Help im 13 and think im pregnant


help me im really scared, i have been with my boyfriend for a year and have been sexually active for 6months but recently i skip a period and i have been vomiting everyday,extremly tired! im so scared as i dont know what to do? and what i will do if i am, as i am to young for children but dont know if i could cope with an abortion!

please give advice



Take a pregnancy test. once you know for sure you can take the next step



I have a friend in your shoes and we don't know what to do only some kids know about it and we think the parents have something to do with it so we don't want them to know but what I am most worried about is this was intentional


Pregnant and scared?


Considering adoption or abortion? Please free to pm me. I live in Hawaii and have a grown daughter & own my own business and I would love to help a scared girl who doesnt have anyone to turn too.Open to many way of adoption ( closed, open,coparenting). You don't have to this alone or struggle. God bless 503.619.5565


My advice

oh dear i have dealt with stuff like this because I did it when I was under aged, first off all you need to ask him if he has ever cummed even if it was by accident. Then ask a trusted relative or older friend to get you a pregnancy test, lastly if you are positive you are pregnant then tell your parents and see what they say. After all, they are your parents and will always be there for you .

good luck and I hope this helps


Just checking....

Hey, I recently stumbled upon your question from last year, and was just wondering how you dealt with it. My best friend's sister recently went through the same crap and I've just been sensitive to the whole issue for a while... How are you holding up? Did you keep it? Abort it? Were you even pregnant to start with?

I don't even know if you still check these messages.... Just let me know if you're still out there, okay? I'm just a concerned makeshift sis trying to help here.
Thanks a bunch!


Teenage pregnancy

That's really awful. Teenage pregnancy is not good for once health neither good for one's emotions. You are very young but if so, don't opt to abortion but instead try to see a doctor that will take care of your pregnancy until you give birth. I am sure you're having fun with your child now.


Jezza kyle?

you need help!



Okay Im not going to judge you for doing it so young I am not in favor of it but I understand its human nature to want to try it. My question Is were you wearing protection and by protection I dont mean pulling out. If you cant afford birth control you can always get free condoms from your doctors office. If you had sex unprotected for 6 months there is a very good chance that your pregnant, my best friends cousin who is 14 was told by the doctor she could never have children and she did it just one time with her boyfriend and pulled out and got pregnant the first time. I hope you dont get pregnant and if you do dont have an abortion you can always adopt your child out. If you need a pregnancy test cheap if theres a dollar tree by your house you can get 1 dollar tests there. I hope if you dont get pregnant this comes as a warning to you. Best of luck.


Sex at 13

well it is your fult for haveing sex at 13. was your sex protected? well take the test at lest 4 times and if really are preagnent them 1 tell your bf he has to know and the 2 tell your mom and dad and make sure you bf's preants know to it not fair if they dont know.


Spell at 13...




If you have nothing nice to say...


You know, there is an age of consent for a reason. Obviously you don't so allow me to educate you. There is a certain age at which one's brain can understand the concept of permanence; when I say "can" what I mean is physiologically capable of. Thirteen is not that age. So unless you have something constructive to offer, offer your concern, and if you can't, offer nothing.


Help me!

i am in the same problem and you posted this a while ago so if you could contact me back that would be great thanks



Hi there. Hope everything is going good. I've been with my boyfriend for over a year and I am sexually active with him. I recommend next time, talk to a doctor or even a teacher about getting put on the pill. I'm on it and it works alot. U wait two weeks, then it kicks in and you don't have to use a condom. I do still just in case. Best of luck to you. Please try and reply. I wanna see how you're doing!


I think this might be the answer




You are 13 and you are sexually active? WTF and if i was sexxually active at that age i would think twice before having sex with no condom! IDIOT




At that age i fullt understand english And could spell it alot better than u do at this age


Don't correct if you don't know how to.


Please, just don't.

Fully* a lot* you* I* understood*


Re: help im 13 and think im pregnant

Tell your mom and get an abort. It's the best thing to do at your age. It would ruin your education.




No, I'm 13, but she did this to herself with ignorance and without care. It's not her babies fault for all this, so why does it have to die? For her to live her life? No, she ruined it for herself.




if she got an abortion she wouldn't have normal pregnancies ever again and it would be nearly impossible for her to get pregnant
she would have miscarriages for the rest of her life

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