Any sure way to tell if my girl has ejaculated?


Hi all, I love giving my GF oral and she loves it too but I need to know if I am satisfying her as it takes alot of effort to give her an orgasm (only done it once or twice and I don't know about the ejaculation. I need to know if there is any full proof way to tell if she climaxed, when I was licking her clit she told me to stop because she felt a strong urge to go to the toilet and urinate but I reassured her and told her it was normal as I know I stimulated her G-Spot and have no trouble finding it and I know it's normal for women to feel like that. It is exactly 3" in on the underside and feels like a little red bean and when I rub it she gets extremely wet and my face etc always is highly wet to after giving her oral lol. She told me that after the session she felt extremely tired and told me 'I couldn't do anything afterwards for awhile and took a long time for me to get horny again' but she did have an orgasm but I was wondering if it's likely she did reach climax as she told me she wouldn't know, she has never done or recieved oral before. Am I doing it right?



Sounds about right to me!

Wow..... Sounds like you're doing everything right, I know sometimes when I climax I do get a little tired and feel very sensitive and tinglie! I dont really know why she wouldnt want to cary on, (not saying she's a selfish lover) but it seems like you pleased her, so shes happy to go to sleep. But hey, it takes a while to get to know what different girls like, and you got it in two attempts! ha...ha.. ;,
x x




Is it unusual for a girl to sometimes perfer dry sex to oral? My GF climaxes usually through dry sex but not through oral as she struggles to relax sometimes. Is it easier to hit a girls clit or basic vulva center with your penis through dry sex? I felt we had good contact between us and when she goes stronger she will usually have at least a mild orgasm. I think I should start focussing on dry sex over oral until she is old enough for us to have sex.


Thanks again!


At first before I managed to give her an orgasm (at least I think I did based on her pleasurable groan and how sensitive she was after. She really wouldn't know if she did so I can't ask her but I don't care if she knows when she is having an orgasm or not becuase as long as she is pleased I'm happy) she woiuld ask me to stop because she would get frustrated because she felt like she would never orgasam or release, thus she couldn't relax. I told her she was trying to force it and she just needed me to do everything and relax. But when I relaxed her by massaging her back, legs, feet, and kissing her stomach she could relax and during dry sex she did orgasm and confessed to me how she felt (about being tired and not being able to be turned on again straight after) so I was confident I pleased her. She has never complained or looked let down and she pleasures me as much (sometimes more) than I do her and I don't think she would if she felt she was missing out so it's all good.


Dont worry at all


hey mate you just keep right on as you are - your girlfriend is one lucky girl...the advice for her to do a bit of exploring herself is the way to go and if she is comfortable with it to show you her discoveries...you are so on the right track not rushing into intercourse - you will both be better lovers because of it - you will have learnt so much more about what turns each other and yourselves on - keep on having a fantastic time and while orgasm is REALLY great - dont forget its all about the journey not just the destination !! xx


Everythings fine!


Well I finally got round to asking her last night how she felt exactly and she said she was tired and sensitive and like I said her vagina did tighten. I told her depending on the intensity she may feel pleasurable tingling sensations through parts of her body and we agreed it occured at least once Although she admitted she has experienced many tingling sensations with me but I do spend a lot of time massaging her before anything happens so maybe that is a contributor too. Thanks guys for all your help!



Sorry wanted to say that when she had an orgasm it was through dry sex as we haven't actually had sex yet, she is still young and we are both virgins but I believe she had a clitoral orgasm through that because our pubic bones had immense pressure on them and I could feel her labia rubbing hard against my penis and she kept rubbing strongly and then stopped breathing for a second and let out a strong moan. That's when she had to stop saying she felt tired and it took a long time for her to get horny again. I wouldn't have hurt her would I? But do you think I am pleasing her through oral and dry sex. Please answer. She couldn't possibly fake as she isn't too sure what an orgasm truly is, I think she confused it with ejaculation and I only told her after the even that an orgasm is just the height of sexual excitement but doesn't always induce ejaculation.


All good...


It sounds like you have given her a clitoral (or even a G-spot) orgasm. Most girls don't obviously ejaculate anything, apart from a lucky few who have achieved female ejaculation, so it is probably best not to get hung up on looking for this as a sign.

How to tell if it was an orgasm: Afterwards, is her clit so sensitive that she can't bear it to be touched for a while? That usually always happens after an orgasm.
Did the pleasure become so good for her that it felt like it built up into sort of an explosion inside?
Was that followed by her vaginal muscles contracting a few times?
All sure signs that she came.

Maybe encourage her to explore herself away from you without any pressure to get to know herself a bit better and to get to know what she likes and doesn't like and what is the best way to make her come.

From what I've read on here, before a girl does ejaculate she often gets the feeling of needing to wee - so perhaps this is the case for her (lucky girl!). If so encourage her not to stop and reassure her that she doesn't need to wee, she is just about to come really really hard.

Hope this makes sense pet.




Thanks for the response, yes her clit was extremely sensitive even when stroking with my tongue which is obviously very soft and wet so I thought it must have been very sensitive. She didn't move much and needed to recharge a bit before the thrusting continued. I don't know how it felt for her I didn't ask as I didn't want to seem like I was sure of myself that I gave her an orgasm and cocky as she didn't really now what one is. But her vaginal tightened a lot and I couldn't really stimulate her even digitally, she is a petite girl and sometimes that hurts her so I rely on my tongue. She only complained of needing to urinate when I pressured her G-Spot and not when I give oral so I know she must have been close and because of that she actually asked me to stop which I was upset by because I wanted to finish. Maybe she felt embarassed or not ready?

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