Can anyone suggest any good anti cellulite creams or treatments that actually work??


Hi all,
Ive got cellulite on my lower buttock and upper thighs. Im a size 6 to 8 and no matter what i do I cannot seem to get rid of it!!! If anything it seems to be getting worse. I drink alot of coffee but ive tried giving it up and really cant.
Cant anyone suggest any good creams or treatments that work? i.e body wraps or things like that.
I Go on holiday on 18th august and im hoping for it to be reduced by then.


Fisio anti-cellulite beeswax cream

You can find it at amazon.co.uk


Diy cellulite scrub

Ironically, I've tried a coffee and coconut scrub to get rid of cellulite. The coffee exfoliates and the coconut moisturizes. Here is where I found it, hope it helps! http://blog.scarinex.com/diy-coconut-coffee-scrub-cellulite-stretch-marks/


Cosmetic treatment

I'm so glad to tell you..
I consult Doctor Nyla Raja at Cheshire United Kingdom for <a ="http://www.doctornyla.com/">cosmetic treatment</a>. And the Cosmetic surgery is very effective for my skin And I'm so happy..


Have a look at

www.sr-skincare.co.uk do a moisturising cream called cellurase that targets the build up of fatty deposits that cause the dimple effect of cellulite.


can anyone suggest any good anti cellulite creams or treatments that actually work??

Creams don't work
You have to watch this video and you will get rid of your cellulite http://0b0842oomrsen78ll0p4ci7i78.hop .clickbank.net/
It really works, I tried it myself and I am soooo happy I gave it a try


Aloe body toning kit

You should try to the Aloe Body Toning Kit which is designed to trim, tone and tighten, minimising the bumpy texture of cellulite. Helps stimulate circulation and cleanses the skin to shed extra inches.

It really works! Go to www.forever-living-aloe.com to find out more and order online.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee on all products so you have nothing to lose!

I hope this helps!


It works defining gel

email :
We carry a whole line of natural products for skin, hair, and health.
We also carry body wraps.
email for more information!



Hello, cellulite can be called disease of our age. Home made diets and exercise can not deal with. A friend has suffered on this topic in the bay. If you want to have a good physique. Below I have provided links would recommend you to look at.
http://6eaaf60jo2r7rjiimci1bmxl39.hop .clickbank.net/köl


Anti ...

The only anti ... that really helped me eliminate cellulite I found it on this website.


Cloud 9 skincare body makeover

Give this a try, it's really selling quite well in the UK.


Made wonders for me

This one http://megaelain.com/aveeno-positively-nourishing-whipped-souffle-body-cream-6-ounce/ made wonders for me, reading all of those good reviews convinced me to use it


Hypoallergenic cream

Invicible scars worked for my niece on her cellulite. It is hypoallergenic so a great option for a trial.



getitwrap.com great products.


Cloud 9 skincare brand

My girlfriend always uses this: http://cloud9skin.com/cellulite.html

She asked me to get her some for her birthday last week. Natural, free from all the bad stuff and she says she can feel it heating the skin when she applies it, I won't let her try it on me though ha.


It works

Anti-cellulite complex Model Up (double care for slim body shape: anti-cellulite gel + massaging device for shape correction)
Double attack on excessive centimeters and cellulite! Massaging attachment with comfortable anatomic shape breaks down fat deposits, models up elegant body contours, boosts effect of anti-cellulite gel.
Anti-cellulite gel stimulates metabolism and toxin disposal, reduces body capacity, removes edemas and orange-peel effect.



Coffee scrubs can be beneficial in reducing cellulite as well. The massage and exfoliation benefits skin by stimulating blood/lymph flow and the caffeine in the coffee has a tightening effect


Tiande works

TianDe anti cellulite is the best , patch using 24 hours, cream especially with tahua, and another cream , if you want I'll help you



For the best cellulitis I suggest you that you shold use the cream Celluli Laser of Biotherm cosmetics for the day and one for the night.


This is working for me..

Hi, Im 23 and a size 10 and have had bad cellulite for years on my bum and thighs, no cream or exercise worked for me or made any difference.. I recently started working with a company called Forever Living, they make aloe vera based products. I bought a Body Toning Kit for myself recently to try it out as I would like to know the products work first hand before recommending them. There's 10 wraps in a kit and done my first one two days ago, only took me an hour and a half and I was really happy with the results. I was sceptical at first, but I think 1 or 2 more wraps and most of my cellulite will be gone. My mam and I shared the price of the kit because I wouldn't use it all, she's doing her first wrap today. This is just my opinion and something that has worked for me. I have my own site selling their products if you want to have a look, there's a 60 day money back guarantee if your not happy, this is my site and you can order from anywhere in the world to be with you within 48hrs, its in the skincare section.
Hope this helps,


Yes i knew soething that really works ...

Have you tries the dead sea products? they have a high quality products also for sensitive skin . I use it for years and it works for me great ...


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