Testicle sucking


me and my 19 year old bf have been having sex for 4 years now. i have a really big obsession with sucking his balls tho! and he says this dosnt please him, but i cant help it, its just such a turn on for me. i love feeling of them in my mouth. anyoen have any tips so i can make it softer or more pleaseing to him? he says hes uncomftable with me sucking them. plz help


Sucking tips

First get plenty of saliva in your mouth. A lot of the sensation is the heat and this is transmitted best with a lot of wet.
Don't mess about with kissing and do not make any "teasing bites". Just go for one of the balls, open your mouth wide, tuck your tongue to the floor of your mouth and encase the ball in your mouth.
Close your mouth gently; making sure the ball is totally in your mouth, behind your teeth. So long as you don't fully close your mouth, you don't have to worry as much about your teeth as you do on a C**k because the skin of the balls aren't so sensitive. Just make sure you don't actually catch the skin between your teeth.
Gently move your tongue around. Depending on how low the ball is hanging you may find you can move the ball around inside your mouth quite easily; if not, don't force it.
Keep the ball in your mouth for at least 10 seconds, preferably longer. The full sensation won't build otherwise.



you're awesome. I wish my gf was like that


Ball sucking

first, kiss, then slow take inside , outside , repeat , suck the Cap and take ball again in, he would love it. Nany


Shave them for him

the sinsation blows my mind it may do the same for him


The decision to that

hi my name is tootsiepop and what i feel about that is if you like doing that and he dosent then you have no choice but to stop doing that because that wil mess up yall relationship and that will hurt you so just do what pleaze him and also if you like it then you are going to have to get youst to it if you want to keep him in your life and have a good relationship




Perhpas you can try licking hil balls. The area between the scrotum and the bum is the very sensitive area and my gf drives me wild when she licks me there!


Reply to me and i'll reply to you.

I wrote a post right after yours, it'd called.. Fingering, Eating out, Feeling Up... if u reply to me I'll help you out.

OKAY some guys love it and some guys don ... depends on how long your down there sucking on'em. maybe your sucking on'em too long and pulling blood to'em and it's creating like a blueball effect. Or maybe while u are he's getting soft. Try doing it softer and also lick up his penis and scuk on that, try 69 it'll turn him on while your sucking down there.


I have a question


the question i have to that is how do you get blue balls




blueballs is when blood rushes to the balls creating pressure on the testicals which will also begin to hurt. If your sicking on them it ikcing creating a hickey on them and that can be a for of blueballs too.

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