive. Whoever 'secretsurgery' is offers good advice. It is difficult to know the difference between true and false on the internet. Research, talk to people and trust your gut. If anyone wants to talk to me directly, I am happy to share my email address or mobile, but not on an open forum.


Yannis - i certainly would not recommend


I had a breast augmentation then had to insist on a correction after going to see an independent consultant and I am still massively dissapointed.
he is good at gaining your confidence and getting you to feel that you are in good hands and if you are one of those lucky people when that had a treatment that went well - am happy for you but after sending so much money I feel totally embarrased to show my breasts... and know I have to have a 3rd time surgery and it will NOT be with Yannis for sure!

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