What exercise is best for loosing weight around the belly, thighs and hips?


i am 10 stone, 23 and 5ft. I can't seem to loose weight round those areas. It was only 3 years ago when i was size 8-10 now i am 14 and heading towards 16. I am a busy person who works in an office and only has about 10-20 a day to do exercise.

Any advise.



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Do not worry too much

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Best solution for weightloss

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Clean diet & high intensity workouts

Hi Helen1984,
Although you want to lose weight around the belly, thighs, and hips, stomach exercises are not the solution. Your body loses weight as a whole and burns fat all around. Here are some ideas to help you get started which have worked for me:
1. Exercise: high impact aerobics exercises are the most effective method to lose weight. I would encourage you to look into workout dvds because the routines are very effective and also planned for you. Since you only have about 20 minutes to exercise a day, I think Focus T25 by BeachBody is best for you to start out. It's only 25 minutes per session! I'm currently doing this program myself and it is great for aerobics/cardio. You can find more info at www.beachbody.com

2. Diet: it's extremely important to keep a clean diet and not let all the workout efforts go to waste. I can imagine it being hard to maintain a clean diet when you're busy. What I've done in the past is always go to the same restaurants that serve healthy food. I would also carry almonds around to snack on to keep my energy level up and feeling full. If you have time to prepare meals at night, you could cook in larger portions and eat the food for a few days. Key is to keep it efficient and consistent. Try following something like the Paleo Diet from www.thepaleodiet.com

3. Natural supplements: Once you have diet and exercise down, you could also add in natural supplements to boost your efforts. The extracts are generally safe to use and will help control your appetite. I'm currently taking Garcinia Cambogia (for 4 months) and the results have been positive. One thing I've noticed for sure is that I don't have the hunger after a workout. You could learn more about GC at: http://superfruitdiet.net

Lastly, drink water when you get a chance. Water works wonders.

Hope this helps,


30 minutes movement per day

try this


Drop a dress size

LipoLight is excellent for this. I have been using it on clients and have achieved any where from 2.5cm to 10cm loss in one session. Stick with healthy eating and exercise within 12 hrs of the treatment and the results are permanent.
I also use Zaggora hot pants and hot top.


What exercise is best for loosing weight around the belly, thighs and hips?

The best exercise for loosing weight is morning walk , you have to go to outside for walking.


Losing weightn around belly, hips and thighs

Hi, you are only 23 so it will be easier to lose (and not 'loose') weight if you: 1) Walk fast or run when you can (and most people can). This is instant liposuction. Everyone can find a spare hour - so don't use the excuse of not enough time! Make it a priority! 2) If you drive - don't drive everywhere. The first time I ever put on weight was after I bought a car. 3) Don't eat takeaways, ever, and cut out fizzy drinks - loaded with sugar. Re-think your diet and get into the habit of healthy eating. It is these boring things that will really affect your body shape. If you can, go to a gym at least three times a week - and work till you sweat! You will get to love it! It is a myth that it is easy to lose weight if you just cut down a little - it is very hard to lose fat and maintain weight loss without adapting your lifestyle, as you will find out it you don't do it! Good luck.



Weight watchers n squats n situps jogging 25 mins of exercise 3 times a week get ur heart rate up n eat healthy ww is a good way to b realistic on a diet , eat less move more it wrks


Tlc plan

Hi Helen 1984, have you seen the TLC Plan? There are some great tips for exercising at work and other ways you can tone up around these areas. If you follow this link you can find a thread about this http://bit.ly/q3k65p. Hope this helps. *Louise



I hope those recommending running are wearing proper sports bras to do it or they will end up with toned legs but their breasts hanging around their waists before long.


What exercise is best for loosing weight around the belly, thighs and hips?

Hi Helen,

I just run every morning and that has helped me a lot. It's also about the food one eats.


The best exercise to burn unwanted fat ever!!!!!

Hi Helen

I am a great believer that running is the best form of exercise and let me explain why:
- It is a very cheap form of exercise as all you need is a pair of trainers.
- You can run anywhere, whether you are on holiday abroad or away on business.
- It is very easy to assess your progress.
- It is very sociable as you can do it with your family, friends or even the dog.

Most people exercise to lose weight and decrease their percentage of body fat. Most forms of exercise like cycling, cross trainer, rowing machine and swimming keep the body moving in a smooth range of movements. However, when we run, the body goes through jerky up jumpy motions where the fat in the thighs and arms are bouncing around and slapping against other parts of the body. These sporadic motions help to break the fat down into a more usable ingredient that can be mixed with carbohydrates and disseminated from the body.

I have put together an easy to follow plan on how to get started what ever your level. Ceck it out here: http://www.rebootdorset.com/?page_id=1002
I hope this helps..... Good luck!!!


I sympathise with you helen

I have a similar problem to you Helen although I am alot older.

I have always been a size 8/10, 5ft 2ins and weighed 9st up until I had my ovaries and uterus removed in Aug 2005 and as I was too young to be going through the menopause I had to start Oestrogen Replacement Therapy.
Now almost 3 years later I am in a size 12 which is okay but at 5ft 2ins I am 10st 5lbs which is far too heavy for me.
My BMI is 25.7 which is too high I walk alot and exercise as often as I can and I eat heathily so I can only put my weight problem down to using artificial hormones and my body thinking it's going through the menopause which basically it is 'Surgical Menopause' so I have the dreaded fat settling around my stomach area I use to have a washboard stomach too and it really depresses me. I am hoping that by joining the gym it will help tone me up and hopefully lose all the excess weight/fat as I now find it hard to get rid of even when I diet, my body has changed so much after my operation I look half okay and half not if you know what I mean.
All I can advise you to do is to eat only what you need, drink plenty of water and exercise I know it's the same old story, I am going to buy the Danina McColl Power of 5 DVD as I have read great reviews about it and my friends say it works. Good Luck.

Elaine x


Pole dancing!!!

POLE DANCING!!! you think i'm kidding? i have lost half a stone and gone down 3 belt notches from pole dancing alone. it makes you feel sexy it tones you and it is sooo much fun, a workout just feels like a dance in a club and you can dance to your favourite music too. such a big stress reliever too. its great to get out and meet with the girls once a week, ive even bought my own pole its up as we speak! so i get to have a dance and a sing whilst swinging round it every day. and no you dont have to be young, fit or any of that nonsense, there are women on my course in their 50's and at least half of the girls are at least 16stone and they can do all the moves just as well as i can.



Pole dancing


hiya ive just started pole dancing too for fitness i love it am guted when i cant make my tuesday nights noticed my upper body has go so much stronger only been going for six weeks so not noticed much weight loss yet but keeping fingers crossed

only problem is it makes the gym seem sooooooo boring!!!

ooooh also been doing hula classes now they are fun!! xx



A combination of lower body weights and high cardiovascular aerobics would be good - the weights would help you to tone up as the pounds come off. Also swimming or pilates as this elongates the leg muscles and therefore makes you look slimmer. Sit-ups for the tum, leg weights for thighs, hips, well that's one place I can never shift either! 20 minutes is plenty of time a day for sit-ups etc. Good luck!




Thanks alot i don't know much about lower weights so i will find out more about that. I thought sit ups were just to tone up not loose weight i guess thats how little i know eh.

I will defo take up your advice.




Hello there,
The problem is, if you don't do any weight bearing exercise, you end up with flabby bits (euughh!) - the fat turns to muscle so you will look slimmer although you might not lose as much weight as you expect - trust me, it works! I went down to a size 8 with a combination of a low-cal diet and calinetics (to tone)/aerobics (to burn fat)...ok so I'm back to a 14 now but I'm working on it again!

Good luck!

PS - Make sure you use your tummy muscles to pull yourself up, rather than your back.

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