1000 calorie a day diet


Hello, really need to lose 9 pounds within next 3 and half weeks.

does anyone do calorie counting here? i think i might try to keep my calories below 1000 a day as i only need 1500 cals a day based on my bmi. i hear that if you cut your cals by 500 a day then you can lose 2lbs a week.

has anyone done it? have results?



My testimony

I'm vegan (wheat and sugar free) and didn't count calories until a few months ago, simply because I was interested, and had started to study more, which meant a really lazy lifestyle! I just wanted to make sure my calorific intake wasn't too much for my sedentary way of living (or sat-on-my-butt-way of living, if you will).

My calories are derived mostly from vegetables and whole foods, period. I think most people would sneer at a diet of 1000 kcals or less, though that's because in general, the 'westernised' diet would leave you fatigued and starved on such little calorie intake....HOWEVER!, when consuming a vegetable and whole foods(insoluble and soluble fibre) based diet, so much can be eaten even before hitting the 1000 kcal mark, and you are simply not hungry.

The other benefits of a diet like this is your bowell is never denied the volume it requires for peristalsis (motion of waste through gut) so it keeps it healthy, and the veggies are just generally healthy for your body too! Nothing faddy about eating veggies, no daft faddy shakes to prepare, no disgusting combinations to have to eat, no starving and clock watching for your next 'crumb' and no secrets.

It's the way to eat in my opinion to sustain a healthy lifestyle, and there is much research based on those eating fewer calories living longer lives. People eat too much, period. As long as you are eating right (and listening to your body's hunger signals) you won't starve, and you certainly won't put weight on either.

One other amazing thing I noticed is my teeth. I don't eat refined sugar (so cakes, chocolate, sweets, cereals...bla bla bla )anymore (unless in the odd alcoholic drink, which is only occasional) and haven't for 3 years now, and I have had zero problems with my teeth since. My bloods are perfect and my bp and heart rate is super healthy, might I add, all since eating this way.

Anyway, sorry to rant on, but just wanted to let you know that 1000 kcals is entirely safe IF YOU EAT THIS WAY. Otherwise, I'd forget it. Seriously, if you are going to allow yourself bread, cake, meat, dairy, treats, then 1000 kcals is going to be succumbed at lunch-time, and if not, you'll just be starving by tea time.





..oh and just to add, I lost 40lbs eating this way after the birth of my 3rd child, 3 years ago, and I have gained none of it back; not even a pound!


Short term

Hi,if you have 1000cals a day short term,it's good,as long as you eat healthy food...fish ...veg..salad,and have roughage,good cerial for breakfast...have tried this and it works....hope all
goes well.x

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