Finger in bum


My BF loves it when i finger him, i think he could cum just from that. i know i have read stuff on here and it seems commmon, just want to see how many guys love this, or how many girls have done it to their guys.



Nothing wrong with it Sexy i use to love when i am in top and my ex stick her finger there
She takes it out when orgasm Mmmm.


Mines ask me too

Well my bf ask me also....at first I thought he was gay....butttttttt.......I did it to him and he loves it.....don't understand why its a turn on for my bf




It just feels good if its a woman doing it to a man Mmm.


Some like it, some don't

I always do my best to talk my boyfriend into letting me milk his prostate. Some won't have anything to do with it, some don't like it, some love it. I had one boyfriend that could cum that way without me even touching his penis. I think it was as much of a turn-on for me as it was for him.

I bought a toy once that was designed to go into a man's anus and stimulate the prostate just from his clenching and relaxing but he wouldn't try it.

I think some guys just have a mental hangup about being penetrated.


Hi sexy


I need a woman like you to penetrate me Mmmm


You should

really read this:



Finger in bum

Just to reassure you.
These are my thoughts on this matter.

I love my girlfriend doing this to me for a number if reasons.
Firstly, trust. It's a very personal intimate area. Giving my body over to her to use is a very intimate and trusting thing to do. I offer myself to her, lifting my legs and presenting myself puts me in a vulnerable position, mentally and physically.
It's not the physical feeling as much as the emotional aspects that I enjoy.
Being in that position makes me passive. In a job where I am in control all day it is nice to be in a passive place mentally.
She does what she likes, rubbing my prostate, holding her finger in there or just massaging the outside. We use the words "amber" for go easy, "red" for stop. But always assume it's on green.at first I thought she would laugh at me, think I was gay. She didn't. It brought us closer, took our relationship to another level of intimacy.

Not to get too personal but she has recently bought a strap on. Now we are playing with the idea of me being totally submissive to her.

So, finger in the bum. Yes. More men than you think enjoy it.


They love it.

The males g spot is up there bum, its called a p spot. its the prostate glad. You can buy from www.justanal.co.uk


Too quick

My guy LOVES me sticking a finger up his bum but he comes almost straight away when I do it so I save it until I've had some pleasure!




Wish i was that lucky guy Smh


Listen all you fools

i am a man, 27 years old... i know for a fact that if you like a finger in the ring hole that you are in fact a gay boy.. end of discussion..the shitter is for having a ... . one way not in just out.. like having a ... . if you finger a bum you will have ... on your finger, thats not good. when you pick up dog ... you dont do it with your bear hands do you? no because its ... . ... is ... .. ... shitty ... shit..stay out of mens poo pipe


Might be the most ignorant statement on this website


Do you even know and understand the concept of being gay???? Being gay is not enjoying where or how you are touch by another individual. It is a concept of attractions to the same sex. The whole concept of this makes you gay or does this make gay is ridiculous. Just because a guy likes his pooper played with doesn't mean he is gay. Although everybody has some gay tendencies whether they are willing to admit it or not. We are all humans and are bodies are made to be pleasurable so why are hating how certain people enjoy that pleasure.


Finger in bum


Wow, A MAN at 27, who obviously knows Everything!
Hey, Can you hear that noise ?
Almost like a couple o Banjos, in the distance.


Finger in bum


Well, if thats how you think, I hope you never need a prostrate exam.




No, you're really a kid. About 13 years old I would guess.


Accidentally sent it before


Just because a man might like a finger up his butt does not make him gay unless he's imagining a man doing it to him, I'm a man as we'll nor am I gay and I personally don't like things up my butt but the girl I've been with for some time now enjoys to put her finger in my butt I let her because I love her and my body is her play ground to do as she pleases and it's the same for me with her. So I let her stick her finger in my butt she enjoys it that does not mean I'm gay nor any man weather or not he enjoys it does not make him gay as long as it's a women doing it in your mind and in reality it's not gay because it's not man on man maybe you should become a little more comfortable with you're sexuality




You are ignorant


Its ok

most men love a finger or something else up there bum also they love it being licked,its susposedly were the male g spot is,the best time to do it is when your giving him a ... it will blow his mind lol,so dont worry its very common xx


Katelynne johnson


I was wanting some help. I use my Sybian a lot and my husband has seen me and watched me several times. The other day I came home from work and heard it on. I walked in the bed room and her was sitting on it with it in him. I didn't know what to say. I left the room while he was using it. He said he had a amazing orgasm with it. Is it okay, he used it? will it replace me? Should I let him use my Sybian?



I would like my man to try this with me but I'm so embarrassed about whether it'll smell or whether there'll be some unsavoury stuff up there. How do you get over that hurdle?

I'm quite happy to do it with my man but not too sure he would feel the same. What's the best way to approach it?

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