do you still get period like pains if your pregnant?


I took a pregnancy test when i was 2 weeks late and that came out negative. I am now 3 weeks late, but keep getting period like pains....could i still be pregnant? I have no symptoms of being pregnant like sore boobs, or dark coloured nipples...But i do have a very swollen belly and i have been having loads of migraines!

Ooo, one more thing...
When you go to the toilet, is your wee ment to be clear or cloudy? Because mine is always clear apart from my very first wee in the morning!


3 days late

Me and my husband have a 3yr old son and have never used anything to prevent pregnancy yet 3 yrs later and still havent gotten prego again...
We have bumped up our intercoarse this month
Im 3 days late but have been having period symptoms for 2 days i donnot plan on taking a test until friday 1-8-16
Spread some baby dust !!!!


Blood test

Your urine is supposed to be clear beside the first morning one. You should go to the doctor for a proper blood test. you also experience period like pains when you are pregnant as the egg is attaching itself to your uterus



thats more of a urinary tract infection i would go and get that tooken care of before it gets worst i have had a many from not drinkin enough water or not peeing after having sex.



ive been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years and only recently we have been trying for a baby; i feel like i might be pregnant; but it feels like im having period pains; could i still be pregnant?


Period pains while pregnant

Iyaa i need help!!
This is my fourth pregnancy now and sadly theyve turned into miscarrages. I am now 6.5 weeks pregnant and i get bad cramping and sometimes period pains, but no blood. Im really scared because me and my husband have always wanted a baby, and im hoping this pregnancy doesnt end into a miscarrage. Please please can you give me some advice, it will be much appriciated. Thank you x


In the same boat-update

ive seen a lot of posts on herer because i was just as scared and in the same boat, not many people give updates so heres mine. i was late, getting very painful period pains and kept rushing to the toilet to check if i had come on,,, i never did! I took a test after speaking with my bf, thats right... pregnant! We never planned to have children or i never really wanted one for that matter but now i have been blessed with this im feeling every emotion under the sun.
The downside is the pains... what are they? Well i went to my hospital had blood tests and urine samples, they gathered i was about 5 weeks gone. The pains could be my body naturally starting to get used to pregnancy or it could be a failed pregnancy which i am absolutly not ready to hear all of a sudden. I find out at the end of the week, so fingers crossed for me!
Lauren x


Good news

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let u know that I spent ages yesterday am Reading all your posts on here as I was experiencing the same thing and found that not a lot of people gave further updates. Well here's my saga. We got married in July 09 and I had prev been in cilest pill for over 10 years. I came off pill at end of June as we wanted to ttc so every month was stressful as I kept getting my period. It's very disheartening as u assume it'll happen very quickly but lifes not that simple. We kind of decided to give up with the opk's (as I never got a +ve Reading) and taking temp etc. We then got a pup in January which completely distracted us. My dad even commented that apparently getting a small pup is a substitute for a baby! Well obv we were still aware of 'good times to do the business' so this month my period was due on 26 feb and yesterday the 27th it hadn't arrived but as I was just off pill my periods had been between 27-31 days so didn't really think anythin of it. Plus I had bad period cramps and my face broke out with a couple of spots and this is always a tell tale sign but I decided to but a pregnancy test anyway with the idea not to test until today or tomo if still no flow. But just for fun I did test as soon as I came bk from pharmacy and to my complete and utter amazement got a positive!!!!! 1-2 weeks pregnant! My husband wasn't here and I hadn't told him anythin about bein late as it happened once before and we got our hopes up. So when I told him he couldn't believe it and said "well why do u have spots" even he'd came to recognise my period signs!!! I actually had decided to go see Docs this week to discuss ttc as I've had about 9 periods since ttc. But there u go, people say when u stop fretting over it or trying too hard it'll happen! I always thought that was a load of rubbish but I suppose they're right. Having the pup totally distracted us and took our minds off it. So I'm sitting here and apparently I'm pregnant!! Mad! Anyway I don't have any symptoms that u expect to have. Still have mild cramps and feel like my period is going to come on any time. So those of u out there that r having cramps and no other symptoms and r late just go do a test. U may get a neg but it may also b a pos! I always thought you'd just know or feel really different but personally I don't! So were completely over the moon! There's hope for everyone. De-stress if u can as it WILL happen!! Can't wait to get a bump now!! Super excited!! Lots if love and luck to u all! x


"period" pains while pregnant

oh i know it can be so confusing im 8 weeks pregnant only ound out today and for both my pregnancys i get what fees lke period pain, though my wee fried in work pregnant too sh ssaid hospital told her its the womb stretching that can ake you feel like that if you are unsure you are pregnant get a bood test from doctors best of luck


" i still get period like pains if your pregnant? "

my cycle is 32-35 days,i got periods on 6th march 2009 and today is 14th april,i get period pains but no periods yet.home pregnancy test was negative.i am married for 1 1/2 years and only from march i am trying to conceive. i never had oral pills.we postponed pregnancy using condoms.AM I PREGNANT??


I've had period like pains continuous for 4 days now!


we've been trying for a baby for about 9 months now, i'm on chlomophine citrate and have been taking it for 4 months. I've been getting continuous period like pains now for 4 days and i'm not sure if this is due to my period coming or if i'm pregnant? i don't usually get pains like this when my period is due! Any advise woul be gr8.


The big wee question!

Your wee is normal. Your wee gets more concentrated overnight and is therefore darker in colour (thats why emu is better for preg test). You are putting fluid in through the day and this dilutes your urine.

Make sure your tests are done first thing in the morning or abstain from fluid for two hours before taking a hpt during the day.


Do you still get period pains if your pregnant???

Hello i pretty much feel the same keep etting period pains but no period i am 5 days late and have a head ache like you wouldnt believe but did a test two days ago and neg? im always regular but not this month so i wonder if its because i am worried about being pregnant? but i dnt think i am will do a test if not had period by tuesday? could you tell me what your out come was?




hiya im 3 days late did a test 2 day ago but was neg,im starting to get period pains aswell so i dunno gonna do a test tue if i still havent had mt period,im totally sick tho, been trying for a year,i bet if i went and slept with a stranger id be pregnat straight away




Hi i been trying for 16 months now im a day late on my period but getting cramps im sure il comme onby tommorow took a test today was neg its so frustrating so many friends i know taken 2-3 months they all been pregnant given birth i just feal like it will neva happen been for all kinds of tests come back ok feal at a loose end now!!




Hi i am also trying to get pregnant and i laughed when i read your comment if i slept with a stranger id get pregnant straight away hahahaha i said that to my hubby just the other day.


Test again


I would test again - it might have been too early to detect pregnancy..
you dont have to get all the symptons - plus if you are pregnant you are still very early on. i found i didnt have any other symtons until 9 weeks.. although what i did have from 1 week before my period was due was period cramps... sometimes all day.
these lasted the whole pregnancy - although more noticeable in first 14 weeks.
test in the morning.
let us know.




i got the period cramps a few days after I would have conceived!!! Still no positive result on home tests. 3 days late on period. Will go to doctor I haven't period in another 4 - 5 days as I am usually on time. I"M not worried either so don't whats happening. I've had tender breasts, extreme tiredness and I know feel a firm bump low down around my pelvic area that I have never felt before!!!!


I think i could be pregnant again


My bf and i where gonna have a baby but then i lost it but now i think i could be pregnant again my boobs are sore i'm getting period pains i cant even stand 4 2 long coz my back cramps i was ment 2 start 2 days ago i'm just 2 scared 2 go 4 a test coz if i am i might loose the baby again


I think i may be pregnant again


Hi i know what you are going through , i missed carried back in august and i think i may be pregnant again but im too scared to do a test ,, i am 5 days late for my period now ,, but last month i bled for 2 days ,,, i have a swollen belly , extremly tender breasts and nipples ,, morning sicknes ,, the lot but just too scared too do a test





You will not be able to find out that you are pregnant until you are two to three weeks pregnant. I had alot of cramps so i went to the docs and found out i was expecting. I thought being my third time i would notice the signs but i was shocked at the results but very happy as my last 2 pregnancys failed just before 12wks . So Fingers crossed that 3rd time is lucky

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