Help symtoms and missed period! negative result!???


missed period 2 weeks ago, larger stomach and breasts,feeling moody,emotional etc,visiting toilet more often but why negative?!?! please please help x


Hi hun,


unfortunately every women (and every pregnancy) is different so there's no real way of telling how long before it shows up on a pregnancy test assuming you are. The tests look for a hormone called HCG and the levels can rise quite slowly so all you can do really is keep testing every few days or go and see the doc. They can do a blood test which is more sensitive than a urine test but they might want to leave it a bit longer before they go that far, cost cutting I guess! The docs urine tests are no more sensitive than the home tests, which ones are you using? I got some super-sensitive ones from babymad.com (look under ultra 10miu tests on site) which were dead cheap and showed positive with me 4 days before my period was due so that might be worth a go. Dunno what else to suggest really, sorry hun but let me know what happens and good luck!

Clare 19+1 xxx


Just had a negative resault


I'm sat here now with a rum and coke as i have just had the exact same issue. i'm 6 days late and have been having all the signs of pregancie,missed period, sore breasts, bloated feeling and nausea. The test however, shows negative. i'm quite upset as i was so sure. Me and my husband have been trying for almost 2 yrs now with no luck. The thing tha i'm worried about is that i have had an abortion in the passed allbeit 6 yrs ago, so i know i've done it before why not now when i'm happily married..
Please help?




hello, my period was due to start on the 10th june and there is still no sign of it starting. This has never happened to me before and i have been as regular as clockwork since i was 9 years old. Im am 18 in 2 weeks time so im panicing, i've taken 4 tests, one of them did'nt work and the rest were negative. I went to the docs on friday and this morning i handed in a pee test. What should i be thinking now?? help!


Me too

Hi, I had my last period on 1st may and have an irregular cycle (between 27 and 33 days) so am now anything from 9-14 days late. I have done 3 tests ( 2 clearblue and 1 at the doctors) all were negative. Have some symptoms such as swollen breasts, twinges in stomach like I am about to get my period. Returned to the Dr today and am now feeling a bit disheartened as although I think it is doubtful I am pregnant, feel a bit in limbo now waiting to see if I get a period next time. I have never ever missed a period before and dont feel particularly stressed or at the desperation stage, just frustrated with the waiting.

The Dr said leave it another week and do another test. She said there is only a very slim chance I may be pregnant.

Reading other comments on here make me think that in the back of my mind there is still a chance, but it is the not knowing.




i am in pretty much the same situation, but im only 17
i really want a child now the thought of it has got into my mind, i have taken 2 tests both negative, but havn't been to the doctors yet, my partner also wants a baby.
its such a horrable situation and i know it feels nice to be able to talk to someone in the same situation as your self...
let me know how it goes and if you would like to talk message me
lots of love and well wish's


I am in the same boat

my last period was the 22nd of april, i have sore breasts, feeling tried, all the home preg test i have done came out negative, i dont know what is going on, can anyone help me please


I'm cracking up


my period is 11 days late. done 3 hpt. all came back negative. got sore breasts. and suffering with stomach pains.any one got any advice please.


Missed period negative result

like most of the replys ive missed my period and am gettin symptoms like cramps in my stomach nausea always tired and worn out and also feel faint at times im gettin a discharge which i sometimes think is my period but its not i have taken 2 home pregnancy tests and both negative i am trying to concive and its hard waiting around for results


It is possible!!

I have four children and except for my first pregnancy, I had several negative shop bought pregnancy tests for the other 3 pregnancies. I had four negative tests for my last pregnancy and two or three for the others, that was even using Clearblue tests, which are supposed to be good. I ended up having a blood test and scan at the hospital which confirmed my 4th pregnancy. I would have been at least 10 weeks before any of the hCG showed up. Despite what they say on the packet, shop bought tests are not always accurate and although they claim 99.9% accuracy, a lot of women would dispute this! Other problems like ectopic and pregnancies outside of the womb can also give false negatives, but you will usually experience severe pain if this was happening. It all depends on the hCG level and some people just don't show much until later after a first missed period.

It is also possible that you are just skipping a period as many things can effect if you come on or not, like recent illness, stress, change in diet or to much exersize, many things can effect your hormones and make you skip a period... if you skip more than two or three and you still get a negative result, then definately see your GP as soon as possible.


Could i still be pregnant, help me please


I am 45 years old and ive had tests to make sure im not in the chang, which im not(thank god), I have irregular periods at the moment im on my 48th day of my cycle, and ive done 7 home pregnancy tests which are negative. I have the feeling im coming on every so often, but no i havnt. I get the odd flutter in my stomach, also my stomach has got bigger , im going to pee loads, my breast are tender sometimes, i also like different foods, i feel a little sickly. ive been to docs for a test, she said if home home have been negative then i wont be pregnant, still waiting for result from docs. But if it comes back neg she wants to put me on tablets to bring my period on, but i asked if i could have blood test and if thats neg could i have ultrascan before i take anything like that, but she said the urine test would be enough to rule oout if im pregnant or not, PLEASE help me what can i do if urine test comes back neg, and doc wont let me have blood test or ultra scan.


I know exactly how you feel!!

I am always as regular as clockwork, I have a 31 day cycle and I have never missed a period before. I was supposed to get mine on the 1st of May but I am now 5 days late, I have taken two tests both of which were negative, I have all the symptoms of my period, bloating, cramping, headache, moodiness but just no period. Please let me know what the outcome was for you. The waiting is just killing me, I have an appointment with my doctor today at 1 to take a blood test.


"im relieved im not the only one"


As yourself im usualy like clockwork with my periods but currently im two weeks late. Ive had symptoms of nausea, frequent urination, bloating and moodiness, but like yourself no period. Another symptom I have had is a constant stretching pain in the area of my fallopian tube to the right hand side it is not agonising but just sems to be there its been there around three weeks now. I have done two clearblue pregnancy tests both of which are negative. I have been off the pill for two years and would love to be able to get pregnant. I am currentlty been having blood tests to check my fertility, been 25 i am in my prime. I have managed to get a doctors appointment but not until another week if im not pregnant i just want another period at least then i can stop thinking about other problems such as stopping my periods i know its a bit far fetched but thats how i am feeliing lately. Well i hope all is now sorted for you sorry to moan take care


Negative pregnancy result

Just wondering if anyone is able to help - have you had one or more negative pregnancy test results when in fact you were pregnant?


The sheer frustration of it all

My last period was 21st Feb, which makes it 10 weeks late this thursday. I have been trying for a baby, but have had 3 negative tests (using the Poundland 3for £1 "Sensatest" strips). I have a lot of the associated symptoms such as:

lower back pain, tire easily, slight weight gain, nauseous feelings which come in waves, eating things I have never liked, gone off foods I usually eat, increased hunger, urinating more, bloating, mood changes are frequent, my nipples are constantly erect & so painful & heavy feeling, not to mention that I haven't had a period for quite a while.

I now have a Dr appointment for next thursday to see what's going on. But if anybody has any suggestions that will help that would be great, because this is really frustrating me!!


Late period


help i have used those 3 test and all said negative but am now 1 week later and no period what happened with yourself did you come on or were you pregnant in the end?


Missed period

hi,i have had regular peiods for 6 mnths my cycle is 33 days iam now 15 days late have had bloated stomach sore breasts going loo more often cramps lower back ache have done 4 home tests all negative been 2 docs got to do test for him been trying for 3 years pls any advise


I have missed two periods!!!!

hi im neva regular when its come to periods but my last period was january 26th i missed my period in january and still havent come on!!!! i did a test when i was 2weeks late was negative and did 2tests when i was a month late still negative. I keep gettin slight twinges in my stomach and feel bloated and tired.I have noticed that im not alone with this situation. i am just goin to give a few weeks before i go see the doctor. Anybody have any advice please reply!!! thanks tasha x


I'm 10 weeks later + neg result - what's going on???

Hi - glad i'm not the only one! The problem is, my period is 10 weeks late since i came off the pill after Xmas! and done 5 tests, all neg, family plannin clinic say i'm not pregnant but don't know why i not come on - not a clue what's going on as there is no reason for it other than the obvious! Plus my mum had the same problem when pregnant with me so Gonna go to the Doc on Tuesday instead of clinic and demand that they do further tests than sample my pee! because if i'm not preggers there is somethin else wrong!


No period

hi sorry ladies i might be the first man to reply to this message board but my partner is 14 days late no symptoms she said she been having tooth ache for a few days now it comes and go's and she having cramp in belly and lower back pain?? she too has taken pregnancy tests three have been negative not sure i want to keep chanceing more as getting no responce not sure what to advise her to do next any advice?




hi. thats really odd. i have missed my period 3 weeks now. all tests say neg. i keep gettin toothaches, bloated stomach, cravings etc. your wife had any answers yet?

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