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hello, everyone
i found tips about taking care of skin...i wanna sahre

Many models and celebrities abandon the most expensive professional products altogether and instead rely on home beauty tips passed on from colleagues and make-up artists. Here are some great ideas.

Acne Remedies
Garlic is known for its anti bacterial properties and makes an excellent acne treatment. Press some garlic into a paste and leave it on your acne and pimples for 15 minutes then rinse off. Another solution is mashed-up honey and apple, applied individually to pimples. Also, try dabbing some tea tree oil on the pimple to dry it out and kill any bacteria.

There are some excellent natural facemask treatments for acne. Try applying a layer of ripe tomato pulp, cooked oatmeal or egg yolk to your face and letting it dry.

Finally, fruits are natural acid exfoliants and can help to get rid of your acne scars. Applying a puree of pineapple for 15 minutes will both freshen you up and reduce the impact of acne marks. Another great solution is lemon juice, but be careful as it can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Dry Skin Remedies
- Dry skin on feet and hands
Apply Vaseline, baby oil or olive oil to the affected area before bedtime, then wear socks or gloves all night.

- Dry face
1. Almond oil makes a great primer before foundation because it's quickly absorbed. I use it as a night moisturizer.
2. Make a mash of banana and leave on your face for 20 minutes.
3. Mayonnaise is not only a great hydration treatment for your hair, it works wonders as a face mask too.

Facemask Tips
A good facemask will firm and tone your skin, minimizing pores and exfoliating off dead skin so the fresh skin beneath is revealed. Here's a natural and effective facemask recipe:
1 mashed avocado
1 cooked and mashed carrot
1/2 cup cream
1 beaten egg
3 tablespoons of honey

Exfoliating Tips
Ground coffee is just as good an exfoliant as many expensive products. All you need is a quarter cup of ground coffee mixed with a tablespoon of salt.

To make the coffee even more effective, brew a cup first, then use the brewed coffee! Remember to use it within 20 minutes though, because oxidisation after that point will make the coffee less effective.

Undernourished Skin
The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was renowned as the most beautiful woman in the world. One of her favorite tips was to soak in a beer bath. Beer is very good for the skin because of the vitamins and yeast it contains. In Central Europe there are now many spas offering just this treatment.

sourc :http://www.movies-poster.airlifepattaya.com/skin_-beauty_tips.html



I have to say that this tip is something I do EVERY night! And in the mornings when its winter and my skin is feeling sorry for itself under my big comfort socks (the feets answer to big Bridget Jones pants, most unattractive).
But also putting it on rough knees and elbows works a treat too

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