Annilingus-is it really that good?


Hi all, I have a question for you, recently my GF confided in me that she loves having her bum licked, I did it once for her just to give it a go and see how she liked it. As 4play just to relax her really. She said it tickled and all in all, felt quite pleasurable but didn't really enjoy it as it's quite a controversial practice. (Completely understandable ) I said OK, try everything once and it wasn't for her.

I told her I wouldn't do it again if she didn't like it. However, recently she admitted to me that she knew what I said about not doing it again but she wanted me to do it regardless. I thought about it for a minute but she clearly wanted it so I went down on her; kissing her buttocks and licking around her rectum slowly with my tongue and my god she loved it. She got so wet she grabbed my free hand and made me feel her vagina and it was soaked and extremely arousing to touch.

She told me it's so sexy because it's so naughty lol, and it feels so good. I wasn't too sure about doing it but I love her, must admit it was very erotic now she has told me she wants my tongue up her anus. I did that the other day but we are taking this slow so I only put the tip of my tongue in and had a feel around.

Honestly, it wasn't bad at all, it was very smooth pushing in and the softness on my tongue was quite stimulating. I want to know if I would need lube to get that far up or not. Will my tongue be good enough? Also I want to know from women who have had this done to them if it really is that good lol? I mean she loves it!

Thanks for responses!


In my opinion...yes!!!

I have just had this done to me for the first time by my boyfriend, and experienced four climaxes from it...looking forward to the next time!


That good -- yes!!!

Your tongue is wet enough so that you don't need any lube.

I've been practicing analingus with girlfriends for many years, and I've never been with a woman who didn't like it. In fact, most have thought it was pretty extraordinary. No matter how they felt about other kinds of anal play, in every case the reaction I've seen is like your girlfriend's.

I have never gotten any kind of infection from doing it. Still, cleanliness is important, so the usual precautions are in order. If you are concerned, you can use a piece of plastic wrap as a dental dam: it will feel the same for her. And don't ever go directly to her pussy after putting anything in her anus, because you'll just be inviting a nasty infection. I usually get up and wash my face and rinse my mouth after doing it, and there's never been a problem.

Other than that, enjoy!




Hi guys
I am a 50 year old woman,. Probably you will be wondering what am I doing here. but just was checking about annilingus and I read what you wrote. Let me say that I was married for 22 years but never experienced an annilingus until I gotdivorced and had a new couple. I practiced an annilingus with him like a year ago and let me tell you that it ws great! Ithink I was hot as never have been first because he was doing it to me and then I tried it on him and his face ws really HOT. Its so intimate, so exciting, so goooood that you will try to do it again and again. of course, you will have to be very careful with your higiene, man and woman. if your annus is clean, you will really enjoy. Its a different sensation that has nothing to do with any other thing you have made before. First of all you feel your partner as really YOURS, you feel him get excited more and more each time. You feel like if you are in heaven. I am surprised that most of you are very young and are not willing to make it even once. The only thing I can tell you is to try and then tell ushow was it! It[s different from any other practice, but it is really great. When I am being made annilingus by my love, I feel really good and I know he enjoys it very much because he wants to do it again and again. and when I am taking the active roll, I also enjoy it because I feel him very very close and mine... just DO IT!


Thank you


Hi, yes I absolutely love doing it to her and I love she loves it. Yeah neither of us have any STD's and I always properly clean myself afterwards but it is an amazing foreplay method.


You're welcome


I'm glad you enjoy it so much. I find it one of the biggest turn-ons myself. There are few things nicer than deeply kissing a lady's softest, most intimate place, which, she's delighted to find, gives her immense pleasure.




Amen to that brother lol. Yeah anytime she wants to relax and let me do that to her is fine by me. It's very sexy that she is comfortable with it too haha. Yeah, have to admit it is a massive turn on doing it to her.

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