Advice please don't know what to do???


Hi guy, need some advice as I don't know whether I am over reacting. Brief background -
Have been with fiancee for 2 2/12 years, he works away and we see each other 2 nights a week and weekends (live with him). Last August he admitted to having sextext with someone else, I forgave him and we are "trying" to work through things, so I do have an issue with trust etc.
I have recently found out that he is watching porn, now I don't have a problem with that and never have done. What I am struggling with is that he will spend the weekend at home, then be looking at like 3hrs on the night he goes back, and I also found out that he was watching it an hour before he came home on a Friday. Also he is txting me good night then staying up late watching it.
I am having major issues with regards his lying as this is what he did when he was sexting this other woman last year. I don't expect him to tell me exactly what he is doing, but even if he told me that he stayed up on the computer.
Also it is making me feel really inadequate, like he feels he is lacking something at home.
I have spoke to him in the past about him watching porn, and he told me that to him it was just a "time filler" and nothing major, but to recently find out that he is watching it when he's spent time with me or coming home is really hurting, and I don't know what to do.
I want to confront him but I think that I will just get brushed off or he will be angry for me snooping, although he does know that sometimes I do due to what happend last year and to me as it was only 7months ago it is taking time to rebuild the trust and I just feel that he isn't meeting me half way.

Sorry for the waffle or if I am not making sense, just want to try and get some other opinions, he knows that something is wrong and have told him I will talk to him tonight when I see him, but don't know what to do for the best???


Addiction help

It does seem to be a point when over doing something to the point it then becomes an addiction. As a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist I have helped several men and occassionally woman to curb their urges and convert their energy into a more acceptable behaviour. Most things are ok in moderation, but in his case it seems it has got out of hand. He needs help if he is willing to accept his present behaviour. Or perhaps you need help to cope with your own feelings about the situation. Have a look at my website www.kwhypnotherapy.co.uk. It may help you to understand how some sort of psychotherapy intervention will help.
Good luck


Not sure

its totally normal for them to watch the porn. i think my boyfriend watches it everyday whilst im at work!!
but yeah, if he works away and only see's you twice a week i think it may be abit odd that he chooses to use this time watching it.

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