Tight stomach:s


im waiting on a doctors result but have done many tests and they said im pregnant but when i wake up on a morning my stomach feels so tight it hurts like sharp pains and often when im just sat or something my stomach feels really tight almost as if its a stitch. is this a sign tht im pregnant and if so is it normal. thnx


Me again

Hi Jessloram

Just a couple of questions, if u dont mind.

When did u start suspecting that u were pregnant? When did u do ur 1st test? Are u now waiting for the results on a blood test?

I am due to have my P in a week from today and since last week weird things has been happening, from nausea, heightened smell, heartburn, mild cramps and yesterday my stomach felt really tight as if i went to the gym, its still the same today, i havent done any excersises in weeks, also didnt have intercourse this week either, just not in the mood, which is another strange thing, coz i am always in the mood. lol!

I do not want to get my hopes high, but i really do feel different.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Good luck with the Doctor's result.



Tight stomach


Hi Chantel

I will be 7 weeks this Sunday if all is well and am having my first scan this Tuesday. However I too have got feelings of slight queasiness and since yesterday had a constantly tight stomach. I also start feeling quite light headed if I need to eat.

My concern is that I have had 4 previous misscarriages, due mostly to a genetic translocation. We are booked in for IVF consultations on the 4th, 5th and 6th of June but thought we would continue to try naturally in the meantime. Hence I am feeling a little anxious. Only time will tell if we see a heartbeat or not. Haven't seen one in previous scans.

Let me know how you are doing.



Tight stomachs


Good question.

Could someone PLEASE help me tooooo.

I will start to say that my period started on 7th April and ended on 9th of April, I am guessing that ovulation occured around the 20th, which was last week.

My cycle is reagular, always precisely on time and I always have the same symptoms.

The strange thing is that my breats became sore about a week and half sooner than usual, and today they are extremely sensitive, even when I lift my arms it hurts, my breats feels fuller, and if I touch them, it feels a bit numb too, as if there is no sensation in the skin, but they feel huge.

I have been having mild nausea symptoms since last week Tuesday, and last night in bed thought I was going to be sick, with every breath I took it felt horrible. Everyday this week my mouth has been wattery, I have no metallic taste though, but get nauseas in the mornings, afternoons and late evenings.

I also started getting stomach cramps since Monday this week, mild ones.

The strange thing happened today, actually late this afternoon....
My stomach, lower belly feels tight, I can feel it best when I strecth or move positions, but even as I am sitting here I can feel that its tight, and feels "full".

I havent been doing any excersice in the last 3 weeks, and the tight feeling really does feel like I spent a hour in the gym, almost as if my skin is stretching.

By the way, my husband is convinced that I am pregnant, based on dreams he's had, and from experience, his gut instincts has never been wrong before... He does not know about any of the feelings or symptoms I am having, just for incase I get my period next week Friday, which I am hoping I wont be getting.

Would love hearing from you all.

Take care and good luck to everyone!



Hi there

there are so many feelings whilst pregnant. i did have a lot of ab pain with my pregnancies, much like you are describing. if you are worried, or pain gets worse, see your doctor. it will at least put your mind at rest.
good luck xxxxxxxxxx

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