Morning sickness - do travel acupressure bands help?


Can anyone help??

I am 8 weeks pregnant and have been feeling severely nauseous with terrible heartburn for the last 2 and half weeks. The very thought of a meal makes me feel worse! I have heard that travel acupressure bands are good for morning sickness and am thinking of buying some, I need something that will ease this constant nausea. Anyone out there who has tried them and can give feedback?

Hope someone can help



Morning sickness

I've taken everything on and off the market for nausea. I suspect the bands will not help and I suspect it has a lot to do with your acid reflux. The bands are great for some things, but they made my morning sickness and migraines worse. Don't discount acupressure though! Acupressure technics can do miracles and they are safer for the baby than my other suggestion. Zelnorm, Zofran, or Phenergan can all cause issues with the baby. Domperidone is good, but you need a to get it out of the country as it's not avail le in the states. It's very effective, but only after all other options have been exhausted. I came across a rather cheap downloadable ebook on acurpressure techniches when your pregnant if it helps. Feel better. If you're feeling spunky, email back and tell me how you are. visit modernmommanual@webs.com and look at my article on acupressure and pregnanacy


Morning sickness

Hiya, i have had nausea and bit of heartburn for 4 weeks now and am counting down till it ends at hopefully 12 weeks but my midwife told me this morning, that could try the travel sickness wrist bands - you just have to make sure its against the pressure point on your wrist so im gonna give it a go. I would try anythign at the mo lol.
Hope it eases for you


Sickness self help ideas

Dear Laura,
Sorry you are feeling so rough. Pregnancy sickness is no joke - it can be constant, relentless, 24/7. I have used acupressure travel sickness bands in the past and not really found them very helpful. However, I have sometimes found it beneficial to apply direct pressure to the P6 point just aboive the wrist - pressing really quite hard. This can give temporary relief if the sickness isn't too severe. I am currently 5 wks preg with my 5 th and have suffered normal (but still awful) sickness on my 1st baby, then hyperemesis gravidarum on my 2nd and 4th and severe hyperemesis on my 3rd, so have a bit of experience here! I have to say, nothing at all helps when it's hyperemesis, except for the hospital drip and some of the anti sickness drugs they can inject you with. I certainly wouldn't advise you to take over the counter travel sickness tablets as it could be linked to birth defects - they just don't know as nobody has ever run trials on this. The usual advice of ginger buscuits, peppermint tea, etc may give some relief to some (though personally it just made me sick). If you can force something small and bland down every hour - don't allow yourself too feel empty, this stops the blood sugar from dropping. Eat what you fancy - within reason...Sucking ice cubes can help to prevent dehydration if you are very sick, and sleep definitely helps. Personally, my sickness gets much worse when I'm getting tired, so try to nap if you are able. I have tried acupuncture too - on my fourth pregnancy. That helped but the effects only lasted a short while. Maybe if my sickness hadn't been so severe it would have been beneficial for longer. (I have cracked a rib, vomited blood often and been too ill to wash / care for myself), so if your sickness seems to be getting out of control, be sure to see your GP asap. I hope you feel some relief over the coming weeks, normal sickness should ease off by 14-16 weeks, it can go sooner or later than that. I have prayed that I won't get it as bad this time so am taking it day by day. It's terrible while it lasts but the baby at the end of it makes it all worthwhile! All the best, let me know how you get on. Bec x


Yes, travel bands work for morning sickness

I'm in my final year of acupuncture studies and just came across this forum. I'm so happy to see that more and more people use the good old knowledge to help themselves. To the morning sickness and wrist bands - the point which is stimulated to harmonise body and stop sickness during a long flight is Pericardium 6 - just above your wrist. And yes - this is exactly the point which was proven by many studies to be the best point for morning sickness in pregnangcy. So find an acupuncturist or just get a wrist band - both should help you.


They work for most types of nausea

I've used them for car sickness, sea sickness, nausea when ill and morning sickness. As long as you use them in the right place you can get instant relief even by the time you put the first one on! The only disadvantage is if you want to wear them all day long because the fabric does start to itch after a while.


Yes!!! i know the perfect thing!!!

Ok, this maysoundjust alittle weird, but my dad owns this fishing and tackle shop right? Ok, he sells these bands there, that help to cure sea sickness ( and can also be used for mourning sickness!!)
I was even surprised when I found that out. Like I went on a fishing boat with him once right? And so I start throwing up, and he tell me to put this on. He told me science loves these things to, and that they send like these sound waves or what ever down into your rib cage. They come with a setting to, so if the setting you chose is to low, turn it up. It worked so well, but itdoestickles your wrist just a little at first. He works at- Baja Dreamer Tackle. You can even call him to ask about it. Heres the phonenumber- 831-7774. Trust me this thing works!!!!!


They're great

i had really bad sickness throughout my first pregnacy and i used the sickness bands and they worked great!!! def get some!!



Im not aware that acupressure bands work, however try ginger nut biscuits they are good and in certain circumstances you can take ati sickness tablets if it is really that bad. Also, try mints for heartburn

Hope this helps!!!

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