My weightloss has come to a stand still


Hi, is anyone else having the same problem, i have been eating so healthy for the last 6 weeks an exercinsing loads, walking, jogging, aerobics, cycling etc, but everytime i weigh myself now i havent lost anything, any suggestions??? Thanks


Weightloss has come to a stand still

You NEED 2 kick start UR metabolism again
U have reached a plateau - the simplest, and MOST enjoyable way is to reset UR metabolism. Have a weekends break, pig out on choc ... things U wouldn`t normally have. Sit around the house in UR sweats - NOT exercising.
Have a GREAT weekend then monday morning, flip the switch back into healthy U - exercise, watchin what U eat ...


Ya me too

Hi there,

I have started to exercise and also following a diet plan and chart of food and fruits to be taken but it isnt working at all on my weight.


Sometimes its not weight but inches

Sometimes its not good to focus on the scale because many times you will build some muscle and retain water, give it some time. i personally gained 5 pounds after a few months of exercise, not thinking and I kept on going but I have reduced my clothe size 3 whole sizes which for me is what actually counts.


Look like you are eating something that ..

Look like you are eating something that is not helping you in burning fats, drink beetroot juice. this works best for me. eating yogurt with strawberries help me loose weight . Go fot it.


Try something thats not easy

My personal trainer says any exercise thats easy isnt challenging the body. So if you always walk the dog, try running, or if you do step on the low level, raise it. I did combat last year and lots of zumba both harder at first. Challenging our heart rate is the key!!!



Tracey179 hi, sometimes what happens is the body gets used to the same amount of food and exercise so just stops losing the weight. If you've been on the same regimen for 6 weeks that's probably what's happened. The last thing you want to do is give up now or cut down anything either. How much have you already lost? it might be that you're at the weight your body is happy with!




Hi thanks for your reply, yes i have been doing the same the last 6 wks, walking, aerobics, dancing etc, i do like to get out on my bike an swimming aswell, its just frustrating sometimes, you work so hard an nothing comes off.

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