Cramps in early pregnancy


I've just found out I'm pregnant, and am only 5 weeks. I was convinced that I was about to start my period, as I had period type pains. I still get these on and off, especially during sex! I can't find any info to tell me whether this is normal or not and I'm not seeing my doctor for ages. Can anyone tell me whether this is normal or not as I'm starting to worry! Ta xxx



Hi, I'm 17 I'm quite worried and need some advise, I had my period a week and half ago, I'm getting cramps but not really bad ones, I'm constipated, I also have been sick a few times, my mood is terrible too, could I be pregnant?


Early pregnancy

Calm Down! Obviously you have your doctor you visit from time to time. Tell him or her your worries and I'm sure everything will be ok!
When I have some worries about my health I start reading a special literature. I advise you to read this article https://pinkycloud.com/the-earliest-signs-of-pregnancy to resolve all the doubts.
Be healthy!


Possible cyst?

I am 7 weeks pregnant and I too was having bad period pain like cramps for the last few weeks. I felt a lot happier when I read a few forums and a lot of other woman were saying that it was normal and they were experiencing it too. To be sure my doctor sent me for an early scan and it turned out I have a cyst on my ovaries, which again are apparently quite common in pregnancy, so now I'm kind of wondering if a lot of these woman actually had one too and didn't know it. Doctor says they often go away on their own, which I think mine might be, because I've had less pain lately..... but they will just monitor it and make sure its not growing, but even so, usually just deal with them after baby is out.


Cramps in early pregnancy

Hi, I was due my period today and just tested positive. I've been having persistent period-like cramps for five days now. I've also been feeling shaky and have been unable to taste coffee.

The cramps are central and very low in my abdomen. They feel like period cramps without the heat and intensity that ordinarily causes me to want to curl up into a ball. I've just spoken to my doctor on the phone who explained to me that cramps like mine are normal and somewhat common in early pregnancy. She made the distinction, however, with cramps that persistently occurred on one side only, saying that they could be a bad sign.

Thanks to you all for responding to the 'cramps' query. I know it's early days for me and my husband, with this our first pregnancy, but at least I can corroborate that cramps and fertilization-followed-by-implantation did go hand in hand my case.

Best wishes to you all.



I've got a question. I've been getting cramps for the last 4 days-its a bit like period pain but not quite the same. Also got tingling in my boobs-not sore exactly. Have been very stroppy/emotional and a bit bloated. Are these symptoms of pregnancy or am I just being paranoid?

I had a miscarriage 3 months ago at 7 weeks and never had any symptoms. Husband has poor quality sperm so we have a low chance of conceiving.

Last period was 20/7/09. Done 2 tests, both neg 48 hrs apart-but they were cheapie ones.

What do people think? We are desperate to conceive and seeing a fertility specialist on sept 10th.

Could this be it???





i have been feeling the same symptoms as you! My stomach is terribly bloated! And in fact my partners sperm count is extremely low. i have done three tests but all negative...been a while since you posted was wondering what the outcome was for you . im now 2 days late but think it could be worrying!



Crampsin early pregnancy

i just found out 2 day that im 5 weeks pregnant and ive been feelin the same pains as pen11 this is my first pregnancy so i dnt no if it normal ??


Same thing

i have the exact same thing.. im 5 weeks as of march 11 (today) and i have cramping when you dfind info on it msg me please oilers71@hotmail.com thanks


Cramps in early pregnancy

heya i was just wondering for a little bit of help i had sex wiv my partner but i used a flavour condom and since then i have got relli bad back ach and belly ach and i have booked my self into the doctors to see if i am pregnant and i was just wondering are these pains meaning i am pregnant or is it just a cold please could u help me thank you x


Cramps in early pregnancy

Im 5 weeks pregnant and have been having cramps, like period pains for about a week now, and ive been told this is completley normal. so no need to worry!


Cramp oouch

i have two boys first boy cramps in early up to about 13 weeks but from 30 weeks the cramp in my legs was worse than headaces in pregnancy my second well i had cramp in legs all the way through and in my lower back it was agony and im only a few weeks now and i only feal like im on my monthly up to now its bliss and i hope this carrys on like this both of my boys are fine and there births were c section due to them being breach
good luck michelle


Cramps in early pregnancy

hi ya im 5weeks and 4days and i feel the same so glad im not the only one i went to the doctor today and he said its fine so dont worry xx



This is happening to me. Can anybody help me?


Cramping info

i was worried about cramping too, as this is my first and im only 5 weeks. i found some information you may find interesting:

Cramps during early pregnancy are something that happens to many women. Your body is changing and getting ready for your baby to grow.

Many women will experience mild cramps during the first few weeks of pregnancy. In fact, a lot of women think that they are getting ready to start their periods because they feel cramping. This article will teach how why you cramp in early pregnancy and when to call your doctor.

Your uterus consists mainly of muscle and other surrounding tissues that enable it to expand during pregnancy and to contract when it's time for childbirth. These actions are triggered by hormones.

Some women may feel light cramping when the fertilized egg implants itself into the uterine wall. This can take place as early as six to eight days after fertilization. You may experience some light bleeding or "spotting" when the egg implants itself.
Another reason for cramping in early pregnancy is that hormones have triggered your uterus to expand to get ready for the growing baby. These cramps may be uncomfortable and feel a lot like period cramps. This is perfectly normal as long as they don't become severe and are accompanied by heavy bleeding. Cramps are most likely to occur after sexual activity or when your bladder is full.
The round ligaments support your uterus. As your uterus grows the round ligaments must expand to support it. This may cause a feeling of cramping or a dull ache in your lower abdomen. It should go away with rest. However, if the cramping becomes severe and is accompanied by heavy bleeding, fever, or any other unusual symptoms, contacts your doctor right away.
There are ways to treat cramps during early pregnancy. A good way to relieve cramping is by applying heat. A heating pad to the lower abdomen works wonder for cramps but be careful to not get it too hot. You may take acetaminophen for pain relief if needed. Sometimes this will help take the edge off of the cramps. But ibuprofen or other NSAIDS should not be taken during pregnancy. Never take any drugs unless it is allowed by your doctor.

Take care of yourself by getting plenty of rest and eating right. The changing hormones in your body can slow down digestion and make you constipated, which can cause abdominal pain. If you feel that you may be constipated, increase your fiber and water intake.

Finally, another way to help relieve cramps in pregnancy is to abstain from sex. Sex does not hurt you or the baby but may increase the cramping and cause some spotting. The combination of cramping and spotting can make you think that you are having a miscarriage.

Cramps during early pregnancy are quite common. Cramps should be mild and never unbearable. However, if they become severe or are more prevalent on one side and are accompanied by any other unusual symptoms, let your doctor know right away.

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Thank you so much, this really helps. I've just had my first IVF and this 2 week wait is not easy.


A word of thanx




Cramps in early pregnacy also

I am just 6 wks pregnant and i am experiencing period like cramps and sometimes they can be worse. I seen 3 doctors and they all said to take it easy that in most cases it is normal. I am still so worried and pray my baby will be ok.


Im 17 this is my first preg and im scared cuz i have cramps


im 5-7 weeks and im having slight cramps now and again they dont really like HURT but they do bother me like period cramps there is no blood but i am still worried give me some feedback is this normal have you had it and whatr is it


Mixed messages

Hello, i'm new to the site and came across it when looking for info on cramps during pregnancy. i'm 9 weeks tomorrow (10/6) and I have the same symptoms as many of the ladies. I asked my future to be sister in law and she said that it was very normal and she has just had her third. I thought this was ok until i read the ladies speech about how it is NOT normal, this has now worried me and i have left a message for my midwife to call me back. If anyone has had medical advice about this pleae advise. Like anyone being in early pregnancy and suffered a misscarriage before i'm starting to worry about it x


Cramps in early pregnancy too

hi i am 6 weeks pregnant and have been having cramps just under my belly button not frequent but now and again, i have had a miscarriage before and these are totally different from the cramps i had then.
for starters they are higher up than then i dont know what it is but i dont think it is anything to worry about as you do get pains as your body adapts to suite your growing uterus i hope i have been some help[ if any to you i was scared to just incase it was serious but i got advice from a mam of four and she said she got them with all her pregnancies.

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