He cums too quickly!!!


my boyfriend who ive been with nearly 3 months now, everytime we have sex he cums within minutes. its gd, but i never reach orgasm. the longest weve ever been havin sex is prob just less than 10 or 15 minutes!!! i want him to go longer. last time we had sex he came just under 2 minutes or so, and claimed its cos im 'just too good' but i dont believe him? is it really cos im 'just too good' or does he have something wrong with him? i heard that guys who pre ejaculate usually hav a lack of confidence in the bedroom department, which may be true but i duno whether that is it! I just really wanna know why he does it, and want we can do together to keep him going longer..cos i know i could go on ALLLLL night!!!


Porns guilty

<a = "http://besplatni-pornic.com">Pornici</a> are main reason



Hey madame2660,

I know exactly what your talking about, I have a boyfriend for almost 2 years now and we've been there. What helped a little bit was when he started masturbating daily, even about 20 minutes before sex but that becomes tiring and unpleasant over time. The sex just started becoming more of a duty than pleasure.... We've tried some creams and even pills but only one that is really working for us is "xperform". Im sure you can just google it, ive actually discussed that on many discussions before and with positive replies!!!

Hope that helps a little...


What i can tell you from the mans perspective.

My ex wife would do the same thing to me. She was just to tight. It felt too good. Possibly your man isn't circumcised either, so he has more sensation too. They do offer Desensitizers for this type of problem. Of course the issue is that if he puts it on his package, then penetrates you, he's going to get some on you too. He could wear a condom, that would take some feeling away. You could use toys more often so your not so tight. Or just use lots of lube.


Too quickly

my boyfriend had the same issue when we first started having sex. I think I was too tight at the time and he was a little too excited. Things have gotten better.


Delightful hands

He can learn to use his hands to give you several orgasms before entering you with his penis. That should satisfy you every time. Check out Delightful Hands: Techniques for Intimacy at Amazon.com. It works.


Hello madame2660

i hope you would find this message in the best of your health,
When i do sex daily with girl so first of all before inserting my ... in to her cute pussy, i go for loveplay (oral sex) kiss her all body a lot, especially (1) i touch, hold,fondle,kiss,lick,suck her breasts, nipples alot (2) i touch, vibrate, kiss,lick, suck her cute pussy (especially her clitoris).
when she become hot, wet and irresistible asking for insertion of ... then i insert my huge,long,hot ... in to her cute pussy and pump her alot for atleast 20-35 minutes until she screams alot and gets orgasm and asked me to stop.
(during pumping her i try to delay my ejaculation timing by looking at her beautiful,cute face and try to read her facial expressions that how much she enjoys and some times i try to disperse my mind attention by start watching tv, changing sex position, inhale oxygen deeply, she often grab my testicles balls, counting numbers in my mind in reverse order,etc.)
Please ask your boyfriend to do these few tricks ,that will help him to delay ejaculation timing before you cum.




Techniques to elim. p.e.

A new Amazon.com ebook called Delightful Hands has a good cure for premature ejaculation. Some other great orgasm techniques as well. Check out www.bookdh.com for more info. This should be a big help. Good luck.


Few options...

There is a few options available, one is to train the penis into slowing down, for example, when he get the sensation of coming simply get him to cut off the circulation to the end of his penis with his hand until the feeling goes away, then he can carry on. And over a period of time this gap before he gets the feeling of need to cum will grow.

Alternatively try using some delay creams such as this one, it will help assist him: http://www.yourplaything.co.uk/creams-sprays/70-stud-d-lay-cream.html


Try this friend

<a ="http://www.medsempire.com">Generic Viagra</a> - Its make him to go longer. You may try this. And You would see the change..


Don't worry

This is not much problem.. Do you know it is easy to solve with [url=www.medsempire.com]generic viagra[/url].. Its make him to go longer.


I got amazed for many of the posts...

Blame bad male timing on women? how OLD is that way of thinking??? Sorry men, but THERE IS premature ejaculation, and there are many posible factors, health and stress among the most popular, and could also be serious ones that you may need to check with your doctor. I actually read the forum looking for a way to overcome it, since in recent times i've been suffering from it, specially in "good" moments... So, yes women take longer to reach their orgasm, thats why foreplay SHOULD be learn by men, so we can enjoy better the art of making love to a woman. Of course, testosterone, culture and age play important factor on how you want to perform, but if you get satisfied and dont really care about your partner satisfaction.

I think that the most important factor is your level of fitness, (well, the penis erection is supported by blood flowing thru it...), and I've know that 14 years ago I could last 2 hours, and now im looking to solve the 2 minutes problem... main difference, physical fitness. The days I excersise do seem to last longer, or have a quick first, then stay hard for a long second. And regular excersise also helps with the stress problem. Stress is a sex drive killer.

Every men should read the Ananga Aranga (kinda like the Kamasutra of foreplay), and both sex most understand that sex is the ultimate level of physical comunication, you may say "I love you", of may be saying.. "I only love myself..." your choice...


Discuss with him and do this .......

tell him the fact and tell him to remove your clothes and ask him that he must remove all your clothes before removing his clothes and ask him to rub your body and kiss your body till 15 min and after that he must finger you for 5 min. then he should remove his clothes and start ... you



Perhaps he is telling the truth.

Hey, rather than him go banging away for a couple of mins, straight off, why not take some time. Have a little play with each other.. ... or give him a BJ, Believe me us blokes enjoy that.

Once he's cum for the first time he could return the favour by massaging you, kissing you and performing cunnilingus. Hey, even you could masturbate in front of him. It depends on what floats your respective boats.

This would give him time to recover his erection, take the pressure off him and as he has already cum the 2nd time he would last longer.

As a bloke, please believe me that there are times when you are with a woman that are "too good" that you do cum quickly.

Finally, communication is important. Tell him what you like/don't like in bed.


Get on top of things!

Maybe you need to try a different position - if you have him on his back, and you're in total control, doing all the work, he'll relax more and be less likely to come before you do. And if you feel him reaching his climax too quickly, you can always reach for his testicles and give them a gentle squeeze - that should slow him down a bit!


My fiance lasts a while but sometimes i like it...that bit longer and when ever i talk dirty, he cums realy quick...so anyways i found some BRILL STUFF!!!!!!! if you google LOVEHONEY website (its online sexshop) what sells lingerie and sex toys etc.....they sell a delay lotion and it works realy well i went on the reviews from lots of people who all said that this stuff realy works if you click on the delay cream and lotions section you will find one thats a chinese potion or something like that!! it around 8 pounds....he only needs a tiny bit on for an hour or so...then he washes it off, and its the best stuff ever for making him last atleast 40mins my fiance lasted well over an hour with this stuff..im amazed by it lol. He was a lil worried about putting it on at first because it does sting slightly but it actualy works!!...check it out


Cums too quickly

At least in my situation, I think my guy was just a little too excited when we first started having sex. As time went on he lasted longer. - Don't know if this helps, but,...


Duramale for premature ejaculation


Duramale for Premature Ejaculation - http://www.vitopharma.com/?id=61b6c6
I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.


Why women take such a long time to have orgasm or get excited?


Why women take such a long time to have orgasm or get excited? Is there any cure for it ?


Why women have small clitoris and large labias


Why women have so small clitoris..and large labia and gigantic vagina holes or very small hole ? why women have small boobs or are flat-chested? Why women cannot have orgasm through interourse alone? Why women fake orgasm? Why 90% of the women cannot have orgasm while nearly all men have climax..? Why some women can ejaculate why cannot some women do so ?

When you get answer to all of these questions.. you will know premature ejaculation is not a problem but problem lies with you.. You need to correct all those issues which are common to every woman in this world which stop them from getting sexual pleasure during lovemaking..


Are you having trouble reaching orgasm? a guide for women


Written by Christine Webber, psychotherapist and life coach and Dr David Delvin, GP and family planning specialist

'Coming' isn't that easy, if you're a woman. Nearly all men can climax without difficulty, but women just aren't built that way. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this all-important fact even in 2011.
This is partly because books, films and most of all internet porn paint a picture in which today's females are hot and raring to go, and in an almost constant state of sexual ecstasy.
This inaccurate portrayal can lead to today's teens and 20-somethings believing that there's something wrong with them if they can't climax to order. The truth, however, is that most of them are absolutely normal.
Interestingly, only a generation ago many doctors believed that a high proportion of the female population simply couldn't climax at all.
Why did they think this way? Simply because most of them had had little or no training in sexual medicine.
Also, the majority of them were so embarrassed about sex themselves that they tried to avoid discussing it with their patients.
Furthermore, since women don't need to climax in order to conceive, most doctors didn't rate the importance of the female orgasm very highly.

Research shows that 90 percent of the problems women have in achieving orgasm stem from a psychological nature. That's good news because it's all about you and it can be overcome. Dr. Phil offers the following advice:

If you can achieve an orgasm alone, but not with a partner, you may have performance anxiety.
Being anxious, worried or feeling pressured to have an orgasm with your partner can work against you. Anxiety is an arousal response it can cause tension. An orgasm is a relaxation response. Those two are incompatible.
If you're wondering, "Am I doing this right? Is he judging me? Is he having fun? Does he like this?" during intercourse, the anxiety can take you away from your pleasure.
Give yourself permission to change your internal dialogue. Say, "You know what? I am part of this exchange and I do have the right to ask for what I want. And I don't have to have expectancies that I have to perform in some way. I'm going to enjoy this." Give yourself permission to relax and go with the flow.

For More Information:
You can contact Doctors on

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